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will Sprint get the iphone?

georgiakarabelas Newbie
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I keep hearing about all the these rumors. I have been  a Sprint customer for years.  I have been holding off on going to AT&T for a couple years now, and don't want to.  I want the new Iphone, and keep reading that Sprint will have it by September 2010.  Are these just rumors?


Dear Sprint,


If you don't get the Iphone by this fall 2010, I am sorry but I am going to have to divorce you. 



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    GodschildNicole Silver Expert
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    This has been on ongoing topic for a good while now. I don't think there getting it.

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    georgiakarabelas Newbie
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    yeah.  I figured so.  After I wrote that I kept searching on here about that and people have been saying Sprint is rumored to get an Iphone since 2007.  Too bad, I have had no issues with Sprint.  I guess off to the horrid At&t I go.  Thanks.

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    dombuff516 Newbie
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    I spoke with a sprint customoer service about a week and a half in the past regarding cancelling my service, they asked why and I told them the honest rather not switch but I want an iphone a phone you dont obviously carry after a few moment on hold a different person got on and said that they are slated to have a finalized deal and have the phone by november this year but im pretty sure they told me this just to have me stay on contract for six months more......I hope they are telling the truth

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    IamShaggy Newbie
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    Yep, they lied to you. I called Sprint and asked for same thing and they said they don't see any future of the iphone here since Aplle and ATT have signed a multi-year contract regarding exclusive rights for the iphone until 2017. So no iphone coming to Sprint. You'll just have to get an HTC...

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    georgiakarabelas Newbie
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    Too late.... I cracked and got the Iphone 4 a couple days ago.  Obviously, this is my first one and it is AMAZING!  No issues with AT&T either.  No dropped calls, and the customer service has been phenomenal.  Sorry Sprint, you have a 4g network, but I did not want another wanna be Iphone.  I could only imagine how many customers you lost that day Sprint.  Too bad.

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    brianweave Newbie
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    Man, I am soo sorry you got the iphone.. I work for at&t and have sprint. Some major things with the iphone on att- 1 no longer do they have a unlimitted data plan- 2 dropped calls... at&t is horrible with the 3g coverage.. when they tell you it's the iphone... that would be partly correct- the other part is the iphone on at&t.. also.. at&t does not offer any type of insurance for the iphone.. if you break it, lose it, stolen which I hear at least  5 -6 calls a night on this.. well you have to purchase a new iphone at full price or their special " special " upgrade early price which is 499.99 for a 16 gig iphone. Terrible.. You do not have dropped calls yet but you will.. This is coming from an insider who has heard it from the horses mouth,that  being the customer and at&t themselves.  You would be better off getting a blackberry on at&t, again they do not have unlimitted data  anylonger .. and you have to have their data package in order to even get the phone that is considered a smartphone.. at&t is horrible.. I from my experience working with at&t know that once they lose the all mighty iphone, you will hear bubbles becauise at&t will sink. Many customers complain nonstop about dropped calls  and they always say,.. if it wern't for the iphone I'd be gone. I live in a rural area and only sprint and verizon have coverage in my area.. the commercials you see on tv.. they are dead on about at&t..we were taught to lie when customers call in.. oh and that exclusive clause they have.,.. it's not firm.. even at&t corp told us that the iphone exclusivity is gone very very soon.. and at&t is shaking

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    Kyleisme Newbie
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    I personally think you all should compare the HTC evo to the new Iphone. Personally, I think the HTC evo is amazing compared to the Iphone. I was considering going with the Iphone until my friend and I started discussing it. He told me all of the things on the evo and it's just better. Granted it is a bit of a larger phone. But it works perfectly for me.

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    JuJufavor Regular Visitor
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    Wow, dude I hope you don't get fired and I hope that no one can track you back to your post! (I did like it!!) All phone companies have their flaws, same as people.  iPhone was false advertising to say that it was 4G, I have many friends who paid a lot of money and are dissapointed.  Apple should know better.

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    D4RKJ3D1 Newbie
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    I also talked to CS (last night, actually) about the future of the iPhone on the network, and the man told me that yes, there will be an iPhone but it will be a couple of months. I sure as **** hope so... I was on a family plan with an iPhone 3G on AT&T and my step mother cut me off. I came here, buying the HTC Hero. In all honesty, I miss my iPhone.

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Not to be rude, but I'm not sure that a  call center rep is privy to the oak-row boardroom discussions between Steve Jobs and Dan Hesse.


    'Cause that's what it's going to be - Steve and Dan sitting down and sorting out if Apple will invest the cash to make a whole new set of hardware for the CDMA markets. And how much Sprint will subsidize that hardware.


    Interesting to talk about though . . .

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    JAMICE4U Newbie
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    To put it bluntly no!!!! Sprint will always be a second class network. I believe read somewhere that sprint has a 3g network case approved that will work with the I touch and the I pad. If sprint get the Iphone you would hear news about it getting approved with the FCC. I believe this move further confirms that the Iphone will not be coming to sprint. Sprint is trying to find a work around to the Iphone be releasing a device that will convert you Itouch and Ipad to a telephone via Voip.


    I have been a sprint customer for 10 years and the thought has crossed my mind to leave sprint too. The EVO and the galaxy S series are android phone. But android phone don't use TOMTOM this programs is a must have for me. I need independant GPS that is not dependant on the network. The camera on the Iphone is better. The screen resolution is better too. I rather keep my old touch pro 2. Which I believe has a higher quality camera with the custom ROM and uses TOMTOM than to upgrade to these network dependant android phones. I will give sprint one year and after that I will be changing my plan to AT&T or I they improve the camera on the android phone and get GPS that does not depend on the network with itinerary planning, I will stay with sprint. I don't want to have to use sprint navigation or google navigation I want a choice.


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    knucks33 Newbie
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    I was about to get the new iphone as well.. and then I got my evo because I thought it was amazing and I still do I still love it sometimes. I've had my evo for almost 3 months now and I HATE IT WITH A PASSION. I'm in sprint every other week. It's not like I break my phone or drop it nope, it's all things with the phone they they have yet to fix. They cleaned out my evo about 3 weeks ago and still it's messed up. It's frustrationg and annoying and I hate going over to sprint because by me their a joke. I charge my phone until it's fully charged I take it off the charger and it's half way through the battery after they cleaned out my phone I barely downloaded any apps. I keep my light on my phone pretty much off I do everything they say to do to help your battery it doesn't work. My alarm clock doesn't go off half the time and if it does it doesn't turn off I have to actually turn my phone off and on for the alarm to go off. I used to have great service wherever I went and then they clean out my phone and now I no longer have good service. And the main thing that once again my phone is doing is turning on and off so I barely get my incoming text messages. So if any of you know anything that could help this sure that would be great. I love my evo I do I do think it's as good as the iphone because my boyfriend has the old one and his friends have the new one and I don't see anything great about them, because they even said my evo was "sick" but they all already has at&t. Otherwise I either need a new evo or next time i'm sticking with my gut and cancelling sprint!

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    EMAN70458 Newbie
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    Apple is buying qualcomm chips which are used to make CDMA phones. Verizon sister company in UK carries the iphone which would lead to believe verizon is going to get it.


    At the same time, if verizon and att would carry the phone it would seem Sprint and Tmobile should be allowed to carry it also.

  • 14. Re: will Sprint get the iphone- from an at&t insider and happy sprint customer
    Priceless31602 Newbie
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    No offense, but this post sounds like a Sprint customer service rep who is pretending to be an AT&T employee. I don't buy anything in this post.

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