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Moment: (After 2.1 Update) Problems.

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Starting this thread to see what problems people are having with their Moment Phones after installing the new 2.1 update.


For me I have a few issues,

Use wireless networks for location Not working.

GPS location Is now way off. This messes up all my apps that require a decent GPS fix.

Battery life now back to the way it was before the CL14 update. (Really Bad)

I have heard (but not tested myself)  Support for AVI video is gone.

Signal strength was constant at 2 bars before at my home, Now it constantly jumps all over the place. 6 bars 1 min, 2 the next than 6 than 0 etc.


As for now that's the only issues I have seen so far.

If anyone has similar or problems or FIXES Please post them below.

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    gerrym55 Valued Member
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    To get the actual update to work, I had to use a machine that I'd never had my Moment hooked up to USB.   Not a huge issue, but driver installs for the download app should work correctly.    First time after I got a good USB connection the flash process stopped at 12 percent, with ??????????? in the status line.   Waited patiently for about 5 minutes, nothing more happened.   Killed the process, figured maybe I'd bricked it.   Tried it again, this time the ????? came after about 3 seconds of flashing, then stalled, then took off again and finally finished.  WHEW.....


    Now that I've reinstalled all my apps, icons, configured gmail, ISP email etc, all appears 'back'.


    Battery life this morning is horrible, and I have all the non-essentials off, just like I'd tweaked after CL14. ( no GPS, no wireless, email sync at 1  hour)   I was getting to about 40% battery in a typical day, this morning I got to 15% in 6 hours.


    Battery Use (nice new feature) says:  Android System = 95%


    Guess I'll need to watch it, perhaps its still updating and morphing??


    Seems maybe a little snappier in some things, but ho-hum... still a slug at must all things compared to a non-Android phone.


    Oh... and here on the Sprint Community I suddenly cannot log in under my old username  "gerrym".   Not sure whats up with that, but when requesting my password be sent, it went to an address at, which is NOT me. 



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    I've also noticed a SERIOUS depletion of battery life after the update to 2.1.  I've also been losing connectivity to the internet constantly ever since then.  I can just have my phone sitting there or be in the middle of listening to Pandora (only got to listen to it for 1 1/2 minutes) and it drops.  Only way I can get it to come back is by turning the phone off and back on.  I would have thought that with the amount of time we all waited, bugs like these would have been previously QC'd out


    I've also been having problems updating my profile/prl, but I had those problems since before the update to 2.1

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    coasterphotos Bronze Expert
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    Download an app called OS Monitor from the market and sort the process view by CPU usage and see if there is an installed app constantly using the CPU time.  Battery life should not be much different than in CL14.  I've been running the leaked versions of the update for over a month and the official since Thursday and haven't had any battery issues.

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    yeah my signal goes crazy as well one minute I have full signal bars the next it goes down to one it just all over the place but my main problem is ever since I did the update I cant get my phone to recognize my bluetooth headset tried it on two other phones same issue I called sprint they say its a device issue I guess the 3 phone have a device issue lol but it never did that before until I update my phone with the 2.1 before calling sprint I had talk to a rep on chat and he told me I wasnt the first customer to have an issue with the bluetooth headset but once I called the 188 number they want to blame it all on the device not the actual update I was running the leak version and it didn't do that at all but with the official one it is I don't get it do any one got any suggestions or experiencing the same issue

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    clonecone1973 Regular Visitor
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    I'm getting several CDMA lockups a day and the battery life is about half what it was under CL14.

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    Chuck.H Regular Visitor
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    I had two major gripes with my phone prior to upgrading to 2.1. They were the bluetooth and CDMA data lockups when using applications like Pandora. Since upgrading to 2.1 the bluetooth seems to finally be working like it should. The lockup up issue however is worse than it previously was. I drive 80 miles each way to work. Prior to upgrading to 2.1, I would for sure have to restart the phone once due to a lockup. After the upgrade, it is now 4 or 5 times during the same trip. A few times it has only gone about 30 seconds before locking up again.


    So far I have not notice any major difference in the battery usage.

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    coasterphotos Bronze Expert
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    For those getting CDMA data lockups...are you using wi-fi?  If I use wi-fi it is guaranteed I will get a data lockup.  If I don't use wi-fi, it never happens.

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    Chuck.H Regular Visitor
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    I do not recall ever having a lockup when using wi-fi.

