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EVO 4G Screen Losing Responsiveness (Upper Half)

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EVO 4G Screen Responsiveness Issues

I'm having a problem with responsiveness on the top half portion of the EVO screen. It is mainly when dragging my finger and not so much 'tapping'. It is impossible to drag down the notification menu or any scrolling on the top half unless the phone is grounded. I'm not alone! (Note: This does not appear to be happening on ALL EVOs)


Grounded:  The issue is completely resolved if 1) it is held in my hand or touched firmly with a grounded and conductive object or 2) if the phone is simply plugged in.


Another detailed description of the problem from the HTC forum (no help from HTC there)


The Top half of screen has a loss of touch capability/responsiveness when placed flat on various surfaces.  This has been verified by users using the phone bare, hard cases, invisible shields, and silicone cases.

Depending on the surface (cloth car seat or bed is what I have been able to duplicate it in), if the phone is placed by itself, and you attempt to swipe the top shade down it will not work - if it works, try multiple surfaces that are not grounded or touching metal (use styrofoam).  If you touch the side of the phone (like the incredible video below) and ground it with your finger the shade will work as normal.  This is why most people have not noticed an issue because majority of the time they are using two hands or the side of their palm is touching the side.


I was able to replicate this issue on (3) devices that were purchased from different locations (2 from Radio Shack, and 1 shipped from Sprint).



Here is the link to the XDA thread with users experiencing the same issue: (and some casual responses from HTC)

Issue on the HTC EVO 4G Forum:

Here is a link to an Engadget article stating the issue:

& Here is a link to the Engadget article of the proposed software fix (unofficial):

Here's my video of the issue using a screen test app + trying to drag the notification menu down

& Another video:


It would be nice if HTC and/or Sprint acknowledged this issue. Is this a hardware issue? Software? It's only happens when the phone is not held and on a non-grounded surface. It issue seems to be getting worse. Do I need to return my phone? I'm within a week the 30 day return window and there's no stock at my local Sprint store.. so it may just be a full refund and wait for the issue to be resolved or move on to another phone.


The Sprint tech at the store said the issue is in their internal system (internal techie database?) and a fix is being tested. Could not offer me advice on what to do with my phone. I also contacted HTC twice and both reps were not aware of the issue.


I'm on Hardware version 0002 and Software number 1.32.651.6

Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what hardware revision are you in (Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Hardware version.



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    I don't have that issue with my phone.  But HTC and Sprint have acknowledged the issue and said that a software fix will correct the issue.  They said more arid climates are suffering more from this but they are isolated.  Not like the antenna issues on the iphone4, this one will be fixed soon.  Fear not, they're on it.

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    The fact it is a software issue (apparently) seems odd since my other 3 EVO friends that have the same software (and live in the same vicinity as me) do not have the problem. It's not arid here, quite opposite, it's very humid! (It averages about 60 to 70% humidity in the summer in Knoxville)


    I'm curious if the tech at HTC thought their software solution worked only because the phone was plugged in to receive the software update. The problem is not apparent when the EVO is plugged in either charging or syncing.


    The only difference I noted was that their hardware version is 0003 vs. my 0002.

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    if it is a grounding issue... i would have to say that is a hardware issue. I have a sneaking feeling it is related to the glass seperating from the screen. Sprint HAS said they are testing a solution... so we will see

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    yeah, I hear ya.  It sounds really odd to me as well.  I have hardware 003 and I don't have that problem.  I was confused to hear that HTC thought they could fix it with a software update.  I am glad I haven't had that problem yet.


    The one thing that I really dislike and detracts from the beauty of this phone is how there is light leakage at the bottom of the screen where the 4 keys lights slip between the screen and the bezel.  I know its been discussed quite a bit.  Hopefully, one they have a fix for this, I will just go and return mine with manufacturer's defects.  Without that, this phone would be a slick, sharp looking beauty, still is, but almost perfect.  I still can't get over how crisp this screen is.

