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HTC Evo locking up or rebooting

GCORTEZ59 Newbie
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My phone has locked up 3 times in the past 2 days. In addition, it "rebooted" itself this morning without me initiating anything. Can anyone tell me what might be going on and if I have to take it in for a "checkup"?  I really love this phone and would hate having to give it up.



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    ccerose111 Expert
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    I've had my Evo since the 4th and have not experienced any problems such as you described.  My advice is to power down the phone and remove the battery for a few minutes.  After replacing the battery and powering on, if you continue to experience the problems, I would return it for a replacement.  You could simply have a deffective unit.

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    JlHADLEY73 Regular Visitor
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    The first couple of days mine rebooted on its own twice. I haven't had it happen since. I think what might have happened is that I left my email open and then answered a call and when I got another email while I was on the phone that somehow caused the reboot. I haven't had it do that in the last couple of days. You have 30 days to return/exchange it so you may wanna give it a couple of days and see if it continues. If it does, then I would recommend exchanging it if u like everything else about it.

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    flatline315 Newbie
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    Mine had rebooted 2x since I have had it.

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    mjlcad1 Newbie
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    I have had the evo for less than a week and it has locked up 3 times. The screen turns off and won't come back on. The power button doesn't work. I have had to pull out the battery all three times to get it to come back on.

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    DBailey012 Newbie
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    I've had my HTC Evo for about two weeks and mine locks up way too much.  I found that it mostly happens when I turn off 3G Mobile Network.  After I turn off the 3G everything locks up and when I let the back light time out or manually turn it off it will reboot itself.  This phone is brand new and wasn't cheap I don't think it should be doing this at all.  The worst part about this was when I was attempting to brag about my phone to someone that was thinking about changing to Sprint and getting this phone and this happened, "You're not really selling me on this phone" he said. If this keeps up I might utilize the 30 day guarantee and take it back and try something else.


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    Osifervic- Newbie
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    I have been using the evo since the 7th of June. I have been pushing this phone hard to see if it meets my needs. I  Came from touch pro2. I noticed Android is not as capable of handling all the  video and audio formats that  Windows mobile devices can. My Phone has locked up about 4 times.  Reboots itself randomly about once a day, twice it Rebooted during a phone call. Have noticed a popping noise in external speaker periodically at certain sound frequencies and tones. Phone has went to a black screen about 3 times when using internet browser or attempting to back out of an app. But eventually Reboots itself. Streaming video is usually choppy and frequently out of sync ,even at 4g speed. 3g and 4g speeds are much slower than with my overdrive. Have had problems with phone signing on to 4g when it detects it is available in various strong 4g signal areas in Chicago western suburbs and Northwestern suuburbs . Had called tech support 3 times to have phone reset in system. Still have an open ticket . My 8mp Camera picture quality is quite poor,even when adjusting several highest quality settings in camera. Battery cover is the worst of any phone I have owned in terms of ease to open in order to replace battery. My battery lasts about 2 to 3 hrs. Max of moderate to heavy use and need to open battery cover to use a backup battery continuously throughout the day . I have 2 backup batteries and 4 ac battery chargers. Phone is very nice but I am a bit disappointed in a few bugs in the software and my phones  processor becoming easily overloaded when 3 to 4 apps are open. I wish the Evo  had more available internal storage space because most apps install to phone instead of SD card.

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    mggm Newbie
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    Mine locked up every morning after removing the charging cable until this morning when it worked fine.


    Last night I found some information about updating the PRL.  I did that, and so far the phone seems to have stabilized.


    Go to Setting>System Updates and then select "Update PRL"


    That may be the reason I didn't have my daily lockup after pulling the charging cable.  I also did a firmware update, since that is also a choice.  So it may have been that or the combination.  But for now at least, my problem may have resolved.

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    rhett7738375700 Newbie
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    mine did the same thing this morning it just shut down and wouldn't turn back on. Took the battery off before it re-started again..i hoping this is not going to be a constant problem!! urggh


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    sonicghost Regular Visitor
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    day three with the new phone and rebooting on its own allot.   The only thing I can say that has changed since the phone was new is google put down and update to MAPS. since the download and install the rebooting started.  I have since uninstalled the update and the rebooting still happens.   I can make the reboot happen on deand by starting the sprint navigation or maps.  does this happen to anyone else with MAPS

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    Obstruct1 Newbie
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    I too have been having problems with my Evo Rebooting but this only occurred when I started looking for ways to optimize my battery life.  I found on the told me to turn off "always on mobile data" under the settings, so I did.  The next day after I took it off the charger it restarted itself three or four times before I thought the setting might be the problem.  I turned it back on and that did the trick.  However, it has recently restarted when I was on a call and the battery had less than 15% and other people seem to have this problem as well. So I don't think the two occurrences are related.  I hope this helps.  I never thought that changing some setting in the phone would cause this.  As I am typing this I am testing wether or not updating the PRL will make any difference.  I will update on that tomorrow.  My only hope is that the android 2.2 will be more compatible with the EVO.

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    sonicghost Regular Visitor
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    After a frustrating weekend of my phone rebooting any time I tried to use maps, navigation, or sprint navigation I did a factory reset.


    Phone work find with all defaults.  then

    1. Setup Exchange Active sync - still o.k

    2. login to market place still o.k

    3. changed scene still o.k

    4. Installed Sprint Navigation (Telenav) update. phone started rebooting again on maps etc..

    5. Performed another factory reset and all did of the above except installing the sprint navigation update and phone has been o.k so far.


    So keep spring nav on 2.1 and not installing update every time it ask seem to be the fix for me.  Im still not happy with the phone issues and most likely will return for another phone. If the 2nd phone has  the issues both the phone and sprint are done.   I an not a best a tester for the phone or sprints new 4g which I'm paying for and cannot use. Sprint and HTC should be paying to to be a test mule.  SAD...!

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    TLORDON-CN Regular Visitor
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    My evo just started rebooting on its own while taking a pic.
    after reboot whent back into album threw camera and it said no pics  found and rebooted
    its working again but what the world. bad bad htc.

    I come from TP2, Hero, So i know both OS's

    (acutlly EVO is best phone yet kills iphone 4, other than this bug.)

    There is a bug somewhere Fix it

    I synced it once when i first got it other than that no pc hookup at all..

    No facebook or other social network stuff.

    to the remark not as capable as tp2 for video ya you need an app for alt content but even the hero was more stable than WM by far. Check out my youtube video review and see all the apps open an no crashing like you would on tp2


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    Anene Newbie
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    I had the same problem with my first device and second device. It will shut down and when I turn on the device, it will keep recycling the "Sprint" and "4G" logo as it if goes into a loop and will not boot up. I took the battery out several times, which did not help it boot up. I had to take it to a service center to perform a hard reset. After the third visit to a service center with the same problem, I decided to replace the device with another EVO, which had the same problem this afternoon, and prompted another visit to the service center to perform another hard reset. The representative was so rude I thought about giving up sprint entirely. 

    Based on some postings, I will try not to turn off the mobile wireless service or 3G and see if that works. Meanwhile, I will not shut off the device completely.

    I will call sprint and log another complaint and if they do not have a quick fix, I might have to go back to my Instinct, until a new device or version of Android is available.

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    ccerose111 Expert
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    Yeah, I guess I'd be pretty sore too if I was experience the problems described here.  My Evo has been running like a champ (knock on wood).  I cringe when I think of how much I suffered with my Instinct.  That phone was constantly locking up and very rarely did anything run like it was supposed to and it nearly brought me to tears when something else would go wrong with it.  My Evo has brought me nothing but joy.

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