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Can you retrive and print out text messages

machmosh Newbie
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Can text messages be retrived and printed out as documents for use in a claims case.

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    abe2020 Master
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    Due to privacy concerns, Sprint don't store any text message content, which is the actual text of the message sent between you and someone else.


    However, we do keep record of text message details, which includes the date, time and phone number of your text messages. The process to obtain these sensitive message details varies by the type of phone you have because our services are carried over different network platforms that record and store information differently.


    Sprint Phones
    If you are the account holder or authorized contact for your business account, you can request text message details (date, time and phone number) for any line on your account for the previous 90 days.


    To obtain text message details, please contact Sprint Corporate Security at (800) 877-7330 and choose option 3 for Historic Records Requests. They will send you a form to complete, notarize and return to us. The text messaging details you request will be sent once we receive your notarized form.



    If your request is related to a civil or criminal legal matter, your attorney can submit a subpoena for the information on your behalf.

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    Levi4u Master
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    It's not a "Privacy Concern" As Sprint will be offering it in the future and Nextel customers can review their text sent/received from their account page as long as they have not been deleted off their phone. At this time in order to get the log of numbers text/received you need to call like Abe stated.

    A fee-based Premium Service to view text message content as well as message details is in the works but wont be available until next year.

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    So you have to submit a suboena of the text, now if your the acct. holder do you still need a suboena? And can you get the conversation of  the calls too?

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    Levi4u Master
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    What you need to do is have your attorney write a letter to Sprint Legal department or have the court supena the text messages.  Spring Legal Department:  (800) 877-7330. You'll have to contact them for the details on how to go about it.

    Calls? No. They don't record your calls, But the numbers called/recieved(past 24 months) are available from your account page.

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    Be sure you lock that message on your phone and even then it probably iffy.

    Some (maybe all?) Android phones have the ability to sync with an Android Manager on your PC which will show you a printable page.  To coin the phrase:  "They have an App for that."  They really do.

    If you're not dealing with a "Droid it makes no sense that simple text is not retrievable but all the juvenile "sexting" certainly seems to be.

    You will encounter the same walls if you are trying to get a voicemail from the phone company who provides the service.  Subpeonas.  Even if it is your account AND there is victimization of some sort involved.  I was once told that I had to get the police department to file a report on it first.  Don't you know that the detectives line up to be chosen for those types of calls?  Lots of action there.

    But a 'Droid will just send a voicemail to your gmail - as an audio file!  You can flashdrive that and even make copies.

    I hope your issue was resolved.

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    dougiemac7 Newbie
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    I'm having trouble with the voicemail to text option to send voicemail to my gmail... I receive the transcribed voicemail text, but the audio file is not attached, or available.

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    tomdeaver Gold Expert
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    This is a menu feature in your voicemail application since you've already subscribed to voicemail to text.  Go to Voicemail - Menu - Settings - Auto-forward.  The option to "include message audio" is an option. 



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    If your question doesn't pertain to the original post, please start a new discussion or find a thread discussing your question.  I will close this thread to not go off-topic further.

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