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Cracked Screen?

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So I read a rumor online that if I took my Evo to a Repair Store, that they can replace for it free if you have insurance or for 35 dollars if you don't have insurance? Was just wondering if anyone knew that this was true or not? I have some serious spiderweb cracks all over my screen now. Thanks

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    Cracked screen,  it depends how  big the  spiderweb crack  is on  the phone. The store is the  only one that can  make that sound  decision for the repair. . please visit  out   to find  a corporate end store for assitance.  the  charge  can  start up @ 35.00 and up..



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    Dont know if your screen problem is fixed yet. Have a cracked Evo screen, stopped by first repair center, where tech says he has no replacement screen available to do repair, just depends which stores have the screens. Called a second store before heading out there and was told that no screens are available and will not be available so just call Asurion to get the phone replaced WITHOUT deductible. Called Asurion who of course says there is a $100 deductible. Stopped by another repair center and this tech says cracked screens are not covered and repair centers do not replace them. TOTALLY DIGUSTED with Sprint employees not knowing what their own policies are.

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    they replaced out my screen in about 10 minutes. didnt have any cracks but i did have the hot spots in a few different places. i was also still under the 1 year marker for the phone. no charge. same thing though...they rarely have screens due to people either cracking them or the hot spots. take the phone in and have them fill out a tag for it so its noted it needs the screen. they will then call you once they have one. usually you only get a 24 hour window to get it in there and replaced or they give it to someone else needing it.



    good luck

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    Cracked screens are not covered for in store repair/replacement.

    Level 3

    •  Not Eligible for in store service 

    •  Insurance Claim Required with TEP enrollment

    •  Liquid Damage/Corrosion

    •  Cracked Screens

    •  Housing has 2 or more cracks

    •  Flip Assembly or Keyboard is separated

    •  Total Device Failure (Damaged Beyond Economical Repair)

    •  Circuit Board Damage

    •  Multiple or Extensive Component Failure

    •  Smashed Device, 3 or more parts needed to resolve

    •  Lost/Stolen

    Insurance Deductible

    Tier 1 - $50*

    Tier 2 - $100*

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    so cracked  screens is a ship the phone in kind of repair? that sucks

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    If you have Insurance you contact Asurion, Pay the deductable, They ship you a refurbished phone and you send yours in within 15 days or you will be charged for the replacement, Without insurance they will not repair/replace it you would need to find a third party repair place that may be able to replace it and pay their fee or you could shop for a replacement screen(ebay) and replace it your self.

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    i havent heard of to many people having luck with the refurbished phones. either way theyre kind of shafted lol

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    A defective screen for any reason, of any amount small or large is not fully covered by any Sprint Insurance Plan.

    Touch Screen phone can not accommodate screen replacement. The screen is actually a transparent part of the mother board. My EVU screen broke and it cost me $100 replacement. The entire phone has to be replaced.

    AND all the set up has to be redone so make a record of all you icons, apps, and etc because the only part of the phone that is transferable is "SOME" or the address book. and anything on your GOOGLE account. Previous apps that you purchased are "bye-bye"

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    That is incorrect, Cracked screens are replaced all the time, Also Sprint DID replace them up until recently when they changed the service & repair policy to no longer cover physical damage, A screen cracking caused by a defect as long as there's 2 or less, Less then 1 inch long is still covered in store for free if you have TEP, $35 if you don't.

    Level 2

    •  Eligible for In store Repair or Exchange )

    •  Degraded or Defective LCD screens or Housing that affects functionality (could include up to 2 cracks less than 1 inch long)

    •  Mechanical/Electrical

    •  Missing Components

    •  Failed or Inoperable Hinge, Lenses, Port (circuit board still functional)


    Also, I use "My Backup Pro" available in the market, It backes up everything, Settings and all so if you ever have to reset your phone it will bring it back to where it was before.

    And, You do not lose your paid for apps even without backing them up because as soon as you sign into the market your paid apps are noted and available to download again for free. If you use "App Brain" also available in the market, It will keep track of all the apps you download, Both free and paid so you can easly get them back.

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