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Help with HTC Evo Shift 4G

ryanbrady5454 Newbie
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My 4G was working fine at my house with no problems. About 3 days ago, it stopped.

The 4G antenna won't show up in the notification bar. Also, when I go into settings>wireless & networks, it says that 4G is turning on (box NOT checked) but it cannot be selected. I can select the 4G settings tab but all options in that are grey so I can't access those either.

Basically it's like it's stuck "Turning On" and I have no way to access the settings or turn it on and off. 3G works fine....

Phone is NOT rooted...

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!



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    Try turning your phoneoff and remove the battery for about a minute then try turning 4g on again.  If its not then the 4g radio needs to be reset and that would need a reset.  It does sound like its stuck trying to turn on.   To do a reset from your  home screen go to menu>settings>sd & phone storage>factory data reset.  Reset does erase settings and information from phone and brings it back to the way it was when you first got the phone.   Also, you need to know your gmail account information that was set-up.  You can save contacts to your sd card by going to contacts>menu>import/export>export to sd.  To put contacts back you would chose import from sd. You can also take to service and repair center if this does not work.  I hope this helps

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    I_Hate_Updates Newbie
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    Somehow between the "NICE" LIE (BIG LIE) that we pay $10 bucks extra for the "Data plan extra" (AKA  FEE FOR 4G),  My 4G, works like once in a moonlight, and NEVER in my area so I am making Sprint Rich for a service I can't use, and YES I have done the reset thingy, the battery stuff, FACT is 4G is still a 211 (ROBBERY IN PROGRESS), CALL THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE, they are so nice and polite but they will LIE to their teeth to paint Barney in your face (the land of make believe) so you will be so incredible convinced that 4G is everywhere and that spaceship from mars is actually jamming sprint 4g network in your area, but that a simple battery or phone reset will do, and they may offer a "NEW" (ok refurbished) phone that will surely work (they hope) and if it doesn't help, well then is your freaking fault for living in a place where we (sprint) do not "still" have 4g coverage.

    Oh Yes I have the Evil Shi_t, and 4 of my best buddies with other evil, have the same 4G issues, ain't that some sort of "CONSPIRACY THEORY"...?

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    jomama602 Newbie
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    Just curious man where do you live or what market should |I say?

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    I_Hate_Updates Newbie
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    I live in Anaheim, there are some "SELECT" Areas where the 4g works, mostly OUTSIDE when you are inside of buildings is just a piece of ....

    Now if you are in a Sprint Store is just incredible, it works.. I have gone to nowhere's man land, (AKA Sprint Store) and their solution: "We are going to take your brand new phone and we are going to give you a refurbished one, that MAY (or mostlikely) have defects, and was repaired to factory specs, ahh yes of course, you will have to move ALL your data, move all your apps and of course re-do everything from 0, oh yes we forgot to mention that we are not sure if the 4G is ever gonna work in your home, or close, or if ever gonna work"

    and I'm stuck with a 2 year contract, I should have gone with VZ.

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