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Samsung Transform: How to Make Sprint ID Work

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Well, when I first got my Samsung Transform, I followed the common advice that seemed to be everywhere on the internet - stay away from Sprint ID. I did this, and life was good. I didn't have any of the glitches people seem to be experiencing, no Sync problems, and no mysterious phone slowdowns.


One day, the curious side got the better of me, and I decided to give the Sprint package to the Sprint ID a spin. I had heard decent things about some of the applications and gave it a whirl. Not only was I pleasantly impressed, but surprized at the extras that came with it. Sprint actually included some of their own handy widgets, as well as some pretty wallpaper. However, the occasional system slowdowns that came with it got on my nerves.


I finally decided to ditch the Sprint ID package, and so I went to the ID app -> Manage -> Sprint -> Remove. I then noticed that the option not only removed the package, but allowed me to hand-pick what parts of the package I wished to keep/remove. I personally kept the Telenav, Weather & Zone widgets, and Sprint TV. The other applications were either redundant, or not in my interests. After going thru with the uninstall, I was left with My ID as well as the applications/widgets/backgrounds to the Sprint ID package I wanted...and no more mystery slowdowns! I even made doubly sure by confirming no additional processes running in the phone's background (in the Application preferences).


So, after playing more with my Samsung Transform, I think I found the perfect balance between Sprint ID and performance:

  1. You never want to have another ID package loaded besides the default "My ID".
  2. You can download other packages to try out the experience and/or applications - just remember to remove the parts you don't want when you're done.
  3. Incorporate the widgets/applications/backgrounds you kept into your My ID however you see fit.


I hope this helps other people get more out of their wonderful device. It really is a mini-Epic, minus the 4G additional cost.


(edit) Also, if anyone would like my personal preference to the packages, I would only recommend the Sprint package. I have tried all the packages (minus the Spanish ones - if someone would like to post their experience, that would be great) and it's the only one that adds software that you cannot find on the Android market. All the others simply download free/trial software that already exists on the market.

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    Great post.  I did this too and found the IDs were pretty useful, but just not what I needed.  After deleting the apps and IDs, I then organized the apps I wanted onto My ID.  The other apps I didn't want staring me in the face (or on the other four screens) I can always get to via the apps softbutton.


    One thing I'm toying with is creating a new ID for different contexts... like traveling.  I'll want different apps on my screen than the ones I have when I'm at home.  That will be nice to have and use.

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