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My Arrive won't connect to Sprints network

DKAHLER01 Newbie
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I have been through 4 different customer service reps and 2 phones trying to get my Arrive to connect to the network.  I can make calls, send texts, and get on wi-fi but when I need to connect to Sprints network it will not.  I don't want to have to go back to an android and pay extra for 4G that isn't even available in my area .... does anybody out there have any suggetions? 

  • 1. My Arrive won't connect to Sprints network
    phefner79 Expert
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    For what it's worth, you're going to be paying the same now, whether you own an android, blackberry, samsuck instinct or Windows phone. The $10 "premium data" is now a "smartphone data" fee.


    Can you provide any further info about error messages that you are getting, when trying to connect (I'm assuming) to the Sprint 3G data network? I'm also assuming that your 3G data is the issue here, correct?

  • 2. My Arrive won't connect to Sprints network
    drezzzzy Product Ambassador
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    I'm sorry you're having these issues.  On the Arrive there is a setting for turning data connection on/off.  Go to Settings > Cellular and make sure that the Data connections is turned on.  Let me know if you've already tried this or if this resolves your issue.

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    DKAHLER01 Newbie
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    I pay $99 for the simply everything plan ... They will charge me an additional $10 for 4G that is not in my area if I switch to say, and EVO ... That's what I want to avoid.  This is what my husband does but I don't care because his work pays for it. 

    Anyways, I cannot get on the internet when I'm off my wi-fi.  I also cannot send or receive picture texts.  They have had me re-set it several times ... when I turn it on it says "We ran into a problem setting up your cellular connection.  Contact your mobile operator for help."  When I try to get on the net it says "You might have lost your cellular data connection" 

    And yes, drezzzzy, the data connection is turned on .... So far none of the customer service reps can figure it out ....

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    phefner79 Expert
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    I'm afraid that is incorrect. As of 1/31/2011, all smartphones are required the "Premium Data" fee, which was originally required for the 4G EVO and Epic phones. The only phones that do not require the fee are web capable "dumb" phones like the LG Rumor 2 or Samsung Exclaim, those types of phones.


    You should still be within your 30 day return period, so I would call Sprint and ask for a new replacement device (make sure that it is new, otherwise you will get a used refurb), because it sounds like yours has a dead cell radio. With that said, you can safely switch to any Smartphone (EVO, Evo Shift, Epic, etc.) and your phone bill will be the same as it is now.


    If you need further clarification on the (now mandatory) smartphone data (i.e. Premium Data) fee, here is a link to Sprint's press release:


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    DKAHLER01 Newbie
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    Okay whatever, I know what I pay and I know what my husband pays and he pays $10 more for his EPIC than I do for my Arrive.  I'm not here to argue about what I pay!!!!!! 

    Finally got someone that was able to fix it.  It was their service not my phone YAY  

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    phefner79 Expert
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    I'm really not trying to argue with you, because I own both the EVO and the Arrive. My bill is the exact same for each phone. I was just trying to help you understand that your bill is the same, regardless of what smartphone you use.


    Glad they got your phone fixed

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    DKAHLER01 Newbie
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    guess we are getting screwed then because ours are different .... thanks! im glad its working too because i really do love this phone. Much nicer than my Hero was.

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    SARAHABULLOCK Regular Visitor
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    FYI RE: $10 for "Smartphone"- I previously had the the HTC TouchPro2 (its got Windows Mobile 6.5 and is 3g) and I didn't have the $10 fee until I upgraded to the HTC Arrive. My husband has had the Evo for almost a year now and has always had the $10 fee, I thought it was for 4g. So I was hesitant to get the Arrive because I hate paying an extra $10 for something (its not even 4g!) but my HTC TP2 was getting so slow and was always having issues.

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    zxhwk Regular Visitor
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    You will have to go into the network setup to reset the dialing preferences because for some reason it got wiped out I know this happen to me and it took me a while to find it and I am very famular with these phones that is why you havwe no data connection

    pull up dialer and then menue then to preferences you will see listing there

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    bmoremen Newbie
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    I have the same problem with the HTC Arrive data on sprint never works for me wifi is fine of course I can text and call but data never works I was going to reset the phone hoping it would fix it. I might go back to ATT and get the Focus.

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    Dribblemania Sprint Employee
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    B4 you go to AT&T, I would like to make sure you are running through some basic steps to enable connectivity to the Sprint cellular network.

    First, can you advise if in the "Settings" options under "Cellular", your Active Network says "Sprint"?

    Is the "Data Connection" toggle switch "On"?

    What "Data Roaming Options" do you ahve selected?

    What is your Network type set to?

    Finally, I would try pressing the "change network profile" and "change prl" buttons (at different times - try one and see if it helps, then try the other).

    I might also try shutting down the WiFi radio to make sure that the handset is appropriately defaulting to cellular data when you are not on WiFi.

    If you continue to have issues with your mobile data connection, please let me know ASAP.  I would like to continue to assist you in resolving your issue.  The last thing I want to see is for you to go to another carrier because we value your business (yes, I'm an employee).

    Let me know if any of these steps work.



  • 12. Re: My Arrive won't connect to Sprints network
    bmoremen Newbie
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    Hey DRIBBS1

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help with this first I’ve done the basic steps from sprint and from you and no luck. My settings are network sprint and data connection on with roam on. But if I try and change network profile I get an error ( Try again later, and if the change is still unsuccessful, contact your support person.) I can change prl with no error. Im not sure what else to try. I took battery out and did not help I did reboot of phone did not help.

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    Morpheus_Phreak Regular Visitor
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    This is now happening to me too...with the added joy factor that WiFi won't work either. It just started within the last hour...and the Sprint 'technician' on the phone had the nerve to try to condescend to me even after I explained that I work for MS.


    He tried to tell me of all things that I needed to perform a software update on the phone. When I tried to explain to him that 7392 hasn't been released yet he tried to cover by stating that attempting to perform a software update from the menu on the phone will reset all the default network settings even if there is no update.


    I'd say nice try if it weren't for the fact that he's so incompetent as to not realize that the phone doesn't have a manual update option on it. I worked for a major wireless company for quite a while, and this type of attempting to lie to a customer, then try to snow them even after they tell you they work for the company that made the software is ridiculous.


    I switched from Verizon to avoid this kind of nonsense...not to have it made even worse.  If this isn't fixed soon I won't be sticking around.



    I figured I'd try a hard reset (I should note this is not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd hard reset on this phone for various issues) and it's working for now.,we'll see if it can last longer than a week this time.



    Here goes another several hours gathering all my apps again & reinstalling them 1 by 1, and inputting specific contact data, and putting all of my music, podcasts and more back on the phone.  In the last 2 weeks I've spent more time configuring the phone after hard resets than I have actually using it

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    KLAWRENCE05 Newbie
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    I'm currently having the same problem.  I went through customer service with the first phone and a hard reset wouldn't fix it so I was sent a new one and I'm getting the same error as before with a new phone: result code 0x80072FA8.  I have sprint as my active network, Data turned on alond with roam, network type is automatic. The network profile won't update and change prl isn't even available for me to access. It's greyed out.

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