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Battery Life of LG Optimus S

banch Newbie
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I have recently got one LG OPTIMUS S. I am not able to get reasonable life on it battery. I need carry one charger at Car, another at office and another at Home.


Does any one else has the same experice?

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    I am getting a nice battery life on my Optimus.  I'm getting about 9 hours.  With the same usage on my Samsung Moment, I got only 4-5.

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    SWELLSII06 Newbie
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    Make sure you do not have any programs running in the background, I noticed that when I had twidroyd running in the background that it drained the battery. Another thing I have done is dim the backlight a little, I normally do that to all of my phones.  Lastly make sure that if you are not using wi-fi that you do not have it looking for networks, with any phone if it is constantly looking for networks it will drain the battery.

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    LESLIE8903 Newbie
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    Yes I just got this phone the other day and have to charge it as soon asI get home from work because the battery is nearly dead. What the heck?!

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    banch Newbie
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    This is a smart phone that we use to check email with the paid data plan. If I don't use at all (Which means that I don't take the device on my hand) and there are only two emails (One yahoo and other gmail), I would expect this not need recharge at least during the day after the full charging in the morning.


    I would suggest the Sprint ID is the culprits.



    If there are not program running on the background (reasonable way) why should I have a smart phone and "Everything Data" plan???





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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    In my personal experience, when I had the Yahoo mail application installed, my battery drained a good 30% faster.


    I would classify myself as a "moderate" user, and I can go from 8 am to 10 pm.  I don't think cutting off all usage is good for me.  I would like to use my smartphone, so usage management is my choice.  I have so many apps installed, that I get a notification to free memory before installing more apps.  Yes, I move apps to the SD card.  I don't use Sprint ID.


    I use a program by Probeez called Setting Profiles.  Coming from a line of Palm devices, automatic settings are important to me.  I keep the autosync limited to 3 minutes out of every hour.  The screen is at 85% brightness during the day, and 40% in the evening.  Wifi automatically turns off when I am away from home.  Bluetooth remains off always.  Any programs that have scheduled backups or syncs are set to early am hours when I know it will be on the charger.  I use a static wallpaper, and do not autokill programs.  In my opinion, Autokill can use more processor resources when re-opening the program than the resources used to keep it in an idle state.  The Optimus has plenty of memory to keep a bunch of programs in "suspended" mode, which is not taxing on the battery.  Finally, the screen timeout is at 30 seconds, except I use KeepScreen (free) to lock the screen on when in certain applications.

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    banch Newbie
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    I am also a moderate user!


    It seems like  you are pro-user and knows how to setup and configure and performance tune the device. Most probably you might be an LG employ. Any way, I am not able to get the battery use that you are getting. It would be great if you could share your Battery profiler screen for the rest of the community.


    On my earlier device, I charge during the whole night, go to the office, and come back. The device had enough charge until I go to bed. This is not the case with LG Optimus. Instead of defending LG, I would like to see how they can provide us a patch for better battery life.


    Can you tell be if there is a better battery available that I can purchase?



    One thing is sure, this device is not for an adult working person. It could be just a toy for a teenager who is willing to carry a charger in person.

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    Surfguy365 Newbie
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    I just got the LG Optimus S as well. I got it on black friday for a great deal. I also noticed that I was getting horrible battery life. Coming from someone who was used to getting a day or 2 of battery life from a smartphone I was getting really upset when I would leave my phone off the charger with the screen off for 3 hours and seeing the battery drop down 25-40%. I found myself taking the phone off the charger in the morning at 8am and the phone would be dead by 2pm.


    I searched online and decided to try the battery saving app juicedefender. After installing it and trying it out for 2 days I was still getting the same battery life. I am not a heavy user and I probably make a few calls a day for a couple mins each. I would use the phone for 10minutes at a time reading the news. But even without using it at all and just leaving the phone sitting it would drain the battery like crazy. I decided to delete juicedefender since it did nothing to help.


    I read online that facebook widget and weather widget can be battery hogs. I didnt actually have facebook even set up yet but a link to it was included in my sprint id pack. The weather widget and a youtube widget were on the other sprint ID pack. I decided to delete all 3 apps. Immediately after deleting all 3 apps I noticed my battery is lasting significantly longer.


    The very next day, the battery lasted from 9am to 10pm and was still at 50% battery power at 10pm. This is with using the phone to read the news online talk on the phone for about 45minutes that day.


