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  • 60. Milwaukee 4G?
    intheb0x Regular Visitor
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    You guys are so full of it.


    I'm really tired about you keeping us in the dark until it "officially launches".

    I picked up 4g thanks to the sensorly app on the north side of milw by 76th and Hampton.


    If you check that map, it shows SPRINT 4g is available by Bayshore mall area, on the north side near fond du Lac, and the south side around the air port.

  • 61. Milwaukee 4G?
    SprintCares Sprint Employee
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    I do apologize that 4G coverage is not available in your current market yet. The only way for a customer to check to see if 4G coverage is available is by visiting:!/advantage/network/ or you can sign up to be notified at:

    Thanks for your business,


  • 62. Milwaukee 4G?
    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    Please visit to check the 4G coverage in WI.

    Yes it's spotty in Madison, Milwaukee or other cities. I can tell you that I can get 4G with 5.2 mgbps on download.


    I know you are trying to do your job but you are not adding any usefull information here. Poeple want something concrete. Do us a favor not to write something here just because you have to fill the empty space or to make us believe Sprint wants to share the info. A year ago Sprint was the only one, now the competition is catching on.

    Take a look at big red, they brag about what they are doing all the times.

  • 63. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    Same thing M Marcus said. Sprinmt you all are full of ****. For what Im paying now for Sprint I can get better for same price with Verizon. Im making the jump! And they have stated June/July 4G LTE up and running in Milwaukee.

    Its sad I read these post and your peoples know little about technology, Ip addresses and their own phones and how the service works.


    Here's a fact. 4G is in Milwaukee on Sprint and is spotty. Some days it works and some days it does not. When we call and you all feed us those bull lines that sound like we are calling overseas and your an outsourced agent reading a script; then this company will lose just like those outsourced companies. Check with Aletha in Sprint retention. She knows and all the rest can also know. File a complaint with the BBB and if the service does not improve, jump ship. My area the service is still not working. Calls dont go through, phone sometimes dont ring and and voicemails still appear late.

    Not only that still no 4G. Verizon here I come.

  • 64. Milwaukee 4G?
    1calvin2000 Regular Visitor
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    We have been hearing misleading statements for too long! STOP THE BS.  WE WANT NONEVASIVE answers NOW!  I am on my earth out the door with you Sprint.  When I do I will be leaving with a balanced on my account and no way for you to get it. I will encourage others to do the same.  It's a shame because all we want is honesty. Isn't that what your better customer service about.  We deserve that! I have a few friends at WTMJ, WISN, AND CHANNEL 58 WHO WOULD LOVE A DECENT STORY TO DIG     their hands into.  I'd rather have s straightforward answer from Sprint!

  • 65. Re: Milwaukee 4G?
    mrcleanjw111 Regular Visitor
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    I was in Sheboygan today and I was getting a full sprint 4g signal on my evo. Did a speed test and it was at 8.27.

    Now they just have to bring it to Milwaukee....

  • 66. Milwaukee 4G?
    ReggieD3 Newbie
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    Couldnt agree more.  I am on my way out the door, leaving Sprint to re-join VZW.  They cost more, but you get what you pay for.  LTE is a more reliable wireless technology than WiMax and quite honestly there has been a drastic change in the quality of my 4G service with Sprint.  I quit. I cant take these dropped connections in the middle of my downloads.  We do our parts by paying our bills every month so why can't Sprint do their part by providing a reliable service.

  • 67. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    Verizon's 4G network expands in Milwaukee June 16


    The list of communities covered by the new network starting June 16 include:

    • Thiensville
    • Menomonee Falls
    • Mequon
    • Bayside
    • Glendale
    • Fox Point
    • Whitefish Bay
    • Shorewood
    • Milwaukee
    • Butler
    • Pewaukee
    • Hartland
    • Delafield
    • Waukesha
    • Brookfield
    • New Berlin
    • West Allis
    • Muskego
    • Greenfield
    • Franklin
    • Oak Creek
    • South Milwaukee
    • Cudahy
    • St. Francis
    • Bay View
    • Wauwatosa
  • 68. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    Leave Sprint while you are ahead. File complaint with BBB and have your contract terminated without penalty!


