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HTC EVO:  Extra Charge for Hotspot?

BGBDCOP1123 Newbie
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Im probably going to buy the new HTC EVO as soon as it hits the market tomorrow.  My question is in reference to the mobile hotspot capability:  will sprint charge extra for this capability?  I already have an unlimited data package for all my phones.  Can I expect to pay an extra fee for using the HTC EVO as a mobile hotspot?

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    Denny_D Bronze Expert
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    Yep. $30

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    BGBDCOP1123 Newbie
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    Thanks so much for the reply.  Well I guess its better than the cost of the mobile broadband card

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    ATMMTA Newbie
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    Is that on top of the $10 "Premium Data" charge? 

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    russellch Newbie
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    I just got the HTC EVO phone and I am really disapointed that Sprint Mobile Hotspot is not included with the Everything Data Plan. You should change name of the plan because it is really misleading.  It should be everything data right?


    I'm really upset because I was forced out my family plan which cost me only $99.99 for three phones and I had to take the Everthing Data Plan because of the HTC EVO and it cost me $159.99 now.  On the other two phones my wife and my sister-in-law, don't even use the Internet.  Now if I want Hotspot it's going to cost me an additional $29.99.  That's ridiculous


    Then Sprint wonders why they are losing a lot of customers.

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    jhagedon1 Regular Visitor
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    Sprint does not make it clear that  the only way to get this feature to  work is to sign up for an  additional $29.99 per month Hotspot plan.  Nowhere in the instructions,  on the phone, on the website, or tutorials  do they make any reference  to the need for this additional plan. I think  it's misleading and  frustrating. I spent an entire day trying to set it  up folllowing all  the instructions without success. I finally called  customer service  only to learn that this extra plan was required. They  never told me  this at the store when I bought the phone even when I  asked if it could  be used as a wireless hotspot. I'm afraid this phone  has to go back as  I thought I was going to save money over AT&T's  $20.00 charge for  the same thing on their soon to be released iPhone.  Doesn't it seem  unfair for them to charge extra for data that you are  already paying  for? It's only being redirected. I have wifi in my home, I  don't have  to pay to redirect the signal from the cable modem. I really  don't see  how it should be different for cellular service. As for the $10 4G  premium, I could tolerate that if there was actually a 4G network  available to me. I live in NYC where there is currently none. I'd be  happy to start paying once the services begins. It seems unconscionable  to charge for a service that doesn't exist.


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    gambino967 Newbie
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    Sprint didn't make things clear when they advertise this phone to the public, one of the top selling point advertise everywhere was the hotspot capability , I had the palm pre before buying this phone and i only bought this phone for two reason 4g speed and hotspot. Guess what it doesn't come with neither . Called customer services and I was told that 4G network might be available by DEC in Miami, FL. So if Miami doesn't have the 4G network and NYC doesn't have the 4G network, who the **** is actually using this so called 4G network. To add insult to injury a customer service reps says I should be happy to actually own the phone since sprint employees are not allowed to buy the phone until next month.  Then she tried to convince me that this phone is better than the iphone and it was well worth spending the 29.99 for the hotspot since it was half the cost of cable modem Internet. I never felt to disgusted speaking to a customer service rep from sprint.


    I should had bought the palm pre plus from verizon at least they give you the mobile hotspot for free:

    Be still, my pounding heart! In what is quite possibly the worst day to choose to do so (we promise its not a joke!), Verizon has just lopped a ton of cash off the entry fee for the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Better yet, they just made Mobile Hotspot, the add-on service that turns your Pre Plus/Pixi Plus into a 3G-powered WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices, completely free.


    Free! As in $0 a month! The Mobile Hotspot feature used to cost $40a month. That’s $480 bucks a year in free features that Verizon is now giving to Pre Plus/Pixi Plus owners.

    And as for the devices themselves: The Pre Plus has been cut down to $49.99 (from $149.99 at launch) and the Pre Plus is down at $29.99 (from $99.99 at launch). These devices are now amongst the cheapest Verizon offers, on the same price tier as a bunch of feature phones. Lets see here: a crummy LG Cosmos for $29.99, or a Pixi Plus? No contest.

    [Source: Engadget] footnote:


    Solution: take the phone back and switch another network

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    WILLinCHICAGO Regular Visitor
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    I agree.


    I'm extremely unhappy that Sprint wants *MORE* money

    for a built-in phone function.


    Isn't $240/month enough?  Why do they want more from me?





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    Jacson.Melvin Newbie
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    4G is available in cities that it has launched in; a little searching and reading will tell you where it is available. Sprint charges $30 for the hotspot feature, but how much does an aircard cost? $60 a month. It is the same thing for less.

