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Samsung Seek?

Christopher.Stockton Newbie
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Is Sprint TV and Sprint Radio Available For The Samsung Seek And If So How To Get It On My Phone.

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    BAMACOCOA256 Newbie
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    I recently obtained the Seek about a month ago and found out that none of the Sprint apps work on this phone. I had to give up my Telenav, which I really needed and my Sprint Radio which I wanted. Also, none of the games I had purchased on previous phones work with the Seek. Also, I recently started having issues with the text; the messages only show sent but notthe received messages, I like the touchscreen but I'm gonna buy a new after the new year

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    cn_ricks Newbie
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    Did you ever figure out how to stop the recieved messages from getting deleted? It is very inconvient

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    BAMACOCOA256 Newbie
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    I didnt do anything but it kinda fixed itself. I dont know if its the phone or Sprint

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    tturner182009 Newbie
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    I am experiencing the same problem. The only way to get around this is to lock the message once you read it. This is also very inconvient, but an option.

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    jinwards1 Newbie
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    I am experiencing the same problem with the text messages. People say I texted you back and I say " I didnt get it". I just upgraded to this phone a few weeks ago..Why? I had to refund my money for a ringtone because I never got the text to download the thing!! very frusterating!!

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    janbrodie Newbie
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    My Seek was doing the same thing and once I deleted some of the messages that I didn't need it allowed the new ones to be stored. I assume it is a memory or storage issue

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    curtsingersarah Newbie
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    I just saw your post and I am having the same problem. When I got the phone a month ago it was fine and I could see my conversation both ways. All of a sudden when I reply I can't go back and see the other persons conversation. I am so frustrated! Sprint wasn't helpful at all!

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    GLAMMYJ Newbie
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    i has the same problem it its because of memory storage just delete some messages and it all back to normal

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    curtsingersarah Newbie
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    That is what I thought too. I did that and it didn't work. I just got the phone like 2 months ago and have only used 4% of the 100%.. I don't have any apps or anything else on it.

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    chasemb13 Newbie
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    I just got it yesterday, and I was wondering if you could set a text signature on it or not...?

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    LATAMEER77 Newbie
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    I tried but failed also.  I called Sprint and they told me the Seek was NOT capable.  I feel like I downgraded during my Upgrade.

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    VICKING1872 Newbie
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    This "upgrade" has been a major disappointment.  Mainly because I can't get the apps that I had on my old phone because they are not compatible.  I contacted Sprint concerning this and all they could say was "every once and awhile we update our apps.  Check back often". Then had the nerve to say, "we hope your issue was resolved."  Please.


    My issue with texts is that for some reason, the date & time is off, for one. (I've checked the clock settngs on the phone itself and its fine) Two, the text are not stored in a chronological order.  Three, they are not split up between sent & received.


    Touch screen is ok except my screen is all scratched up alread and I've only had it since June and if I leave the screen on my speed dial screens, I'm constantly mis-dialing my mother!

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    Hello there, I have sprint for almost 10 years and I would like to tell you a little about the Samsung Seek.  It has a pretty design but it is only good for call and messaging, instant messeging, facebook, etc.  This is not a 3G phone, only 2G, meaning that it will not support or be capable to do Sprint TV, Radio or GPS function.  Bassically if all you need is text messaging, this is a good device, for any other advance data functions don't bother buying this device.  The LG Remarq is pretty similar but can go to 3G speed but it will not support GPS neither.  I think the next cheap option for those who likes Sprint TV and GPS is the Samsung Reclaim and LG Lotus, I have those too and they work pretty well.  After that you better go with the androids.. Good luck, Nick

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    JOAN7176 Newbie
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    Man i got a samsung seek and have not enjoyed it one bit.....my apps dont work,ppl say they tex me and i never get it..picture mail dont go thru half the time,i get the i just called you and u didnt answer...is it sprint or is this phone just not worth having feel like i down graded...:(

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