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LG Optimus S Shutting Off

LIZARDSAB1969 Newbie
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I have noticed this week that my phone will just ramdomly shut itself completely off and the power on key will not work to turn it back on .  I have to remove the battery to reset the phone to turn it on.  Anyone else having the same problem or know what is going on?

  • 1. LG Optimus S Shutting Off
    MIRANDAMILLER6903 Newbie
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    That sounds like what my phone has been doing.

  • 2. LG Optimus S Shutting Off
    USAFACE13 Newbie
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    its happened to me a few times.

    it hasnt done it for the last 2 weeks.

    i think the recent update that was

    released took care of that bug?

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    san-kalp Regular Visitor
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    Ditto.  Every 3 weeks or so, the touchscreen goes blank.  Once, we got a phone call while the screen was blank.  So must be some kind of touchscreen glitch.  The buttons seem to still have power in that when you press them, you can see them light up.  But only solution is to remove battery and reboot.  Last night, we did not reboot but left the phone on  the charger.  This morning we heard the reboot sound and it's back on again.  Taking it back.

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    MIRANDAMILLER6903 Newbie
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    I don't know if this applies to any of you--but I figured out the problem on my phone and boy do I feel silly! I bought those cute little decal stickers for my phone, and even though it had a hole near the top for the sensor, part of the sticker was covering it up, so when I took the phone away from my ear it still thought that I had it to my ear so the screen didn't come back on. A simple readjustment of my decal sticker and the phone works fine!

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    kiajones86@yahoo.com Newbie
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    thank you

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    reneelamarc Newbie
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    I am having the same prob and not sure what to do. I can be on the phone and it will just cut off on me. It is past my 30 days so I am stuck with the phone and 24 months is a long way off to have to deal with this mess.

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    As a "silver" premier customer, you can upgrade every 22 months.  Since you have one month down, only 21 to go! ;-)


    I had an application that would cause my phone to randomly shut down.  After uninstalling it, my phone works fine.  Alas, I cannot remember what the app was...Perhaps a cache cleaner...?  I remember it was a service that runs in the background.  To access which services are running, from a home screen tap Menu, Settings, Applications, Running Services.  Then you can troubleshoot which service may be causing your phone to reboot.

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    pweidert Newbie
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    Mine randomly shut off once this morning.  I held the power button for 3 seconds, and it wouldnt turn back on.  I waited about 5 minutes and tried that again.  Still no luck.  Finally, I started to take the battery case off, and for some reason then it decided to power back on its own.

    This has been one of many problems for me with this phone, and is the last straw.  Unfortunately I've only had this phone since early December, and cant afford to pay out the rest of the months left. 

    The other big issue for me is constantly missing calls and text messages.  Every so often I will go to work, and then come home and have multiple people tell me that they've tried to call or text me, but my phone doesnt show anything.  Upon rebooting my phone, those missed calls and texts will gradually start to appear over the course of the evening.

    This has been my first experience with a smartphone, and my worst experience with a cell phone in general, so I'll probably go out and find a cheap phone somewhere to use as a backup until the contract is up.  I possibly may do a cheap pay as you go phone with no data or messaging just to get me by as well. 

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    cgambino69 Newbie
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    Thank Miranda, this fixed my problem also.

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