    This wasn't something that no one knows about. It was all over the place. On the brochures, on all the website advertisements, even in the fine print on the comercials.


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    gambino967 Newbie
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    Hey Jacson.Melvinmost of use are already paying more than our fair share to use this network. I pay about $180 a month but your saying is that's not enough that we need to be paying even more huh. You fail to understand that this is data we are already paying for ever month. I'm sorry but if other carriers can included it on the plan why not them, By the way you reply message sounds like someone that works for sprint not a consumer. when did having access to data start costing over $200 a month


    I read the advertisements in bestbuy and radioshack it's not printed anywhere in the fine print, so basically your telling me we need to be good little driods and call sprint and keep giving more money to them. Why don't you go back to work at your sprint store and leave the forum to the real consumer.

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    Jacson.Melvin Newbie
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    I am a consumer. But I am sick of people complaining about features you do not have to have. It is a choice. Comsumerism: Hand me this, do this for me, I want it my way. Make it your way if you want it. Dont wait for someone to hand it to you. Look around for the information you desire and stop complaining about no one simply giving it to you. There are planty of ways to MAKE the hotspot work without paying for the service (apps that are free on the market, hacks, rooting). You are correct; Sprint is doing it because they can. Instead of complainging about it, look into it.

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    Zer0graV Newbie
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    Did you seriously just recommend paying customers hack their phones? Possibly voiding their warranty or risking a brick. A 5 device hotspot is offered for free by other carriers, Sprint would only be playing catch up by adding the feature for free. Stop being a tool.


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    tricky88 Newbie
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    First off, I know I read about the extra charge a month ago.  I am a premier customer and I have been getting regular emails from sprint and all the details about the services.  There are no "suprise" charges for things.  Read the details about it before you sign your name to the new agreement.  And as far as the discounts and rebates, you know that your 2-year agreement allows for a $75 discount after 1 year and full $150 after your 2-year agreement is up.  If you have an everyting plan for more than 6 months in a row and are not late on payments, you can qualify for "premier" which will make you eligible for a $150 discount after only 1 year.  If you go to sprint's website and the android market website, there are several apps you can get to make your phone a hotspot. I had a touch pro and I could turn my phone into one within about 20 seconds.


    It's the newest thing on the market, of course you are going to pay more for it.  Just like when the iphone came out.  The phone and plan was ridiculously expensive (for that time) and it comes down 6-9 months later.  I was paying $99/month for my phone and $89/month for my wifes.  We had the everything plan.  I switched to the 1500 shared minutes for Landlines only 7am-7pm mon-friday for only $129/month.  So before taxes, insurance and other fees, my plan cost $188/month for both phones.  Now with the EVO on both lines, after the $10/per line fee and before taxes and stuff it is $149/month.  That's $39.month savings.  But we don't call landlines between 7am-7pm very often.  So this works for us.  But if I could gripe about anything, it would be the extra $10/month.  I'm sure in 9-12 months it will go away because another company (AT&T, Verizon) will come up with something cheaper or free and sprint will match it then.  But I am sure enjoying mine.  I am in Fort Worth, TX which does have 4G.  There is a map on that shows who has 4G already.

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    Jacson.Melvin Newbie
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    [...]the whole point of that post flew over your head with one word... or maybe you've nothing to say about the actual point of the post,[....] Instead of waiting around[...], LOOK FOR INFORMATION before you buy the phone. If you want something to work, look for a way to get it working instead of complaining that it does not work. [...]take some responsibility. Also, if you dont want to deal with the add ons... Don't buy it. And to respond to your hack comment... You are buying aphone that runs a linux based operating system. Android was designed to be tweaked and played with. Customized to suit your needs. Half the applications on the market are designed to infiltrate the system and make changes to fit the needs of the user. They are hacks. So instead of exclaiming about how "hacking" your phone will void the warranty and could quite possibly brick the device, do some research and find out what you are saying[...]



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    Zer0graV Newbie
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    First off I did my research... I knew what I was getting into before I bought my EVO. That doesn't mean I have to swallow the bad with the good and play nice. It also doesn't change the fact that other carriers are now offering features for free that Sprint is NOT. If Sprint wants to keep the new customers they acquired because of a new device they may want to adjust their service to match. There's no such thing as customer loyalty when the grass is factually greener on the other side. These phones can be returned just as easy as we opened our wallets to buy them. Start using the intellect you think you have and tell me how paying for something is better than getting it for free. Sprint has already confirmed the rooted hotspot loophole is getting closed in the EVO's July update. Enjoy your free service till then, we'll let you rant with us intellectual common folk later.

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