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How to Improve Battery Life for the Samsung Epic 4G

JasonVoegele Newbie
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I have written a detailed blog post about how to get improved battery life for the Samsung Epic 4G.  I thought I would share it here since it seems like a common problem for many people on this forum:


Hope it helps.

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    rmaurer13 Newbie
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    Can you give me any actual details on the level of improvement gained by using the directions you provided for killing the DRM service?  I had an Epic for almost a month, but got very tired of having to plug it in every time I was in my car or at my office (home) and returned it several days ago.  I am gone for most of the day and cover several states for work (sales).  I loved the phone, but could not put up with going 5-7 hours on a full charge.  I also grew very tired of the requests to turn everything off, turn the screen down as low as possible, etc, etc.  Seemed to be a really lame solution to handling a very powerful, feature rich phone.  Just don't use the phone is not my kind of solution.  That's why I upgraded to the Epic.


    I would strongly consider getting the phone again if I thought that I could go at least until 8 or 9 pm on a charge.  I don't mind plugging in my phone every night, I do it anyway with my blackberry tour, which would go almost 2 days before needing a charge.  I am just wary of the $250 tag for a phone that goes 7 hours on a full charge.


    Your thoughts would be appreciated, if you could reply to





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    Rich, I usually get a few days from a full charge on my Epic. Jason has good tips there for helping improve battery life. When mine starts to misbehave, it's usually because of a bad app that doesn't let the phone sleep or because the phone endlessly searches for cell service despite good reception. For the latter problem, toggling airplane mode works most of the time. If it doesn't you can also try turning the phone off for a while as described at

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