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Does your HTC EVO have water damage?

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Does your phone have water damage without you ever exposing it to water?  If so, you need to read this.


I am new to Sprint, but i am no ammature when it comes to hardware /software issues.  I purchased my HTC EVO and have loved it. I purchased a case and a cover immediately to ensure no injuries to my phone.


Well, this is the issue.  My Phone has NEVER.. in any way came close to water, or been submerged in water.


As many of you have found out, the HTC EVO may have some rebooting issues, Sprint has claimed to release an update which will remedy some of the rebooting issues, however on some phones its a hardware issue.  After rigorous troubleshooting, I have determined that my processor is using 100% resources almost every time it reboots. I have downloaded several applications to close out all the unecessary tasks and give my processor & RAM a break, but regardless it doesn't work. I had to take my phone to the Sprint repair store twice to have it reset to manufacturer defautls. (the Power + volume up /clear settin options didnt work) 

One thing that i found out is that removing your battery and then re-insterting it will allow the phone to reboot succesfully, however at times my phone refuses to reboot.  On average, I remove my phone's battery 10-15 times daily to get it back working.. (I am a business owner and need my phone )


I took it to Sprint and they said, well yes, there is an issue however we can't repair it until you bring the phone back 2 times with the same issue.  This was very inconvenent for me, but nevertheless i did what they asked. On the 2nd visit to the Sprint repair store they said they would replace my phone but it had water damage.    WHAT????????  OOh, i forgot to mention, the sticker on the back of my phone ~1/4" x 1/4" is only halfway discolored. *(kinda weird for water damage, huh!_)* My battery also has a sticker but that shows no signs of water damage!!


I purchased my phone with 4 other people, I had them all look at their sticker and to my surprise they had water damage also, one of my buddies didn't even have a sticker on his phone... weird!!  So i ask myself, whats going on here?  Is this sticker extra-sensitive to any kind of moisture?  How are these stickers changing colors?  And when they do, a consumer who pays insurace ($7.00 /month) has to pay $100.00 to get a new phone.. THIS IS A RIP-OFF and a scam.


My point being, Sprint is not even validating Hardware / Software issues as they are quick to default to their saving grace (The Water Sticker).   If your phone has water damage, then it has to be the water that is causing the reboot issues, or whatever issues you may have.  (according to Sprint)

Sprint, this is unfair to the consumer and I have reported it to the FTC and am requesting an investigation.   I am also posting this on all Social Media sites, along with my personal web site.


GUYS, i would never do this if I was at fault, but I can guarantee that my phone has not been exposed to any sort of moisture, dropped in water, or ever been submerged in water.


If you are confronted with the same issue please respond!!!!


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    TtlcO - Your issue is not necessrily with Sprint.  It's with HTC.  I have had the Touch Pro 2 where a repair (which had a legitimate device failure) was not covered because the water damage sticker.  Doing some online research, I've discovered many, many complaints on several different HTC devices where the indicator was red - regardless of the wireless carrier. 

    The issue is where HTC places the indicator stip.  Simply remove the back cover and BINGO, there it is.  Other manufacturers place their strips behind the battery, or inside the device itself, not near the exterior where the opportunity to be exposed to moisture is much greater.


    Frankly, I believe HTC needs to change its practices.  In fact, the user manuls specifically state:

    • Avoid using your device after a dramatic change in temperature. When you move your device between environments with very different temperature and/or humidity ranges, condensation may form on or within the device. To avoid damaging the device, allow sufficient time for the moisture to evaporate before using the device. (i.e. don't use the device outside of a temperature/humidiy controled environment)
    • NOTICE: When taking the device from low-temperature conditions into a warmer environment or from high-temperature conditions into a cooler environment, allow the device to acclimate to room temperature before turning on power.
    • Avoid wet areas. Never use the product in a wet location.(i.e. don't dare use your phone when it is raining)


    I've owned many different devices in my 12+ years with Sprint.  My HTC Touch Pro 2 is the first time I've needed a repair demied because of the water damage indicator.  In fact, I keep my old phones to uses as an emergency back-up.  My PALM device, 2+ yeard old, the water indicator is still good.  My SAMSUG device, 4+ years old, again, water indicator is still good.  I'm sure both of these devices were exposed to moisture at some point.


    Bottom line, I believe the problem is with HTC, not Sprint.


    Disclaimer: I also believe that your experience will depend on the repair center you go to.  One may only look at the water damage indicator, while another will do a more complete inspection to determine if there is any corrosion on the interior of the device.

    Good luck to you.

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    TRICIALIZ Newbie
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    I had the same issue as you.  My phone was completely fine, never exposed to any moisture and today, it buzzed and then turned off, never to turn on again.  They said water damage even though the battery water damage sticker was fine.  I am beyond mad.  Clearly if a phone has an issue that a change in temperature can cause condensation and thus, change your sticker, it is a hardware issues and NOT a user issue.  I feel completely ripped off and something has to be done by HTC and Sprint, IMHO.  When my replacement comes, I am going to demand that they open it up to make sure the stickers don't START out being water damaged.  I don't trust it because my phone is only 2 months old.  Grr.

  • 3. Does your HTC EVO have water damage?
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    Your story sounds very similiar to mine. Were you satisfied with the actions taken by the FTC.

