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Air card speed issues?

KimmySu Newbie
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I am a current, yet disgruntled, Sprint customer.  I have been with them for almost 10 years, and I currently have 3 phones with them, a MiFi air card, and an Air Rave signal booster...all to the tune of about $250 a month.  Like many of you, I got notified of my "unlimited" air card plan being suddenly capped to 5 Gigs, back in August.  I have been through 6 hours in phone calls to customer support, and have gotten a range of answers from "federal mandated cap on all 3G services by all cell providers" to "are you sure YOU didn't change your plan?"  Uh, yeah...I'm fairly certain I didn't change my unlimited plan to being limited, but thanks for asking.


Anyway, that never was resolved, as my account info online still says "unlimited". But now, I have a new issue, and I am being told I am not alone....


Over the last three days, my air card service has been slow.  How slow?  Well, let's just say I could walk to the bank and ask a teller to give me my account balance, faster than the page would load (it never actually did load).  I would settle for dial-up speed at this point.  It would be an improvement.  What I have been hearing from friends, and fellow complainers, is that Sprint tries to show the unhappy people "who runs Barter Town" (Mad Max reference for those who care....) and purposefully slows their service.


What I think they fail to understand, is that they are NOT the only game in town, and I don't HAVE to pay them $60 a month for internet access.  I have looked into the Virgin Mobile $40 a month unlimited plan (which truly IS unlimited, because it is "pay as you go", and not held to the rules and regs of contracted service), and yes...I know they are owned by Sprint, so they may end up with my money anyway, but it would be less, at least.


So, yes...there IS a question buried in this anyone else having interweb speed issues...???  Or, is it just me,, alone in my paranoia?  I always wonder.....

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    TAMMYLAMP Newbie
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    same here....slow;very slow.i'm paying almost $70.00 a month for unlimited that is limited.connection speeds are slow and several times in the last few months no service.can't wait till my contract is over.

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    The way customer service explained it to me, why I still have unlimited listed on my bill, is that I was grandfathered in to the

    true unlimited plan. As long as you live up to your contract, ie pay your bill on time, they have to live up to the contract you signed, which

    in my case says unlimited data. They cannot change a contract without your signature agreeing to it. I want to get rid of this piece of garbage

    mifi which is less than half as fast as the sierra 597u it replaced but I am affriad that if I sign a new agreement I will lose the unlimited data

    status I have now.

    I get 5 bars connectivity and transfer speeds on 3g of 45kbps/d and 22kbps/u slower than dialup. It is so slow that it will not support

    Facetime when I log my iPhone 4 on to it; there is not enough bandwith for data transfer of 1 app and 1 device let alone the 5 that

    you are supposed to be able to share the connection with.

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    tomdeaver Gold Expert
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    sprint has a slow data ticket process that can be worked. they guarantee 600 Kbps to 1.4Mbps peaking to 3.1 Mbps on 3G/EVDO Rev A, and 2Mbs on 4G. if your consistently not getting these speeds, call advanced tech support. your physical address has to be marked as a slow data area 2 times, but the 3rd time, a ticket can be created. this engages field techs and the ticket team who liaisons with field operations.  also, make sure that file sharing programs are not opening automatically on your computer, like limewire or itunes. these programs are typically set to open when your computer boots up and can steal your bandwidth.

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    7035855397 Newbie
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    Thank you. I've been looking into potentially adding a MiFi capability/device to my current Sprint plan. I'll check into other carriers. Sooner or later they will realize that bad customer service loses them customers.

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    thewiredguy Newbie
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    My air card and my new epic cell phone are terribly slow as well! I have had sprint Internet and cell phone service for years upgrading it periodically. At one time it was connecting at a reasonable speed however it's now connecting at dial up speeds, what's up sprint? I'm ready to change to another carrier if this doesn't get worked out.

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    DenverTechLady Regular Visitor
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    Its odd that your speeds have been "going downhill" overtime. If you run a speed test with your air card connected ( what is the upload and download speeds its pulling? If they are out of the alloted Speed range then it maybe a network issue for the area that we will need to have researched. You will also want to verify the card does not say its connecting in 1XRTT.


    The speeds you should be having from the Speed test are:

    Download: 600 Kbps and up

    Upload: 350 Kbps and up


    Did this help? If so please rate this posting to help other find it easier.

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    JEFFREYJOHNSON4 Regular Visitor
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    I've been having speed issue for over a week now. My setup is a Sierra 595u with a CradlePoint MBR-900. Yes, I have taken the router out and gone direct from the laptop to eliminate it being an issue. SAME results, with  or without router in place:


    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 219 kbps (27.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 115 kbps (14.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 755 ms
    Thu Jan 20 2011 14:31:01 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)



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    DenverTechLady Regular Visitor
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    Your speeds are very slow for that device if that’s what you pulled with the card in the PC. I would suggest that you call into Technical Support so they can check your coverage area (make sure there is EVDO in the location) and if the location is good they will need to create a report for the network to have the connection/speed corrected.

