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Question re Transferring or Uploading Photos

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i've lost my Evo manual.  just trying to figure out:


1) how to transfer the large groups of photos from my evo to my computer.  i have 319 pics on my phone right now and i want to clear them out and/or store them.


2) is there a quick way to upload a group of photos to a facebook album or do i have to do them one by one?


3) can i remove the flash card from my evo, put it into my computer, and simply upload the photos that way?





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    Use the USB cable that came with your phone to connect your Evo to your PC.  The Evo will ask what kind of connection you want; select "disc drive (Mount as disc drive)" and click "done."  YOur computer will ask what you want to do with the device; click "view files" and treat your Evo like a disc drive. Move your pictures to your computer.

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    I am assuming you are using a Windows PC.  Mac procedure changes at procedure item 11.


    This Procedure is only been tested on a HTC Model Number PC36100 (Most new EVO's).

    OS: Android 2.2


    Use with caution.  Improvements and Corrections welcome.


    Question 1:


         1) Power up EVO.

         2) Find your USB charger cable that came with the phone.

         3) Disconnect the USB cable from wall plug module.

         4) Tap EVO "MENU" button to bring up Menu. Select "Settings"

         5) Select "Connect to PC"

         6) Set check box "Ask me"

         7) Power up PC.

         8) Connect USB cable to Phone then PC.  (If this is the first time you connected your EVO,

                to your PC, Windows will try to install drivers for a HTC device.  Ignore all Errors for this procedure.)

         9) Phone will prompt you for connection options.

       10) Select "Disk Drive".  Tap "OK".

       11) On PC Click on "My Computer" to open Windows Explorer.

       12) On PC open the newly arrived brandy new drive "Removable Disk (X:)" where X = is now your PC's new drive letter

             of your EVO's SD Flash Memory Card.

       13) On PC Open the folder "Removable Disk (X:)" -> DCIM -> 100MEDIA

       14) On PC select all *.JPG images you wish to save.  Then right mouse click to bring up PC context menu.

       15) On PC Select "Copy or Cut" from the context menu.

                Copy makes copies.

                Cut will copy to your *.JPG images to the PC and then delete the *.JPG images from your EVO's SD Card.

       16) Paste the Selections to a different PC drive and folder where you wish to archive the *.JPG images.

       17) DO NOT MODIFY any other folder item other than the contents of the "Removable Disk (X:)" -> DCIM -> 100MEDIA

       18) Click on your system tray "Safely Remove Hardware" icon.

                 Click the "Stop" dialog button and follow the dialog box screen instructions to remove the HTC hardware device.


    Question 2: I do not use social networks.  <--- huh?


    Question 3: I would avoid removing your SD Flash Card from your phone.


    Note: If you not comfortable with doing any this then DON'T.


    Also a ".PDF" copy of the EVO user manual is available on here in your account.


    Hope this helps,



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    3) can i remove the flash card from my evo, put it into my computer, and simply upload the photos that way?


    Yes, Pull the card, Place it in a card reader and go to the DCIM or Camera folder and transfer your pics. I do it all the time.

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