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HTC EVO- Repeated text messages received

Kay_19 Newbie
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Once i have received a text message, the same text message will continue to be received every 10 min-1 hour. I thought it was Handcent so i uninstalled and used the stock app but the same thing happens, just one long list of the same received text. I have noticed it is when i am around really low signal areas or when roaming. I just find it odd because it has never happened before in roaming/weak areas until yesterday. Is anyone experiencing this problem?

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    BPNEELY Newbie
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    Yeah, I have the same issue. It happened several times in the past, One time it kept sending the same text message to a friend on AT&T and then this morning I kept getting the same message from another EVO user. So it's kind of random, the only thing i've found to fix this is to pull the battery out and delete your text message history. Sprint has yet to give me a reason for this issue.

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    firepong Newbie
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    As well as the fact that if you are in roaming and it is doing this, like it is on mine, I can only send text messages, not receive them.  So, the point is, I live in  a roaming area so I'm never able to receive text messages unless I'm at work or in town.  I've called Sprint Customer Service twiceabout this issue and have yet to get it fixed.  It's really bothering me and it needs to be worked on.    

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    Daro22 Newbie
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    I am having the same problem,  I called Customer Service and was just sent from one department to another, was told that I have to rest my phone and loose all the data I currently have on it in order to fix this.  Are you kidding me??  That seems to be their response to any issue lately..

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    LINUXKIDD1 Newbie
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    This does not appear to be a phone issue, but instead is a network issue.   I had this issue start on two phones at the exact same time.  No way it's the phone doing that.


    Been going on for at least 2 days now.  It's happened in the past as well, but usually only one repeat and done.  Now, it's really annoying.


    Sprint: Admit to the problem, let us know what's wrong and fix it.




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    white.jill Newbie
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    I have a Samsung Transform and just got an Evo today.  I had two Transforms on my family plan and just had them replaced two days ago because I would get two different texts from the same person repeatedly.  One day I got just under 90 texts (from someone who has an Evo).  Well, now that I switched to an Evo today it is ME that's text bombing the Transform.  All of this started this week.  What happened that caused all of this to start up?!  My spouse has had to shut off her phone because it wont stop getting texts.  Seriously, Sprint, fix this.  You guys have way too many issues that you let go unresolved because you do not seem to care about "Customer Support" (bunny ears indicating my highly sarcastic tone).  Don't even get me started on the Transform not getting the 2.2 update that was promised....

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    SARAHABULLOCK Regular Visitor
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    I have the HTC Arrive (have had it for a few months now) and this started happening to me in the last week. I have noticed it is when I am "roaming". For example, where I live (in Alamogordo, NM) I am not roaming and this does not happen. But where I work (Cloudcroft, NM) I am roaming, and this happens constantly!!!!!!!!!!! I get about 20-30 texts of the SAME text no matter who it is from (people on or not on Sprint). PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!! I should not have to reset or do anything special Sprint, you should fix this! The reason I am not calling is because I don't get someone who KNOWS anything about anything half the time, and I dont have time to sit on the phone for 30mins to tell me to do a reset - NOT WORKING and its not my phones problem. PLEASE FIX THIS! I love Sprint I truly do, but really I am so irritated with the Arrive (vs. the EVO my hubby has) that I am already wanting to throw it in the trash, and now this!

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    If you are roaming this has to do with the tower/network you are on.  I wish we could restrict/notify through their network but we can't.  I agree it is no fun to deal with - I travel to an area twice a year and it drives me crazy when I am there.  I cannot imagine having it happen every day. We don't have a way to stop it, sorry


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    SYLVANMANSION23 Regular Visitor
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    This started happening yesterday and I have an Airrave so roaming wouldnt be an issue. I keep getting repeats of the same texts from late yesterday. Its highly annoying.

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