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HTC Touch Pro II - weak GPS signal

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Some customers are getting a 'GPS signal is weak...'  message while using Sprint Navigation. The issue is likely that the Quick GPS settings on the device (unrelated to Sprint Navigation) are set to download new satellite info when they connect to the pc instead of the desired setting to download automatically.

The exact fix instructions seem to differ by hardware version but generally the following applies:



>Quick GPS

There are a few boxes that can be checked (may differ by version)

·        Download Now

·        Remind Me When Data Expires

·        Auto Download when Data Expires

·        Auto Download when Connected to PC

Select Download Now and make sure Auto Download when Data Expires is checked so the device will automatically refresh your GPS as needed.


Note that the default GPS settings on the device do not need to be changed.  The default settings should be COM 4 for program port, none for hardware, and Manage GPS automatically should be checked.  There is a .reg file that is posted on external blogs that will not resolve the issue - if this file has been installed, your device will need to be hard reset to restore the settings.




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    PENONE1130 Newbie
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    Sorry but this did not work for me. Still getting the weak signal alert. Question - does the sim card that came with my TouchPro 2 need to be in the phone? I lost mine when I went overseas and put in a different sim card to use while I was travelling.


    Thanks for any input.



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    The Quick GPS (or whatever, it scrolled out of view) lets you get a fix from the satellites more quickly by letting the phone know the satellites' rough positions to start with. If the phone starts from scratch it might take a long time to get a fix, or even time out. As a lot of applications have limited error messages, it might re-use 'weak signal' in this case.


    I expect that you don't need a SIM card at all, at least in Sprint territory. I have non-Sprint Sim cards in mine and it works fine in Europe and in the US where it is not using the SIM card.


    Between technology/cost and power available, phones don't seem to have the best GPS performance. It is likely that you do have bad reception. Sometimes there are only a few satellites visible, and they may be on the horizon and blocked by trees, buildings, etc. You'll have to compare your phone to another in the same situation to see if it is a bad phone.

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    The phone in my experience can just go bad as far as GPS goes this has happened on 3 phones. Quick GPS was not the solution and it was not bad line of sight... It was the phone! Sprint was impossible as usual when trying to get this resolved!

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    SALENCO7 Newbie
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    I did all of that and the Gps now works but my phone doesnt have the option of automatically refreshing when it experied. It says, " 7 day, 0 hrs". Does this mean after 7 days i will have to follow this process of downloading the satellites again?

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    worked for me but the phone still sucks, never will i buy a windows phone again, Windows 7 looks really cool but its still windows, Windows never works on any thing Android for my next phone!

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    Sprint GPS doesn't actually use GPS system as in 'using satellites' it uses its transmission towers to triangulate your position. So besides maintaining a signal with 1 tower it has to download the position and data of nearby towers. When it does that It simply guesses where you are in relation to the signal strength of the one tower you are maintaining the signal with. If you spend most of your time in same area downloading satellites once is enough. When you do move to a different area (20-30miles) you definitely need to download new data and maybe do it few times to see if it makes a difference. Again, this is not actual GPS but data network so after you download, give it 5-10mins to work.

    Another issue comes up when you are in the area when you get signal from 2 towers only  (happens to me in south FL all the time) the phone gives me wrong location and heading for 20-30mins before correcting itself. Data coverage in FL is horrible, no use for HTC.

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