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bb style feedback please

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Does anyone have feedback about the BB "style"  I want to get one but I'd like a little HELP


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    As a first time BB user, I really like the phone.  I'm coming from 3 Windows Mobile phones that I used over a span of 5 years. I grew tired of that OS and the touch screen hardware.  I wanted to go back to a simpler hardware form factor, but still have the smartphone OS and software capabilities.  This phone was perfect for me, it is a flip phone which is nice, I was tired of locking my touch screen phones so I wouldn't **** dial anyone, and I do like the BB OS.  You'll probably hear a lot of negative feedback from experienced BB users, but this is a nice phone if you want all of the capabilities of a smartphone, but in a simpler hardware package.


    For me, the battery lasts all day, I only charge it at night and even then I have like a quarter of a battery left.  All day does not mean an 8 hour work day, it literally means all day.  The keyboard took some getting used to, since my last phone had  a more spacious keyboard (touch pro 2).  But it is a nice keyboard once I got used to it.  Nice camera, the only complaint is camera lens placement - the way I hold the phone (and others have commented the same) my fingers block the lens, so I have to be conscious of hand placement when taking a picture.  I still have to get used to the track pad, but I have to fiddle with the sensitivity setting to get it the right way for me.


    The BB OS is pretty nice - it seems like a more simpler, less cluttered OS than Windows mobile.


    Overall, if you want a smartphone in a flip phone form factor than this is the phone for you.  BB OS 6 is nice, it isn't less of a "smartphone" OS than previous BBs as others may lead you to believe.  Anyway, try it out, I think it's worth it!

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    thank you for taking the time for such a detailed answer, I have 2 new BB "style's" under the tree. 1 for me and 1 for my husband.This will be our first experience with BB phones and I do want simple thats what I always look for nowadays I'm so tired of spending lots of $$$ money for a phone that I really don't like (touch screen's) We just got a HTC evo (hated it) sent it back.We are hoping this flip set will be a little more suited to our lifestyle.Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 & thanks

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    I just purchased the Style a couple of days ago and although I love the look and feel of the phone, a couple of issues lead me to return the phone:


    1. The call quality was quite poor and sounded sort of like being under water.  I had a hard time understanding what the other party was saying.  Also, I was using the phone indoors but none of the bars would light, which is not the case with my older Curve 8330 from Verizon.  I am not sure if it is the Style itself or the Sprint network.  I live in a major city, Los Angeles, so reception should  not have been a real issue here.


    2. When I opened the web browser, I went a mobil news site such as cnn, msn, etc and the font size was real small.  I went into settings and chose a higher default font size, then reloaded the page.  It worked on the first page, but only the first page.  Every page after had small fonts again, but when I went back into Settings, the changes were still there, but evidently no longer working.  I am a bit visually challenged so I need larger fonts.  My 8330 curve does a great job in this respect.


    So now I am looking for another Blackberry that works like my 8330 Curve, which is getting old and sluggish.  I like the fonts larger and formatted to the page, no scrolling left or right.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.



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    thanks Jeff, that's the kind of feedback I'm wanting to hear I also sent my "BB" style back. Also gave Sprint a ultimatum,get better phones or I'm heading to AT&T

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