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Adding Music to the Motorola SLVR L7c and the RAZR V3m

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Select the link below to see all the FAQ for the MOTOROLA SLVR L7c for Sprint and RAZR V3m for Sprint.

<a target="_blank" href="*&amp;p_cv=&amp;p_pv=2.1333&amp;p_prods=23%2C1333&amp;p_cats=&amp;p_hidden_prods=&amp;p_page=1&amp;p_new_search=1&amp;prod_lvl1=23&amp;prod_lvl2=1333&amp;p_search_text=">SLVR L7c Sprint FAQ</a><p><br><a target="_blank" href="*&amp;p_cv=&amp;p_pv=2.1333&amp;p_prods=23%2C1333&amp;p_cats=&amp;p_hidden_prods=&amp;p_page=1&amp;p_new_search=1&amp;prod_lvl1=23&amp;prod_lvl2=1333&amp;p_search_text=">RAZR V3m Sprint FAQ

If you want to know the three ways you can transfer music to your card. Go to the link below:

Transferring Music to any memory card for a Motorola Sprint Phone

If you can read the directions just copy and paste the directions into a Word Document and increase the font size. The link above gives you the option to use a card reader to transfer files, Motorola Phone Tools using a USB Cable or Bluetooth capable computer (compatible with version 4.36c and above, available at for purchase), or using Bluetooth if you are lucky enough to have a computer with Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer profiles.

If you have questions call Motorola's support line 800.520.6403. They have a dedicated line for the RAZR and SLVR phones

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