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    Granpa0 Newbie
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    I have discovered the following problems after the 2.1 update:


    1.  Wifi will not stay connected if the access point/router is not broadcasting ssid.  I do not broadcast my wireless router's ssid.  Prior to the update, this was not a problem.  I could simply manually configure the connection and it would find it and stay connected.  After the 2.1 update, it could only connect if I set my router to broadcast the ssid. Once I set it back to stop broadcasting ssid, I lost my wifi connection on my Android.


    2.  Nuance voice control crashes.   Mind you, I find this application utterly worthless, and has never worked right for me, but in my testing I found that it now crashes immediately after asking me to speak a command.


    3.  Battery life seems to be noticeably worst after the update.


    Those are the only three issues I've found thus far.  1 and 3 I would consider quite critical and I'm dissapointed that after waiting so long for the update, that I've ran into these issues.

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    VALINLA1 Newbie
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    The only problem that I've had since the upgrade, is, that my phone wont connect to my Acura handsfree link.   I am hoping that someone here will be able to help me with this problem.  Otherwise the phone is working fine so far.

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    REEFDIVER612 Newbie
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    My big concern is that my GPS location is way off with 2.1 update. Prior to 2.1 and CL14, my GPS location was sporadic at best. I would get an accurate location fix certain times and other times, the location was completely off (like miles off).   I couldn't rely on the accuracy of the GPS when I needed it to.


    I complained to Sprint that my GPS would not give me an accurate fix on my location and they told me to wait for CL14. After CL14 came out, my GPS still would not function correctly and Sprint told me to hold out for the long awaited 2.1 update as that will have solve all my GPS problems. Well, after updating to 2.1, my GPS location is still miles off from where I am.  Yes, I'm outside with all bars and have a clear view of the sky.  By default 'Use Wireless networks' and 'Use GPS Satellites' are enabled as should be and still my location is way off.  Is anyone else having GPS problems with location accuracy being way off?

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    Barker009 Expert
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    Hello all


    I'm sorry to hear that u guys are having problems. My moment 2.1 install was pretty easy, only problem was in the low right corner of the screen in the updater it has the usb alert and it said disconeccted a few time and i had to start over.


    After installing 2.1 i had the same problem u guys are having with gps and the data lockup. But the data lockup is a known issue with the moment anytime the radio goes from evdo(3g) to 1x(2g) data locks up on the moment same thing happens when going from wifi to evdo also. I dont know why something that more has to do with hardware then software. Also the android market was beeing very spotty and kept losing connection.


    After i updated the prl or profile forget which one and power cycled the phone everything seemed to magically work perfect. I went from only getting 2 bars at home to now constantly showing 5 bars. Also the moment seems snapier and data quicker.


    One huge problem that i noticed is the sprint preinstalled apps are more aggressive in loading in the background. Used to kill them in 1.5 and they would not load up in background for atleast an hour but now after killing them they come back every five minutes. I have already made a formal complaint thru tech support because everytime the sprint apps run in the background the battery seems to drain quicker and moment runs a little slower. If i constantly kill sprint apps my batteyr last just as long as when i had 1.5 with cl14.


    Im thinking about rooting my phone(super user access/delete/add whatever u want). My friend rooted his and all he did was take out the sprint apps and his phone runs super quick and his battery last for over 14 hours untill he needs to recharge. Also he runs alot of data: atleast 300 texts a day, checks and emails constantly, has like 2 widgets per page he also runs pandahome2 so he has 11 screens so thast like almost 20 widgets, and he is on the internet contantly checking his myspace and facebook(he hates the myspace and facebook apps). so 14 hours of battery life for all that and i and most people get about 8 hours with very minimum use. So these sprint apps have to be the culprit in draining the moments battery. Wow rooting my phone just keeps sounding better and better.

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    VALINLA1 Newbie
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    @reefdiver612,  I was having the same problem with google maps, it would say i was a quarter mile east of my location.  But what I did (quite unintentionally) was, I downloaded an app called Lookout.  This app does three things 1) It is an anti-virus 2) A data backup 3) It can locate a missing device.  So, in playing around with my new app I had to see if it would locate the device.  On my computer I went to their website, and went thru the steps to locate the device, and at first it showed my phone at that same location a quarter mile from me, but then a few seconds later the icon moved right over where I was.  And the problem has been resolved since then.  I don't know if this was a coincidence or what, but you could give it a shot.

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    Chuck.H Regular Visitor
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    I have not notice any problem with GPS accuracy and Google Maps. I just tried it again outside and the little blue arrow tracked me nearly perfectly as I walked around the backyard. It could not have off by more that maybe 3 feet.

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