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Debiting my bank account without auto-pay!!!!!!!

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For the second month in a row Sprint has debited my bank account without me ever signing up for AutoPay - for ANYTHING - my entire life. Both times this has happened at 1:30 in the morning on a weekend. Both times a message has been sent to my wife's cell phone (not even the primary line on my account) and when we checked our bank account the next morning we find Sprint has taken a payment out of our account during the night - THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE PAYMENT WAS DUE!!!! Absolutley inexcusable. Completely unacceptable. I was told the first time that someone must have gone in and made the payment on my account without me knowing it. REALLY????? When was the last time someone went into one of your accounts in the middle of the night and MADE A PAYMENT FOR YOU?????? OUT OF YOUR OWN BANK ACCOUNT????? They said it didn't make sense to them either, then told me I should change my password so no one would go into my account and make a payment for me again. Again, REALLY????? Okay, let's change my password so no one will pay my bill for me out of my bank account next month. So I change the password and guess what? Someone must have snuck into my apartment, shot me full of truth serum, gotten my new password, and made another payment for me out of my bank account. Maybe it was the Sprint Cellphone Fairy. I called customer service, told them the problem - again - got sent to the Finance department, was disconnected and had to call back twice, and finally ended up speaking with a nice lady in the PHILLIPINES who spent the better part of the conversation reading her ridiculous, patronizing script but was very cheery nonetheless and somehow figured out I wasn't happy even though I got the distinct impression she didn't hear a word I was saying. At one point I actually had to tell her to stop and listen to what I was saying as she was so busy reading her script. She was able to process the credit back to my account, but because this happened on a weekend (did I mention for the SECOND TIME???) the amount going back to my bank account won't show up there until MAYBE Monday or Tuesday. I'd cancel my service right now if it weren't for the $200 early termination fee. I guess they figure they can get away with quite a bit if they put a ridiculous fee in place to keep you from canceling because of their incompetence. I'm curious as to how long it would take them to shut off your service if you somehow made the mistake of not paying your bill on time. Nothing like a well orchestrated Scam. Congratulations, Sprint!! How much have you made in interest off the money you take out of people's accounts before they realize they've been screwed???? Just wondering. 

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