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2/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release - EB13 (Android 2.2)

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2/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release - S:D700.0.5S.EB13


The upgrade to Android 2.2 (EB13) was suspended on 2/24 due to issues  experienced by a small number of customers.  The upgrade is no longer  available over-the-air or from Samsung’s website.  Additional  information will be posted on the community when it becomes  available.   


Many have upgraded and are experiencing no problems.   For those who are experiencing problems, you may want to read through  some of the discussion threads.


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- Upgrade of the Google OS from Éclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
- Ability to install applications to external storage
- Improved Bluetooth device support
- Bluetooth Voice Dialing
- Flash Player 10.1
- GPS Enhancements
- Improved OS performance
- Email PIN based authentication
- User friendly tethering for 3G and 4G

Important Notes:
- The new software version is: S:D700.0.5S.EB13
- Access the Samsung Epic Maintenance Release Blog for install instructions

- Released in stages beginning at 9PM on 2/21, with 100% of devices (on DI18) having received the update

  within 4 days

- Update: EB13 is also available via an OTW download on Samsung's site.  The OTW update will wipe your device, so

  perform a backup prior to updating.  I assume this can be used to take your device from an older release to EB13

  (please comment on this post if you can validate this).  You can access the download here:


Time Zone Reference:

US/Pacific         09:00:00 9PM 21-Feb-2011

US/Central        11:00:00 11PM   

US/Eastern       12:00:00 Midnight

US/Mountain     10:00:00 10PM


[fixed link to blog]

[added time zones]

[added Samsung OTW]


UPDATE 1: SD Card Index

If you are experiencing issues with the Camera, Media Player, Gallery, or SD card, refresh your SD Card Index following the steps below and power cycle your device to ensure the refresh takes effect:

Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select All->Scroll down to Media Storage->Select Clear Data


Update 2: Calendar sync

(solution from Dennis Staub...thanks!)


Select "All" in the grouping at the top and then select "Calendar" then under "Storage" select "Clear data".

Then go back to the App list and select "Calendar Storage" and do the same. Then open your Calendar then

MENU>SETTINGS>CALENDAR  SYNC>Manage Accounts(Select your account) then un-check it, then  re-check it then go back to the calendar and check to see if the  appointments have sync'd for you.


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