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Airave Online Setup (My preferences -> Update my Airave)

edemauro Newbie
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Does anyone know how to actually get these preferences to stick? I'm trying to restrict access and update my zip code, but I keep getting the following error: Cannot save Zip Code and Cannot update Access data. Furthermore, does anyone know what the new tab does--range setting? I've just set it to Airave Lrg Rng Provision Ph2, which I assume means my airave now has greater range?

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    ChrisGNV Newbie
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    I got the same results. Oddly, I have a separate device listed as "Airvana", but only the Airave listing associated with my primary phone shows any means to edit these settings. As you describe, though, editing doesn't work.

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    Mikedick77 Newbie
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    Yeah I seen the range setting thing on there myself. That I assume adjusts the canopy size. Therefore, yes, a range adjustment. I also had issues with the 2 other settings not sticking. Errors. Now it kinda seems to work. Though with 1/2 attempts ending in error, I somehow doubt it.


    Also an fyi for everyone. My upstairs neighbor has a Sprint Mifi mobile Wifi from Sprint. This device also mooches off of my Airave, decimating my sub par internet connection. Is there anything the sprint techs can do to add that to the restrict list as default, or an added option?


    It does seem that some work was done to this system in the last week. If that is indeed the case, keep it up Sprint!

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    ParrotHeadPirate Newbie
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    I have read all the help manuals and google this same thing.  No where have I been able to find a definitive answer.  I am assuming this is what you are speaking about?  See the picture I have attached.  Maybe Sprint can answer this question for the community?


    Airave Question.jpg

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    ParrotHeadPirate Newbie
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    By the way, you can see this more clearly if you click on the pic...

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    RSMITHSON72 Newbie
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    I have received the same error message- I contacted the Airrave dept June 28th and spent 2 hours on the phone with a tech supervisor who was stumped by this response. He also attempted to update my information from his computer with the same error. No one could seem to figure it out and was told that they would call me back, which they did but I missed the calls. Called them back July 4th and spoke to another tech who told me completly different story then the sup from the 28th- She said that the zip code 'doesn't matter' .. which makes no sense; why would it be an option on the preferences for one thing as well as why did the sup on the 28th think it was worth writing up a ticket for follow up? I dropped it, which now I am regretting.

    As far as the range setting I was advised by Airrave that it does not matter if it is set for small, medium or large range, it does not improve the quality if you have the small setting. You can restrict the airrave to just your number.. I had input that information and now am unable to update it, along with the zip code option. However in light of the fact I continue to get conflicting information from that department I am not sure what is right.

    In general I have had more problems with Sprint service on my Samsung Epic over the past 5 months then the previous 8 years combined. Either the phone drops calls/doesn't ring, texting fails.. then add the airrave and not much has improved. Supposedly I am in the best 3G area however, with the amount of problems with service I have been dealing with  I am not so sure. My next move is to take the Epic into a store and have it tested to see if it is a lemon.

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