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HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues

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  • The local weather no longer updates when using HTC location service and Sprint's data connection (geolocation).

(Updated: This seems to have been resolved as geolocation is now working again)

  • The local weather does not update to the correct location when using HTC location service and WiFi connectivity (User is in Columbus, but Weather shows Phoenix).


Sprint Music:

  • Sprint Music tab crashes HTC Sense (Launching HTC Sense over blank screen is displayed) each time user clicks the tab. (I cannot pinpoint exactly why this happens as it did not do this before. I sync'd my music onto my storage card and now Sprint Music player crashes when accessed. I now have to use WIndows Media Player.
  • The Shuffle option will spontaneously disable itself when listening to music, resulting in alphanumeric playlists.
  • The Shuffle option has tendencies to select the same order in which songs are played with each new shuffle (e.g. Sprint Music will always select the same song(s) to play second, third, and sometimes fourth in the shuffled playlist).
  • The Shuffle option appears to have no robustness or diversity in the artists it selects for the order in a playlist (i.e. likes to play the same artists before others - possibly because it is shuffled based on song rather than a "shuffle by artist" option. Some loaded music has more songs by a single artist than others, resulting in that artist played more often than the others).
  • Sprint Music will spontaneously stop outputting sound during playback, even though the time meter continues to progress. This occurs during headphone playback, speaker playback, and bluetooth playback.
  • Sprint Music will sometimes fail to continue playback after ending a phonecall via bluetooth.



  • The message notification light continues to flash, even though the user has already viewed it (does not happen too often).
  • Holding the End button to lock the phone will sometimes not work (rare occasion)
  • The phone's screen will not always turn on when pressing the power button to awake the phone (semi-rare).
  • Text messages, phone calls, voicemails, data etc. fails to reach phone when phone is plugged into PC via USB connection, even though the option to continue using data services is enabled.


HTC Sense:

  • When the phone is locked and the user slides the icon to unlock, the icon will "stick" to the side and the phone will not unlock. (rare).
  • The new Lock Screen wallpaper does not always apply after the user selects it. User must set the option twice to apply (50% reproducability).


Opera Browser:

  • Crashes often during normal mobile web browsing (,,, etc.).


Sprint Navigation:

  • Sprint Navigation does not always remain running when user exits to check new messages (in other words, multi-tasking is spotty).


Windows Mobile 6.5:

  • When user disables an alarm, alarm will sometimes still go off.


HTC Location Service:

  • HTC location service will sometimes modify time zone even though user remains in same time zone (e.g. I drive from Columbus, OH to Lancaster, OH. Phone will then update its time to 3 hours earlier. When I drive back to Columbus, the time does not return to normal, resulting in text message threads to be chronologically incorrect - must reset phone).


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  • 1. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    joelz88 Newbie
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    Anyway to do a wiki on this topic?


    Quirks that bug me,

    * Brain-dead animation of the clock on the Home page: if you have to take a glance quick, you've gotta to do some math by adding 1hr and 2min.  The cuteness may last longer with other folks, but there should at least be an obvious way to disable it.

    * Can't add more shortcut buttons to Home

    * Opera is unpredictable at launch/switch, sometimes you keep the pages you had, other times it's fresh reboot

    * Even with the keyboard slid out (and sometimes only upon it slides out), the on-screen keyboard logo appears on the bottom, PRECISELY overlapping with the page control in Opera

    * IE is no escape--still only one page and, you've gotta have patience, lots of it

    * Word Mobile now scrolls with finger movement.  Right press only gives "Select All".  It takes a google to figure out how to select text.

    * LiveSearch morphes into Bing.  When it doesn't crash upon launching, it demands to know your location all the time

    * Every program is eager to know your location.  Someone should write a utility for easy GPS switchoff.  Otherwise, you have to go to Phone/Options/CDMA Services/Location/...  It's obvious the interface is designed to tramp on privacy

    * Oh, this wonderful sliding bar to take or reject calls: do you slide towards the action or do you expand the colored bar that stands for the action?

    * The phone doesn't want to ring more than a couple of times

    * Above all, I still couldn't find a way to revert Office Mobile 6.1, Opera Mini in WM 6.0, and the old LiveSearch that's happy without GPS.


    It's possible that I might have missed something.  If you know remedies, I'm all ears.

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    Sprintfalseadvertiser Newbie
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    I have several problem, we have two touch pro 2, mine was replaced two days ago under warranty.  After two days it updated the weather, however it jumped to eastern time zone.  Other phone is fine.  If I tell sprint, they don't believe us.  Sometimes arguing with techinal department is like talking to brick wall.

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    LSBUTEAU01 Newbie
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    I am on my Third Touch Pro 2 and have had all of the same problems with each one. Sprint doesnt beleive me at all and I have jumped through evey hoop. Does any one have any way to get through this?

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    danhoeger Regular Visitor
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    I've been having major lockups on my HTC Touch Pro2 and the only thing I have found to do is to pull the battery and restart it.  runs good for about a day or so and then I have to restart it again.


    It seems like right before it "hangs" the performance is really slow.  I've opened up Task Manager and it will show nothing running and the system is still slow right before it hangs.

  • 5. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    CHINACREME74 Newbie
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    I agree, I've been getting the very same problem from the very first day I bought the phone and its getting to a point where it annoys me. If I'm on the phone and have another call coming in, the screen freezes, not allowing me to click over. ANNOYANCE, Way too much money spent to not work properly.

