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Transferring Contacts

LTFM0161 Regular Visitor
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Currently have a Blackberry 8350i. Is there a method to transfer all my contacts to and HTC EVO 4G?

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    HustleHard101 Regular Visitor
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    I got my EVO from  The Shack and right after they switched my number over I took it to the Sprint Store. They transfered all my contacts no problem. I dont think it matters what phone you have. They have all the connections to transfer. Thats what I did. Good luck

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    yes... get google sync app for your blackberry. when you set up google on your evo bam they're there

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    82ndCowboy Newbie
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    I was told at Radio shack there were instructions on how to transfer your contacts on the website.

    But I have yet to find them.

    I had an Instinct before this and it backed up my contacts online. But I can't find anything on downloading them to my EVO.


    Anyone know where to find the intructions or how to send them back to the EVO?

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    DJLuCiD4u Newbie
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    to send your contacts TO your EVO 4g FROM your Instinct.


    1. Connect your instinct and evo 4g via bluetooth and add the evo to your trusted devices on the instinct.


    2. On your instinct navigate the following menus main page, settings, bluetooth, tusted devices


    3. select the evo 4g or "PC36100" from the list then on the following "Transfer" menu select "Contacts"


    3. Pick to either send "All Contacts" or "Select Contacts"


    all your contacts will be sent to your Evo 4g but some formatting in the names may be lost if you use a middle name and maybe some other

    formatting errors because the instinct only uses 1 field for the name and the Evo uses 2 fields for first and last name.


    Enjoy your evo

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    Awesome !!!!! This Work Perfect !!!! I BLuetooth both phones and that was it. !!!!

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    KCfromKC Regular Visitor
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    Thanks for this! Used this technique to transfer to a Samsung Moment tonight.

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    abe3840111 Newbie
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    hi wouls anyone be able to help me find a way to transfer all my contacts from the HTC EVO to a different phone to have as a backup via bluetooth or could i save all my contacts to the SD card and then transfer the card to a different phone????

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    wingland Sprint Employee
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    Google is your friend.  If you have your contacts synced with your Google account you can go to and select all contacts, click 'Export' in the top right and download a CSV or vCard file of all your contacts.

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    libra1004girl Newbie
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    BubbaQuark Regular Visitor
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    I transferred my contacts from my email contacts to my phone using the HTC sync. The contacts do not go to my google contacts.  When I create a new contact on my phone it goes to google.  What is the trick to get all contacts to sync with google?

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    b.moshier Valued Member
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    My experience has been not a good one in this area.  The program Sprint used to transfer mine (from a Palm Centro) left behind people's snail mail addresses and mixed up home fax and work fax numbers.  The worse, though, is the Palm supported companies in the display.  All those entries now say "Unnamed."


    I'm basically having to redo my Contact over and live with human error.  Isn't that two of the reasons for transferring them in the first place, avoid having to type and human error?

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    wingland Sprint Employee
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    ChipDart0 wrote:


    I transferred my contacts from my email contacts to my phone using the HTC sync. The contacts do not go to my google contacts.  When I create a new contact on my phone it goes to google.  What is the trick to get all contacts to sync with google?


    The way I was able to do that was to ignore HTC Sync.  I exported the contacts in my address book to a CSV file.  I then visited and found the 'import from CSV' option, adding all of my contacts to Google.  Since my Hero (same principle) is synced to Google, every contact showed up on my phone after about 20 minutes.


    I'd suggest erasing all the 'phone' contacts on your phone, uploading them to Google and letting the cloud handle your sync issues.





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    munchkinpumpkin Newbie
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    superlinkx Expert
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    Good point on the having to redo them manually. The unfortunate fact is, whenever you move special data, like contacts, from one platform to another, there's a good chance they won't be 100% compatible. Once you're on the different system, you should stay compatible as long as you stay on that system, switch back and you'll run into compatibility errors again. So unfortunately, you'll have to live with not having all your contacts import properly, simply because there is no true standard for mobile contacts. They're all based on some standard, but the implementation differs so much, you can't really move between platforms without some loss. My advice is to get all your contacts exported to Gmail, edit them there and let them sync back to your phone. The nice thing about that is you always have a cloud backup, so there's almost no chance you'll ever lose them. Plus, they work across several systems, like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, WebOS, etc. When they're in this format, they always work properly from my experience with no data loss.

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