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Epic 4g airplane mode bug

Iwantfasterdataspeed Newbie
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Has anyone had a problem with the Epic 4g getting stuck in airplane mode?


I have had phone for 3 days and it has happened more than 20 times.


I have read that it happened on another Samsung phone, the Moment, I believe.


Is there any fix or has anyone heard of a software patch coming in the future?

  • 1. Re: Epic 4g airplane mode bug
    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Have not heard of that yet.  What were you doing when it went into airplane mode?  Was there any predictable or repeatable pattern to cause it to happen?

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    carmantx Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I just posted same issue.  Didn't find this post before.  No pattern in mine, happens random when phone is resting.  Very frustrating.

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    hardtruckin1 Newbie
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    My new Epic is doing the same thing. It appears that it is only happening when the phone is idle. I have had the phone for about 1 week, it has happened maybe 7 or 8 times.

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    REBECCA0113 Newbie
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    This happened with my Epic last week...except I couldn't get my phone to turn OFF airplane mode.  Phone went idle and the next time I used it, I fount that it was stuck in airplane mode and wouldn't reconnect to wireless/bluetooth.  I was on with tech support for over an hour trying to figure this out...they did three different factory resets and could not find a solution to this problem.  At their suggestion, I got a replacement Epic the next day.  This one has it's own quirks, but they are quirks I can live with (notification light intermittant).

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    Iwantfasterdataspeed Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I contacted Sprint technical support and after three very long troubleshooting sessions, they decided that it was a good idea to send me another phone which I received today.


    As I am typing this, my original phone has now been stuck in airplane mode for over an hour.  I have been trying reboots and pulling the battery with still no success.  I have not found a fix that will take it out of airplane mode.  It has been doing it randomly to include while I am talking on it and using applications.  Then, as quickly as it turned on it will just turn off with no rhyme or reason.


    I hope that after I activate my new Epic that this will not repeat itself.


    I suggest calling technical support if you are having this problem and having a new phone sent to you.  The only way they are going to solve this problem is to get our problem phones back to them so they can look at them and try to find a solution.


    On a lighter note I did find out from one of the tech support people that the Samsung Media Hub will be active "very soon".  They also said that the 2.2 update will not be to far behind that.

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    carmantx Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I called sprint support to report and was told that they had not heard of this problem.  I told them they should look at their own site to see the hundreds of complaints.


    Anyway, I have turned off the wifi mode and the phone has not done gone to airplane mode since that.  So found a solution, but still stinks to have a phone you can't use the features of.

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    dgoolsby7 Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I have had my phone for a day and mine is stuck in airplane mode and will not get out of it.  After half an hour on the phone last night I was told I needed to take it back for a new one.  How can they possibly sell you a defective phone, and expect loyal customers.  Absolutely terrible product.

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    fangsout Newbie
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    mine has had that problem also. I have been stuck in airplane mode for 2 days now and there is no rhyme or reason to how to get rid of it. it will randomly turn on and off, but mostly off. I just started experiencing this problem within the last week. I WILL return this phone and cancel my plan if tech support can't fix it SOON!


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    SOCALH2OSKIER3737 Regular Visitor
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    Same problem here.  Phone enters Airplane Mode at random.  So far, it appears to happen only when on Wi-Fi for me, but that might just be coincidence. Whatever the reason, it is very frustrating--it happens 2-3 times per day.  If Sprint does not fix this bug, I intend to return all of my 4 lines and cancel my account.  What good is a phone if it randomly goes off the network and will not make/receive calls? 


    Does anyone know whether Sprint has acknowledged this issue and whether a fix is in the works?  When I called customer service, they were clueless.

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    mutiny32 Valued Member
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    Uh-oh. Look up the Samsung Moment or the Samsung Intercept and the words "airplane mode" on Google. Yeah. Big problem. Not fixable a lot of the time. What makes things worse is that the Epic shows up as the Intercept in the mobile browser, even on Sprint's site. I'm not sure why, as the user-agent doesn't say that, so the sites must be looking at something else to recognize it as the Intercept.


    But the parallels between the issues are as close to identical as they can get. This doesn't bode well.

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    SOCALH2OSKIER3737 Regular Visitor
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    Even worse, I called Sprint yesterday, and Samsung today, and both claimed that they had never heard of this issue with respect

    to the Epic, and that it is not a "known issue."  Great customer service, eh?  I have to believe, given the other complaints I have read about,

    that I'm not the only person who has called with this issue.

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    SOCALH2OSKIER3737 Regular Visitor
    Currently Being Moderated

    Have now discovered that phone also randomlly enters airplane mode when not on wifi.  it does this, so far anyway, only when plugged in & charging.  I can go all day @ my office not plugged in & I have no issues.  But every evening @ home, it will randomly go into airplane mode at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times.  its very frustrating that sprint will not acknowledge the issue.  Other than this serious bug, I love the phone, but if not fixed, I might consider an HTC, or even a new carrier, mostly b/c sprint refuses to even address the issue.  I thought sprint was supposed to be tying to improve customer service, but evidently I thought wrong.

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    JJBABYAK1 Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I have the same problem. Phone goes into airplane mode (shows in status bar as blue circle with line through it) randomly. Going through setup and deselecting airplane mode clears this temporarily but eventually the phone goes back into this mode.

    I've been to sprint about this, initially they thought it might be hardware but I am now on my 3rd phone in a month with the same issue.

    The random airplane mode seems to only happen after a long idle period. Given that I've experienced this on all three of the epics coupled with the fact that not everyone seems to be experiencing this problem I am led to believe that this may be cause by something in my home environment. Although sprint acknowledges the problem I have not heard of any fix. I also tried Samsung support - no help.

    In my home ""computer room" environment I have "always on" 3 windows PCs, bluetooth, microsoft wireless mouse/keyboard and a sprint airave.

    Other Sprint phones (my old Blackberry and others) work fine in this environment.

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    SOCALH2OSKIER3737 Regular Visitor
    Currently Being Moderated

    I have exactly the same problem. The phone randomly goes into Airplane Mode when idle for long periods--but it does it only at my home.  I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with a weak signal?  I have an Air Rave at my home, so the signal strength is normally very strong, but maybe the problem is somehow connected to the Air Rave and/or an otherwise weak network signal?  Its extremely frustrating, because you get no notice that it is in Airplane Mode--the little white airplane does not even show up on the screen--just the blue circle with a line through it that indicates no network, and then if you go to settings, you see that "Airplane Mode" is checked, even though I never enabled it.  Typically, I just uncheck the Airplane Mode box and everything works fine for awhile, but last night it went into Airplane Mode and got stuck there for several hours.  I'm contemplating exchanging the phone under warranty, but I'm concerned that I'll just have the same problem, as previous Epics did exactly the same thing.  Neither Sprint nor Samsung would acknowledge that this was a known issue when I called them.  This is very frustrating.  But for this problem, I love the phone.

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