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4G in parts of Buffalo, NY

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Wondering if anyone can tell me why parts of Buffalo, NY have 4G and others do not?   Ironically it is one of the toughest sections of tow that has 4G?   The east side.  Currently if you are on the kensington expressway, you will pickup a 4G signal just before Eggert road exit and it get stronger for a mile or so and then after you pass ECMC it gets weaker.   I was also on Baily and Delevan and the 4G was amazingly strong right there.   It seems to be about a 3 mile radius approx. of 4G service?  when is the rest of Buffalo getting it?

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    mattslucas Newbie
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    Yeah I was down there like 2 weeks ago and 4g is great. Just checked the new 4g map on the clear website today and it shows that northern Erie and southern Niagara counties are getting 4g theres green all over in Tonawanda and North Tonawanda. I'll have to test it out tomorrow when I'm out that way. Either way if all that green is really working then 4g has pretty much doubled since I last checked and the kensington area was all that was on there.

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    KAWRIDER Newbie
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    I live in North Tonawanda and I don't get 4G yet. 

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    streethawk7730 Newbie
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    I live in Kenmore, NY I dont have the 4G service yet..hope Sprint can bring out the 4G coverage soon.

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    pjh15 Newbie
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    I haven't experienced any 4G in Buffalo in either the Northtowns,  City or Southtowns. In speaking with representatives at Sprint just  about every month this year, no one there has any idea when they will be  realeasing to Buffalo, or for that matter, any markets other than the  handful they released it in earlier this year. It's very frustrating  given the fact they advertised 4G so heavily and promised a release date  in the Buffalo Market sometime in 2011 although they would not give a  specific date.

    What is even more frustrating are the $10 "Premium Data" charges  that are applied to our accounts which were originally described as a  fee for having a phone that could receive 4G and that even though 4G was  only in a few select markets, the charge had to be applied because you  could travel to a market that does have that happens all the  time.

    Sprint has now abandoned that rhetoric for describing the  $10 "Premium Data" charge add on realizing the 4G argument held no water  because you had to manually activate your phone to receive 4G if you  were in a market that had 4G and Sprint would be able to recognize this  (which they contended in their initial reasoning they wouldn't be able  to do even though they can track ever other thing we do on our phones)  and has instead now opted to describe and justify it as a fee for Smart  Phone users having unlimited data capacity. They go on further to say  that at least we are only paying $10 additional for Unlimited Data  unlike subscribers to other carriers who pay much higher fees for usage.

    Excuse me, but unless I'm mistaken, wasn't the $99.99 Unlimited  plan that was advertised and promoted absolutely everywhere by Sprint  unlimited everything including data? In these ads, they even included  4G. Even the $69.99 plan included unlimited data at the time (Sprint has  since adjusted that to $79.99). Now that other carriers have realized  they are losing out on texting and calling fees, they have opted to  fleece their customers by ridiculously high usage fees. Sprint is now  using this to justify what in my opinion has all along been a  fraudulent, additional charge of $10 per month of what was originally  cleary stated as a fee for 4G. Calling this $10 charge a fee for  anything else at this point is misleading and constitutes false  advertising.

    I'm really hoping everyone who reads this takes the  time each month to contact Sprint and have this 4G $10 fee reversed if  you haven't used 4G. I have had the fee reversed almost every month I  have been charged it. What I'm hopiing for even more is that someone  with the knowledge and time initiates a class action suit against Sprint  so we can all get the 4G speed we were promised as soon as possible and  force Sprint to pay us back our $10 per month for every month they  charged us for 4G.

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