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3G Upload Capped?

annaliza.alexandra Regular Visitor
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For some odd reason my Epic is unable to upload faster than 150 kbps when on the 3g data network, no matter how many bars I have (first test in the image is on Wifi).  I've tested it side by side with a palm pre, and the pre was able to consistently hit 400-500 kbps.


Is this a software issue, hardware issue, or a sprint capping issue?

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    Paintbll Regular Visitor
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    Documented issues there.  What is the solution Sprint?????????????

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    NITROXENO1 Regular Visitor
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    Yeah seems everyone is having this issue, see here as well:

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    mojomojomojomojo Regular Visitor
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    Great phone but Im also capped at 150 kbps upload on 3g.I wish Sprint would at least aknowledge that they will fix this .I hate to return this phone if its going to be fixed eventually.

    If its eventually repairable, then I dont mind waiting beyond the 30 day return period.

    Whats with the $10 premium when its slower speed than my Pre?

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    jf1957 Valued Member
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    Sprint must know of this issue as many have called in and reported it.


    The other galaxt S phones opn other carriers don't exhibit this issue, nor does the EVO on Sprint.


    This, couplked with the GPS issue with no official announcements as to a fix date...especially with everyones 30 day retun periods coming up is going to bring a whole lot of phones back to Sprint is this isn't addressed.


    BTW Sprint...Qwik doesn't work worth squat with a upload speed of under 150 kbps.


    With both of these being major topics on at least 4 forums, I would think this would be of some importance.


    verizon offering the Fascinate with a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for $199 is becoming noisily touted as a very tempting offer by many disgruntled EPIC users.


    Speaking to your customers OFFICIALLY would go a long way toward showing them that you actually care,.


    Between having insuffient ability to UP on 3G and many areas not having 4G, the extra $10 is a real slap in the face folks.

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    Flaspeneer Newbie
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    The Epic 4G's terrible upload speeds are becoming notorious among Epic users on support and Android forums.  It is in fact the primary topic on every Epic 4G forum I've visited.  Nearly everyone who traded in their Evo is reporting that other phones they own upload much faster than the Epic -- from the iPhone to the G1 to the ancient Palm Treo. All report higher upload speeds than the Epic 4G *with* $10 subscriber fee guaranteeing "advanced features" when they don't even have reliable voice and data service.  This is a very real problem.


    Users on forums are constantly checking their speed and posting indoor upload rates of less than 150 kbps -- sometimes even 000 kbps.  For many, even the download rate is unusable.


    Many people are very sad about having to return the Epic for the Evo, because the Epic can do far more, has a querty keyboard, an amazing processor and that gorgeous S AMOLED screen.


    I can live with semi-accurate GPS (though I'm not happy about it).   What I can't live without is reliable data and voice service on 3G while paying an extra $10 a month for 4G service that doesn't even exist in my city.  Samsung and Sprint need to prioritize this problem before customers'  refund/exchange period runs out.  If users realized how bad their reception really is on what's touted as being the most advanced smartphone in current use, Sprint and Samsung might face a digital riot. They should really sort this issue before that happens.


    One last thing.  Users are also reporting that their upload complaints to Sprint are getting filed as very individual, very separate reports with no cross-referencing.  The result is that when Sprint customers call to report upload problems with the Epic 4G, they're told that no other users have reported this issue and that there are no corroborating complaints.  I urge Sprint reps to pay attention to the Epic 4G subforums on Android Forums and Mobile Forums as well as to this thread.  As long as this thread (yes, this one) exists on Sprint user forums, customer service reps and IT have no business telling Epic users that this issue doesn't exist and hasn't been reported.  Have a look, Spint and Samsung:  Chain of users with corroborating evidence re bad Epic uploads present and documented right here, right now.  Pay attention and don't blow us off.


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    JOEDHIMSELF Regular Visitor
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    someone needs to address this otherwise this phone is going back before 30 days

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    taylormah Newbie
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    This is a confirmed issue. Sprint people,  if you are still not listening, then it is your fault. Go check AndroidForums and AndroidCentral Forums and see for yourself a good number of people suffering from this. Find some solution for it.

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    eyehud Regular Visitor
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    I called Sprint tech support yesterday about this issue and they are telling me that 150kbps upload speed is normal! Tired of corporations having ignorant tech support. Going to try and call corporate for this issue. I'd hate to return this phone, that is otherwise perfect, but 150kbps upload speed renders it pretty much useless.

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    jf1957 Valued Member
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    That is a flat out lie by a Sprint Employee which honestly, of late doesn't surprise me.


    I have a co-workers EVO sitting here on my desk next to my EPIC.


    EVO UL speed just ober 500 kbps.


    EPIC UL speed 142 kbps.


    I'm begiining the think that the old addage of YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR may also hold true for cell provider service.

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    NITROXENO1 Regular Visitor
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    Can everyone having this issue please try and use Dialer Code: *#4636*1111# and then Select Phone Info. This will report your current data status of 1xRTT, EVDO rev. 0, or EVDO rev. A. Its starting to sound like the radio is getting stuck on Rev 0.

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    annaliza.alexandra Regular Visitor
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    The phone reports the connected Network as CDMA EVDO rev. A.


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    mojomojomojomojo Regular Visitor
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    That code doesnt work on my phone.

    Last week I was getting 3500kbps download with 150kbps upload.

    Download was RevA.

    But only upload falls back to RevO?


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    I am having the same problem!!  I will be taking my back if this is not fixed.

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    UFLG8R Expert
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    Same issues here. Awesome to pay an extra $10/mo to get slower upload speeds than I had with my V950.

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