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    cityw5 Expert
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    I have seen this sort of thing with other phones as well.  I had a Palm Centro that worked great in Chicago, and then when I took it to Haiti for several weeks, it shutdown and refused to work.  The high humidity and heat temporarily disabled the phone, and when I brought it back to Chicago, it started working perfectly again after about 2 days.  I have heard high humidity climates can turn the water strip, and condensation in the phone can explain the half color change on the strip. An example would be using your phone outside all day in Miami in August and the phone fills with humidity.  Then you bring your phone into a nicely air conditioned home, and you set your phone down to charge on a cold surface.  It rapidly cools the back of the phone and the moisture condenses before it has an opportunity to escape through the vents.  Moisture strip turns positive and then you are scre**d.  Of course, over time, there actually may be water damage to your phone from this process.

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       My Daughters 32 day old HTC EVO, suddenly shut off. She took her phone to the sprint store, where the repair techs told her they had seen a number of EVOs with this issue. The techs said they saw corrosion on the battery contacts which of course is from moisture. So they could replace it for the 100 dollar copay. Today I call sprint customer service, they had never heard of that issue before.

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    Carlos_Trejos Regular Visitor
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    don't take abuse from the Sprint Store.  File a claim through the BBB. That what I did.!!!  I   I was able to get some compenstaion from the executive group.





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    johnleoniak Newbie
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    going through he same thing with my evo 4g. Repair techs told me water damage to the charging port, when they opend it up to show me, guess what, no water damage, when I tried to explain to these guys that it's impossible since the phone was never exposed, they said that it's there final judgement and I have to accept it. What B.S.!!!!

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    We are going thru this now with the HTC Hero ! Whoever said it was an HTC problem is DEAD WRONG , this is an Industry problem and they are using the moister sticker as a way to cheat you out of your hard earned money !!! We don't have the extra insurance , thats a scam too, but the phone is not even a year old. Our experience was the same as others, they  were extremely quick to say it was damaged by moister and it cost us an extra $300 to boot. I was not happy about the solution so I decided to look on line to see if there were other similar complaints, well guess what . There are too many complaints to mention and they all involve water stickers and include phones of all brands and yes even the iphone has the same issue. If this is any indication of what's going on within this Industry I believe it is out of control with GREED !

    I will not be silent regarding this matter, I intend to follow up with my local AG's office and follow that with a complaint to the FTC ! These devices are defective and there are laws protecting consumers from defective merchandise. Surely, if they can make cameras and watches that are water proof they sure as **** need to make cell phones that can handle the daily weather. I have never had my cell phone in any kind of situation that I would call wet, on the other hand it is almost inconceivable that most cell phones will never be in a situation where rain is present. This in my opinion is a royal screwing over by company's that are solely driven by GREED . The manufactures of these products have to know they have serious problems and the sellers of the products are aware of it too.

    PLEASE, take a stand and file your complaints ! These guys need to compensate their customers for all the BS they have been put through !!!

  • 9. Does your HTC EVO have water damage?
    Carlos_Trejos Regular Visitor
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    I am glad you are not tolerating this, and neither am I.


    I wrote a letter to Dan Hesse and they are trying to utilize their Bully Tactics to ward me off.  I am not in this for monetary gain, it is the thousands, if not millions of consumers that are being ripped off by unfair consumer practices by Sprint.  Sprint is blaming their HTC counterparts, however that is all transparent to us consumers. We pay our bills  to Sprint; my phone label is Sprint and therefore it is their responsibility to treat each and every one of their consumers fairly.


    Thank you for your response and remember.......SILENCE IS CONSENT!!!

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    I am experienceing an issue with my evo starting to a blank screen.  It was working fine while at the park listenign to music and then I went to turn the music player off and I couldn't access the screen for more thant half a second.  After a reboot, it stopped displaying anything.  The phone vibrated and the haptic feedback was there during the boot.  The sprint store tech took a short look at it an stated that it was water damage due to the strip.  And I wanted to know how that affected the display?  He just repeated that it was water damage and helped the next customer.  I was given the card to Asurion.  The rip has begun.

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    beachy23 Newbie
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    You know what they told my husbend who has the EVO? When he got it he noticed the sticker was half way red/pink colored and he pointed that out to the Sprint sales person who replyed with


    "oh No thats what HTC does when it does have water damadge then the whole thing turns bright red"  so he figured he should belive the guy. Then a few monthes later he told me about this my reply

    " REALLY?!? you belived him?? you have been fooled!"


    Hes also been having issues with it cause of the new softwear update they just came out with. It messed up everything. Needless to say Iam NOT a happy sprint coustomer. My HTC shift went all black screen and when i took the battery out my sticker was pink as well. Did not touch water...

  • 12. Does your HTC EVO have water damage?
    ELBATMAN65 Newbie
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    I had the same problem with the battery indicator,that I just bought a new extended life battery for my EVO, $20.00 compared to 100.00. I am thinking of going to a new phone provider real sooooon.

  • 13. Does your HTC EVO have water damage?
    Crump84 Newbie
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    This "water damage" thing is ridiculous... I have the HTC EVO Shift and out of the blue my keyboard and onscreen lights quit working. I have insurance, no problem..right? Not so much. I take my phone to the repair center just to have them tell me it's due to water damage. The phone has NEVER seen water, I'm pretty anal about my phone and would know if it had gotten wet. I can actually adjust the brightness of my phone and it will turn on my lights and they will stay on until I sleep my phone. Now if I had water damage I don't think the lights would be toggled quite that easy..sounds like faulty software to me. I have called Sprint probably half a dozen times just to be told the same thing. If the phone is showing water damage, I'm going to have to pay the $100 fee. i'll continue calling Sprint until one of use breaks! It'll probably be me's hard to see in the dark.

  • 14. Does your HTC EVO have water damage?
    Wicked_Girl Valued Member
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    What little sticker is everyone talking about? I opened up the back of my Evo, removed the battery, and I did not see a little sticker anywhere. Where is it supposed to be? Hardware version 003 here btw.

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