  • 6. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    danhoeger Regular Visitor
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    I seem to be having better performance now that I removed some of the additional apps.  Even though Taskman didn't show them running they still must have been doing something to slow the system down.  It seems to be running much better now.  I don't have time to narrow it down to which app it was because I had a lot of stuff installed on it.

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    Hans1967 Newbie
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    Is there a solution to this problem, cause i'm just about to throw my phone in the trash

  • 8. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    danhoeger Regular Visitor
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    Removing some of the applications resolved all my hanging issues for a while and then it started up again.


    When I brought it in to the Sprint store the local tech looked at it and told me I had too much e-mail and I was running out of space in internal memory.


    I switched my e-mail from holding 1 week to only holding 3 days.  My phone is running like new again.


    I get 500+ e-mails a week in my inbox so this may not be the issue you are running into but it's worth a try before you throw it in the trash.

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    Hag1174 Newbie
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    Thank you very much for that advice.  Of all the replies I have received to my complaint, that is the first one that offers a possible solution.  All the others were complaints of similar nature.  It pretty much made me think of filing a class action suit on behalf of us all because both Sprint Corporate and their repair centers have been completely futile.


    Now, how do I change the setting to only hold 3 days of emails rather than a week.  I probably receive close to 500 emails a week if not more, myself.  So I see this as a definite possibility to the problem.  I do not have any apps loaded.  I am on my 5th phone now and haven't even had one work long enough to download an app.


    Thanks again for your help.  Let me know how I can change that setting.

  • 10. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    danhoeger Regular Visitor
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    I'm not sure if your setting will be the same since I'm connected to Exchange server but here is what I had to do:


    1. From the home screen select the "Mail" tab from the bottom scroll window.

    2. Select "Inbox" in the bottom left of the screen

    3. Select "Menu->Tools->Options..."  (Note: you may have to slide the menus up to see "Tools" and "Options..." as they might not all fit on your screen)

    4. Select "* Outlook E-mail"

    5. Select "Next" on the Edit Server Settings screen

    6. Select "Next" on the User Information screen

    7. Highlight "E-mail" and select "Settings..." on the Edit Server Settings screen

    8. This should bring you to the E-mail Sync Options screen.


    you should be able to select the number of days you want to download and what format you want the messages to be in.  I also switched my messages to be downloaded in plan text.


    Then all you have to do is Select OK in the upper right corner.


    Hope that helps.  It did for my phone.

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    tsgt2007 Newbie
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    When is HTC going to fix these issues windows 6.5???????????

  • 12. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    John7698 Regular Visitor
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    UGH, Where Do i begin?


    Okay I am going to try and help you all as much as possible and I will tell you my story to start.  I orginally got the HTC Touch Pro (The Brick), after three repairs on it they with out a even a pause handed me My new HTC TP2.  Well To tell you this will be my last windows phone ever is an understatement!  The HTC Sense (Remember still on 6.1 cause they were new at thhis time) felt like it was designed by some stoned flunky from high school, after 3 days i took to the internet and found the only thing the kept me from throwing it in the lake,  SPB Mobile Shell!  I was not happy about having to spend another 30 bucks just so I could actually use the **** thing but let me tell you its the difference between night and day!  ITS FULLY Customizable, the program is OUTSTANDING.  Okay with that in mind lets move up the time a bit to 6.5 release, now i am an uber tech head and my phones usualy only last 6months at that just due to wear and tear, I make them do EVERYTHING they can and then some!  I was really avoiding the upgrade to 6.5, but seeing how much faster it seemed to be I went ahead and did the deed. Well a week later my phone was destroyed (Due to a friends child slamming it on the patio corner....)  I was thankfull that i got the replacement with good old 6.1 running the show.   See SPB Mobile shell and 6.5 fight a little bit, not to mention 6.5 NEVER ACTUALLY closes a program, you have to go to the task manager to shut it down, EVEN if you close it from the corner shutdown.  To say the least windows should get out of the phone market please, this has been my first last and ONLY windows phone ever, simply because its TOO MUCH TOO SLOW and OVERLY windowsy.  I miss Palm!  Oh yea so i did the upgrade again simply because now OUTLOOK 2010 wont sync with anything other than 6.5 what a freaking MESS!

  • 13. Re: HTC Touch Pro2: List of Bugs in ROM 2.04.651.4 (Windows 6.5) - End-User Known Issues
    DOUGOUT78 Newbie
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    I've experienced all the bugs listed and more on my Touch Pro2.  I've been using HTC phones for a long time and each one has been replaced at least once in the time I owned them.  They all have had similar issues.  Sprint continues to seem baffled by it, and they still haven't released a new software update for the Pro2.  The one update they released all the way back in March only went to 6.5 when 6.5.3 was already available in February....epic fail Sprint....epic.  They don't care, if they did, we'd have updates and fixes available, but they obviously want us to pay for an EVO 4G even though it doesn't have GSM capability and there's no 4G service in most areas.  What's the point?  I'll continue to use the Pro2 and continue to call customer support with complaints because it has all the features I want, when/if they work and maybe just maybe continued badgering will make them do something... one can only hope.

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    SCARNERA1 Newbie
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    I agree this is a solution to one of the worst problems on the phone.  Problem is that when using Yahoo or other IMAP email, the setting for 3 days gets changed, on it's own, to a much longer time frame, sometimes downloading all email.  This has occured several times.  I have to then delete my Yahoo account on the phine and start the set up again.  For some reason my SprintTV has stopped working as well.  "Cannot connect to server:7008" is the error.  Like others have said, this phone cost way too much to have this many issues,  I am very dissapointed with this phone.

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