    Does this help?


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    JEFFREYJOHNSON4 Regular Visitor
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    Thank you Lindsey. I just spent about 3 hours on the phone with tech support, and after quite a battle with first level support, they passed me up the chain and the next guy determined the card is bad and opened a service ticket to have it replaced. We'll see how that goes at the store tomorrow.


    Again, thanks again for responding to my post!

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    reltub2000 Newbie
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    I just completed a speed test. i got 0.29 download speed and 2.45 upload speed. nowhere near where ou reported it should be. I am cancelling my aircard as I have tried calling support, got nothing worthwhile. Just some foriegn person I couldn't understand and could not get him to understand that I wanted to talk to someone I could understand and could understand me. long sentence but I am upset. Going to verizon as soon as I send this

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    JEFFREYJOHNSON4 Regular Visitor
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    Okay Lindsey, I'm going to give you an idea of the company you work for...


    Over 3 weeks now, same performance issues. Went and upgraded to a 250u, same issue. Bought a new antenna and cable, same issue. Tested with direct laptop connection, CradlePoint MBR-900 and Linux firewall server, SAME issue. Took my laptop into the sprint store, WELL within coverage range and showed them my .08 download speed and timed out of upload test with 900 latency 3 times in a row. THIS web pages takes almost 2 minutes to load, on a modem with 6 bars of signal and -72 dbi tone.


    After I told the guy in the store that phone support told me they had no issues in my area, he replied with "Oh no, they called here to warn us they lost an entire tower working on the 4G upgrades with no ETA on its recovery so bandwidth is bad for everyone." So, either the store manager is lying to me or your phone agent did. I guess this is the one way to force everyone off the 3G band, just start ripping it down. Regardless, this is the most unprofessional service I have seen yet. Even Microsoft support is better than this...


    On the last phone call, I was officially told, by the Sprint agent, that your company will no longer provide me with support since I am "out of coverage range", by less than 2 miles! Over 4 years of taking my money and now just flat out told, "Sorry, you're not in coverage range, we can't help you. Thanks for calling Sprint. Have a good day." Funny, I got customer satisfaction surveys for everyone call BUT the last one, go figure. AWESOME business model there! Good luck with that one.


    To everyone else out there, don't bother with trying to improve or boost your signal with advanced technologies like antennas and signal amps. When you have issues, they will just blame the other hardware and send you on your way instead of owning up to their own problems...You can be assured I will be posting this whole ordeal on all of the broadband forums as well.


    Contract extension cancelled and time to look for another solution. Goodbye Sprint...

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    You are toooo RIGHT!!!...I signed up with Sprint in January of last year and got excellent 3g coverage and just recently in late December 2010 my Sprint 598u aircard burned out...went in to Sprint to have it replaced and came to find out that last year when I requested to have insurance on my device it was never added!!I was like WOW!! So after paying 35.00 to get the device reploaced I get it home only to find out that not only is the software outdated on it but I can no longer receive 3g coverage!! Then when I try to connect I get all sorts of I call customer service and get no help but a request to bring my aircard back in to have it replaced...sooo I go into the store to get my replacement, brought it home and yep you guessed it.....same problem...called customer service again...same suggestion...bring it in for a I go in to have it replaced again and i bet you can guess what happens next??same problem...I even downloaded updated software...i brought my device back in and the repair tech tried to get on their wifi in their store and couldn't even pick up the signal in his own store(all the while texting on his phone and playing with his lil nephew while I have been in his store for almost an hour watching him not knowing what he was doing)....he said it was my computer that was probably the problem...after arguing this comment long enough because my computer is brand new but I took it to have it looked at anyway and guess is FINE!...when the computer specialist logged on to their wifi it went lightning fast so tell me why Sprint's wifi service couldn't do the same???I'm trying to figure out why it is that I had 3g coverage with my Sprint 598u Aircard all last year and now I can't even get 1XRTT speeds now....this is CRAZY!! I have been enjoying my time with Sprint and now I want to shoot my aircard and cancel my contract....I live in the Alexandria, Louisiana area and I know I am not the only one...

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    DenverTechLady Regular Visitor
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    What errors are you getting LADYRBREVELLE30? If you’d like I am more than happy to look into your location, possible network issue that will need to be filed, possible PC errors and have one of our advance tech reach out to you. Please PM me if you would like me to arrange this.

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    DenverTechLady Regular Visitor
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    Please send me a PM so I can arrange to have one of my lead technicians or myself, reach out to you regarding the possibility of needing a network ticket created.  I would like to see this resolved for you.

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