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    i just got mine a week ago and just ran my little test. i do have that issue, but only happens when i lay it on a non-conductive surface and just use one hand to touch the screen. i never find myself using it like this, i always have a hand on it so im not really bothered by this. i didnt even notice the light leak till i read it here. i think that is crazy! you want to return the phone because of light leak! does that really bother you that much?


    check out this pic, this might shed some light on why theres a slight leak...



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    Just tested my evo based on your descriptions.

    It is working like a pro, perhaps a valid phone case and some big hands may assist in lack of response...

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    Ya I have the same issue.  Took the phone into the sprint store today and they tried to tell me that there was nothing wrong with it.  I was so mad.  I did go into the store thinking that I had to plead my case. I thought they would know about this problem, but instead they acted like they knew nothing about this type of problem.  Sad if they really didn't know.  So then I had to pull out the white board app and show the sales guy and he said well ill take back to the tech.  So then the tech came out and started giving me a song and dance story about how to use touch screen.  Then she said it is working for me and proceed to reach her hand down and grab the phone and draw on the white board.  I could not believe it.  This is there tech person!  So then I showed her with out touching it and she said ok well we will have to a hard rest and see if that fixes it. I thought what? Why?  But I guess I will just do it to peas them, but I know that will not solve the problem.   This is just poor customer service that your customer knows more then your tec.   I’m also considering taking it back and not sign up with sprint.   The problem is how worse will screen get. I can’t have this. The phone is the number 1 tool for my work.  Bad phone
    = lost money.  Also b/c they have no more in stock I will have to wait and then my 30 days will be up and I’m stuck with 2 year contract and a phone I’m not sure is going to keep working or get fixed. I’m mean look what happen with the palm pre.  Also I’m not feeling so great about the customer service that I had today.  If this is how it is going to be dealing with sprint then I’m not sure I want to stick around.   This is really sad b/c I love the phone and sprint phone service has been great. I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  Also I am a first time sprint customer so any feed back no how to deal with customer service and get the phone taken care of would be great.  Thanks


    Question:  Are the sprint service center any better then the normal sprint store?

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    mine the battery it sucks it drains fast dont stay charged been to four sprint stores on the phone everyday fed up all the money i put out for a phone that wont work right sure hope they have a software update soon cause iam tired of having a phone that drains constantly

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    have you tried shutting off 4g when not in use? theres a widget that makes it easy to turn off and on from the home screen.

    also, i find using Advanced Task killer (which is free) to extend my battery. i just fire it up and click "Kill Selected Apps" which it automatically selects all running apps, even itself. once click, you dont have all the background apps taking up processes and using up you batt.

    i would suggest giving it a try.

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    Big update:  There is a software update out there NOW (as of 6/28/2010) that fixes the screen issue as well as improves battery life, WiFi reception and other updates. It’s a must-have. I had very bad screen responsiveness (grounding) issues and have re-tested with this new version on various surfaces and environments and it works 100%!


    1) Go To Settings > System updates > HTC software update > and click on ‘Check now’

    2) You will get a notice that version 1.47.651.1 is available. Download it!

    3) Once the download is complete, go back into the HTC software update and install the downloaded file.

    4) It will go through numerous resets and appear frozen in a few areas (like in the installer and on the 4G menu).. be PATIENT! It will eventually complete and give you a notice that the upgrade was successful. It took my phone about 20 minutes.


    Props to HTC for these much needed fixes. The phone is now perfect for me.

    BTW I have hardware version 0002

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    thank you iam downloading it now mine mostly battery life hope it works thank you, we pay all this money we shouldnt have to go threw all this

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    Also has screen coming  apart and light leaking from the bottom where the screen meets the frame it is happening to the one I purchased.

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    Please fix this problem too..see link I have this problem with my phone.  When presented to the sales person at the sprint store, he stated it OK to have light come out of the edge where the screen meets the frame.  He should be fired for giving false information to 10 year  sprint customer who knows better.  He was basically "******* down my back and telling me it's raining".  Here is another link Please don't let this be an bump for such a great phone.

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