    I went online to see what my phone's usage had been from the first few days of having it. Minutes used were at 45, texts were like 10 or 15. and then i look over at data OMG 500Mb of data. No wonder the battery was draining. Apparently either the weather, youtube, or facebook app were almost constantly using data drawing down the battery.


    Remove those 3 apps and you will increase your battery life.

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    lisalee1113 Newbie
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    Yes but after I got the app= Application Killer thru the android apps it got much better, applications stay open even after you think youve closed out and you can set the app killer to every half hour, hour, two hrs to kill the apps that are draining the battery, I got the FREE app killer and it works fine but they have others you can purchase.... hope this helps

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    Surfguy365 Newbie
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    App killer is good as is Juicedefender because they are both free and do the same types of things (i.e. cancelling apps while your screen is off to save power, cancel data transfer etc) but there have been mixed results from using them.


    As I stated, I used juicedefender and still had bad battery life. The suggestions I said I will stand by as a sure way to tremendously improve battery life of Optimus S without having to bog your phone down with additional programs to eliminate other programs.


    As I see it, the Optimus is like a personal computer. People who buy computers realize after a while that their computer starts to slow down by having extra programs that are installed (and usually part of the registry/boot up process of the computer). People who are unknowledgeable about computers get frustrated and go out and buy software that is supposed to "clean up" their computer to make it run like new. We have all seen the advertisements on TV advertising said products to boost PC speed. Well unfortunately, those clean up programs only run ontop of your existing programs and cancel those programs from running but don't actually fix the original problem. You end up having to run the cleanup program just to keep your computer running smoothly and additional programs installed stack onto that as well. The correct way to get a pc running smoothly would be to manually clean up the system by deleting and removing items from the computer and bootup registry. This way, it sets your computer back to like it was new again and your not having to constantly run a program to keep your computer in check.


    The Optimus is the same way. It's an android system that is like a computer operating system. Your suggestion is to run a program to keep other programs in check but your actually bogging down your phone. What you may not notice immediatly but later on is that your actually forcing your phone to run more programs at once just to keep the battery life good. The result will be a slower phone and more garbage in the system. And if you say "no App killer doesn't bog down my phone". Well, that program is constantly running because it has to enable and disable the programs specified every single time you turn your screen on and off. The more programs you get the more the app killer will have to handle and it eventually becomes a slow, inefficient phone which may or may not get good battery life.


    I don't feel bad at all for people who spend a thousand dollars for a pc but don't care to learn how to take care of it. They end up showing up at the best buy geek squad counter saying "I dont know why my pc is slow, I installed clean pc but its still slow, I need it fixed boo hoo hoo".


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    banch Newbie
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    It is son ridiculous that the end customer has to do a lot on fine-tuning the device. Even after that the result is minimal for the batter life. We are not talking about using third party applications at all. Sprint ID apps on Sprint certified LG device.


    Hey tell me who is in the driver seat for these devices. Someone should ashamed to placing these "Brand killing" products to customer hand; not the customer themslfs.


    We are talking now business.

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    BANCHANATTU, thanks for the compliment! I may be a "pro-user" but not an LG employee.  I don't even work in a technical field.  My Dad used to tell me, "You should be at least 10% smarter than the equipment you work with."


    Some folks enjoy the near limitless capabilities of Android, and others would prefer a more limited device like a Blackberry, which has it's own set of advantages.  Or, some go inbetween, and get the iPhone.  Everyone has to choose for themself what works best for them.

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    HuskerYankee Newbie
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    I obtained my Optimus a couple of days ago and was very surprised about the battery life being so short.  But I must realize that there is much more going on with the device than my previous cell phone.  I was just concerned at the time that there may be a flaw in the phone and/or battery but after reviewing others, it appears to be normal.  One thing you may want to look at is the Settings/About Phone/Battery Use will show you what threads are impacting the battery.  You may be surprised what is running and not sure how to manage that real well other than power down and restart.  If anyone has any other ideas, I would welcome them.

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    Husker, I think that you and Android will get along very well.  It appears you are still open to learning new things.


    Perhaps try some of my ideas in post #5 (above).


    Here's something that I have noticed about wifi:


    • Wifi drains your battery when it is continually searching for a signal and none is around.
    • The Sprint data network drains your battery faster than a wifi connection.


    Thus to extend battery life, you want wifi on when you have a signal and off during other times.  I use a location based criteria to do this.  Of course, minimizing background data usage is still good for both networks.


    Post #7 has some good ideas, also.


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    HuskerYankee Newbie
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    Beliving, good sound advice.  I will take that advice for battery saving and apply.  I am always open to suggestions.  Thanks again HuskerYankee.

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