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Screen goes blank

adamsinc Newbie
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Has anyone else had this issue? I was talking for 30 min then hit end call. the screen then faded. When you push the on button the display pops up for 4-5 seconds and the touch screen works then fades away. I pulled the battery to reset it and it came up with the boot screen then faded. Any ideas?

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    SB210 Regular Visitor
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    Did you check your settings to see what your timer is set to for the screen to turn off?


    Go to 'All apps' (the round button on the screen that points downward just left to the Phone icon also on the bottom of the screen.

    Locate the icon for 'Settings' - tap the button.

    Scroll down to 'Sound & display' - tap the button.

    Scroll down to 'Screen timeout' - tap the button.

    Select your timeout preference - 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 min, 2 min, 10 min, or Never turn off.


    I hope this works for you!


    The screen is supposed to blank out when you're physically 'on' the phone.  This feature saves battery life.

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    tazzy752 Newbie
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    I too have a blank screen... It worked fine all day Saturday and Sunday, until the screen began pulsing bright and less bright. I didnt think anything of it until this morning. I could get the home screen to show and after 4 or 5 seconds it would dim off.... like it lost power... the phone still receives calls, but does me little good to use it, as I would have to use the phone blind... and the kicker is... THERE ARE NO MORE PHONES AVAILABLE. So I am without a phone until more are made....


    I still love the phone and hope this will be an isolated thing HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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    IzzyKS Sprint Employee
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    After you adjust the time settings and this problem still exists, please update the discussion so we can make a log of the issue.

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    tazzy752 Newbie
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    Time settings have NOTHING to do with this issue... It's as if there were a short to the screen.... sometimes before it goes blank it shows fine horizontal lines as the screen power flickers... it is definately a problem with the phone and NOT any settings

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    tazzy752 Newbie
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    Well I just got off the phone with Radio Shack and they assured me that I should have a replacement phone Friday afternoon.... Hope they are right, but I know how it goes sometime... I still love the phone land hope my experience gets better soon... I am still able to receive calls even though my screen is blank... and my battery life seems very good... not even down a quarter yet...

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    SHANODOT50 Newbie
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    I think I may be having a similar problem.  Sometimes my screen will not turn back on at all. For example, the phone is sitting on my table, it rings from a call coming in, but I cannot answer because the screen is blank and non responsive.   But, if I remove the battery and replace it, it boots up and all is fine again.

    This has happened 3 times now since I purchased my phone on Friday.

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    Muzzlewump Newbie
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    What the deuce? This is the 2nd time this has happened. Maybe one of the apps I have is causing this. I have added Fring, Seesmic, Twidroid. Maybe we can norrow this problem down. I also have the Seesmic widget running on my main display.


    My screen is jus blank. when I take out the battery (annoying) it comes back, but I don't want this to ruin a brilliant phone (so far).

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    adamsinc Newbie
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    I went to Sprint and they replaced the phone. I did a hard reset (or atleast started it) but no change. It has to be a hardware issue.

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    Nootro Newbie
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    Having similar problems here as well.  Whenever I make a call or receive a call, my screen goes blank.  I also tried pressing the power button on the top and it didn't bring back the screen.  It's difficult to lower or raise the volume, end call, or to put the phone in speaker mode because of this issue.  However I notice that if I swing the phone backwards, it goes on for a second. During that time, I quickly press the speaker button because that mode leaves the phone "on" for some reason haha.

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    Jessicaaryan5 Newbie
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    My Evo's screen just went out today after having it on the charger. When I went to turn it on after taking it off the charger the screen remained black and started flickering with a blank screen. I went to the Sprint store and was told that there were no Evo's left in the Milwaukee area to replace mine with. Now I am left with a 4 day old broken Evo that gets calls and texts but cannot display them on the screen. Thanks again Sprint!

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    I am having the same issues! The very first time it was turned on the screen was black and I could hear all the sounds but no screen. I had to remove battery and turn back on to get a screen picture. I also have it doing weird colors on the screen right before it freezes up. I went to the store and called Sprint and none to replace it with. I would have thought they would have keep a few in stock to have extras to replace problem phones with.

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    BlueRiverSprint Valued Member
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    I am having a similar problem, but in my case it seems to be related to the proximity sensor.  It arbitrarily dims, turns off and come back on.  In my case it seems to be while I am also trying to listen to voicemail, etc. and have my face near the phone but still need to occasionally push buttons.  A real pain....But in my case seem to be a software issue with the phone and hopefully correctable.  Because I LOVE this phone.

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    tazzy752 Newbie
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    Well my screen has finally STOPPED working all together now... Radio Shack did call me yesterday and said they had found ONE PHONE at another of their stores and was having it overnighted to their location.... hopefully I will be able to get it tonite after work..... I still love the phone... will love it more when I can actually use it again

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    Valnomien1 Regular Visitor
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    I can confirm mine is also doing the same thing I did a factory reset and it's still flickering and eventually my screen dims completely. this is a hardware issue I'm sure of it.


    even during reset outside of the home screen when you see htc evo and sprint logos when it's booting up the screen flickers


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