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Use of minutes

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Am almost out of minutes on my cell and want to know if people calling me detracts from my minutes as well as calls I make?  If i don't answer a call and it gots into voice mail does that count against my minutes also?  I would appreciate any help on this matter.

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    sissyuggy, both inbound and outbound calls are deducted from your allotted plan minutes.  However, if you have mobile-to-mobile, calls to/from a Sprint wireless phone are not deducted from your plan minutes.  Also, if you allow the call to roll to voicemail, the call is not deducted from your minutes but if you call your voicemail from your phone, it is.  Hope this helps!




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    Thank you for you response and yes it does help me to understand the use of my minutes better.  But,  Could you explain me what what mobile to mobile means.  Is it cell phone to cell phone ?  I do know that sprint to sprint is free but my younger son who lives in Utah has At&t cellular. Is it free for me to call him?  Thank you for your assistance.  I"m new to cell phone use and am worried about being able to keep control of my minute use. 


    Thank you


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    Most Sprint plans iclude Mobile to Mobile which included unlimited calling to Sprint Nextel customers.


    If you have an Everything Data plan, you instead have Any Mobile, Anytime which allows unlimited calls to any mobile phone in the country, regardless of carrier.


    So your son who has AT&T would be unlimited if you have an Everything Data plan, otherwise it would deduct from your minutes unless you were calling him during the Night and Weekend minutes.

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    Hi Barbara...As stated, mobile to mobile only includes Sprint, Nextel and Boost phones.  Any mobile, any time covers any mobile device on any mobile network.  If you aren't sure which one you have, log in to and click on "My Sprint."  Then look for plan details.  Also, something to consider, if you have free nights and weekends, your calls need to start AFTER the time your plan kicks off.  Meaning this: If you have free nights and weekends starting at 7pm and you make a call at 6:58p, the entire call is billed to your anytime minutes.  The same is true in opposite though because the billing starts when the call starts.


    Sprint does have a "right plan promise" that let's you change your plan anytime you need to- so you might want to look into those plans, or if it's just this cycle that you are having the problem, call customer care (*2) and ask about adding an additional block of minutes.  Be careful if you change your plan, because if it's one that isn't offered anymore, once you leave it, you can't get it back.


    Hope this helps!

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