    Im leaving Sprint Sucks! THey still have not resolved the issue with calls not coming through and voicemails showing up late. BYE BYE Sprint!

  • 69. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    Promised me by April 30 yet me and 4 others who use Sprint throught Milwaukee have the same issues. And still no 4G

  • 70. Milwaukee 4G?
    JSSWETS89 Newbie
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    Ive been a Sprint customer for over 5 years. The company as a whole has gotten tremendously better at almost every aspect worth noting in the wireless phone industry, but unfortunately it looks like they are dropping the ball again.

    I bought a an Evo when it first came out and i am extremely happy with the device. What i am not happy with is the 4g service / 4g coverage rollout. I knew that i would have to wait for it to come to Milwaukee, but even if it does i don't feel like i will be getting a true 4g experience. If you go and look at other carriers, their "4g" coverage is pretty good for the cities that have it. The speed is even decent, and in many cases is faster then Sprint's TRUE 4g Wimax. My question to Sprint is, if you are going to offer 4g why don't you actually offer 4g? I dont want to get the same speeds as my friend who has an Iphone on the blue network. Its sad that i can connect to 4g from Sprint and lose a speedtest even though my buddy is on a 3g connection. If Sprint wants to keep me as a customer they need to offset their lack of 4g coverage with blazingly fast (+20Mbps Down / +5Mbps Up) 4g speed. If not, why would i want to stick with a network that is slower and has less coverage then the competition. I don't want to talk about price because its only a $10 price difference. I want to believe in Sprint, but they have not shown me any indication of delivering a true 4g experience.

  • 71. Milwaukee 4G?
    mrcleanjw111 Regular Visitor
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    OK Sprint now that Verizon has a launch date for LTE in the Milwaukee area it's time for you to stop your testing and turn it on in the Milwaukee area !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I said in an earlier post Sheboygan has Sprint 4g.

  • 72. Milwaukee 4G?
    BEN51781 Newbie
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    Was looking to buy the new Nexus S but now that I see there is no 4g in Milwaukee....nevermind that!

  • 73. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    Kevin:  Hi ! Thanks for contacting CLEAR Sales. What product or service can I start for you today?

    Customer:  I would like to know whats the deal

    Customer:  With Clear in Milwaukee WI and 4G service?

    Kevin:  We may show areas on our map at this time where we have 4G towers built, however the service is not activated in those areas yet due to the fact that we haven't started selling service in those areas as of yet.
    Customer:  So when would the service start to be sold and will you all cover all of Milwaukee or have it as the map shows it with 4g on 1 block and a block over no 4G?

    Kevin:  It depends on how many towers we start out in that area, and I'm not sure of when we would start selling service there.

    Customer:  So not ETA on when 4g WIll be up and operation

    Kevin:  I'm sorry there is not.

    Customer:  So it could be #### , #### basically

    Customer:  ####

    Kevin:  I'm sorry I wouldn't want to give you a general time line as I'm not positive.

    Customer:  two thousand twelve or thirteen

    Customer:  Ok well looks like Im leaving sprint and officially going to Verizon after they launch their 4G on June 16th! Thanks for the help even though Theres still no answer!

    Kevin:  Thank you for your interest in Clear and you have a great day!

  • 74. Milwaukee 4G?
    DAKING980 Regular Visitor
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    SPRINT: hOW YOUR STOCKS ARE DOING SO WELL, ONLY THANKS TO ANDRIOD PHONES. sERVICE AND 4G IS NOT A WINNING FACTOR HERE. Remember aNDRIOD is on other carriers and your stocks will soon crash when word gets arounds of the crappy service, missed and delayed calls no signal and of course 10 dollars for a fee when the marketing has been changed and the service not offered!

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