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Milwaukee 4G?

metalheadmatt Regular Visitor
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Is there any plans in the works to put up WiMax in Milwauke WI?


When I bought my Evo over the summer, multiple sales people at several Sprint stores, Best Buys, etc said that it'd be here by the end of 2010.


I am at the point where I am tired of paying a premium on something I don't actually have a chance to utilize.


When is 4G coming to Milwaukee WI?


Many of the cities and locations that have 4G are much smaller markets than the Milwaukee area.


The sales people I talked to where falsely advertising the product and I feel cheated.

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    AdamArmbruster Newbie
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    I completely agree. Pretty much the main reason I bought my EVO 4G was for the 4G... and I also was told it would be here by 2011. Well, thats quickly approaching guys, could we at least get a status report? I've been paying the extra money for months now and I've never even used it once.

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    Yakubuna Newbie
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    I bought the EVO last year because of the 4G too...first the sales people said the 4Gwould be available by the end of Oct 2010, then that was changed to the end of 2010 and now what? I may have to cancel Sprint and just pay the penalty...I'll be better of with a prepaid like Virgin or NET10-no extra fees and unlimited everything!!!!!!!!!!!! And I actually got full bars with Net10 at work as compared to roaming for  Sprint network!

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    TJKloeffler Newbie
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    I feel like I was also mis-led.

    Come on Sprint!  Where is the Wisconsin 4G?

    Have been a loyal customer for about 12 years.  I also want to dump Time Warner and get a Sprint Overdrive Pro 4G. 

    Lets make with the speed so I can spend more money with you!

  • 4. Milwaukee 4G?
    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    There are few spots of 4G in Wisconsin and Milwaukee is not one of them

    So far we can see on the coverage map: Madison, Green Bay, Fond Du Lac, Appleton, Oshkosh and Iron Mountain.


    The best way is to check on

  • 5. Milwaukee 4G?
    DARRENKRUEGER5245 Newbie
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    Milwaukee is finally getting 4g. You heard it here first from me! Near the airport I get 4g service. I can get it all the way up to Loomis and Layton on the west border. Haven't gone east yet to test. Download speeds over 3mbps and upload around 1mbp.

  • 6. Milwaukee 4G?
    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    It is very strange to get 4G in Milwaukee when the coverage map on Clear does not show any service there.

    Unless they did not update the map yet I really don't know what to think.

    Happy to hear that they are working on the service in WI



  • 7. Milwaukee 4G?
    WALTPARK Regular Visitor
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    I got off the phone with sprint just now complaining about extra $10 charge for 4g we aren't getting.

    They said the fee is no longer for 4g, but a premium for all smart phones. They also said they no longer

    rely entirely on clearwire for their 4G and are putting  up their own 4g towers. Maybe this is one of them.

    The sprint guy said that it's not in the milwaukee area yet though, so may this is a test tower.

  • 8. Milwaukee 4G?
    AdamArmbruster Newbie
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    I work on 27th and Layton basically and have never been able to pick up the signal as far as I know. Just tried and nothing. :[    Hope it comes permanent soon!!

  • 9. Milwaukee 4G?
    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    Well, I had different experience here in Madison west side.

    The stock rom is not picking up.

    I flashed CyanogenMod nightly build #26 and I can get 4G easily. Don't ask me why.

    I wrote down the IPs and the gateway.


    Nothing at Madison downtown or east side. I will keep testing!

  • 10. Milwaukee 4G?
    MikePfromMKE Valued Member
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    I winder if some of the people that say they are getting 4G in Milwaukee are picking up on the Verizon 4G

    I know that I haven't picked up any 4G signals where I work in Menomonee Falls or my home on the northwest side of Milwaukee.

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    pengtzu Newbie
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    #5 -- I live right by airport and have NEVER gotten any hint of a 4G signal.

  • 12. Milwaukee 4G?
    1calvin2000 Regular Visitor
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    I got the 4g signal at 20th and Bolivar. Occasionally a signal around 6th and National pops up.

  • 13. Milwaukee 4G?
    AdamArmbruster Newbie
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    If I go outside of my work and all the way up to Loomis and Layton, i can pick it up but not in the building here. :]]  Can't wait for full strength 4G but its a start!

    @Mike_Polinski - When I connect to it, the 4G network name is "Sprint".

  • 14. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    I say we boycott Sprint. Sprint has no intentions to give a definitive answer as to when 4g is coming to Milwaukee let along Wisconsin. We all were told upfront the $10 extra was for 4g now they wanna claim is for data downloads. Thats ****. I had a Windows Mobile phone and there was no such charge and was always downloading stuff but now there is something so special.

    Ive read several other post that Sprint will not respond to. They will not answer. The network is slooooow. Not even getting advertised speeds for 3G. Cant make calls half the time because the network is always busy. ATT has even jump light years ahead with HSPA + . Sales rep in Radio Shack made Sprint look sorry yesterday with the Iphone 4 and how fast it would load up a web page compared to Sprint. My Evo looked like a big useless Brick!

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