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4G Coverage in Santa Monica, CA

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Does anyone get Sprint's 4g WiMax coverage in Santa Moncia, CA?


Sprint keep sending me e-mails about how it is finally available in Santa Monica, but when you click on their coverage map, it shows that there is only a sliver of Santa Monica (405 freeway side) that actually gets 4g coverage.  I personally do not want to upgrade to the Nexus S 4G or Evo 3D 4G (and $10.00 extra per month) until Sprint has consistent 4G coverage in my area. 


Does anyone have information about expanded coverage in Southern California or Sprint's So Cal 4G Timetables?

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    I live in Venice yet spend a lot of time in Santa Monica. I was definitely surprised to find that I had 4G at home and many areas in and around LA, yet not in S.M. Really? I have yet to find anything addressing the issue of availabilty and launch within S.M. I know this doesnt answer you question, but i definitely 'feel your pain'...

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    Thanks for the response, and although it does not specifically answer my question, it does help to know that there is 4G in Venice.


    Yeah I can understand why there isn't 4G  covering ALL of Santa Monica, since they (SM City Council) is pretty strict on new technologies and new towers being put in their little city.  I live very close to a Verizon Fios operations building, yet I cannot get Fios (or U-Verse) in Santa least where I live, near the UCLA hospital.

    I also checked with Clearwire's CLEAR service (which is what Sprint's WiMax comes from) and I looked to see if I just got 4G wireless from them directly, and they don't have 4G WiMax service at my address either.  Oh well, I will just have to wait.


    Thanks again for the info about 4G in Venice.

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    I also have no 4G coverage, just south of the 10, west of 20th street, although when i enter my address on the coveage map, it says I should be able to access 4G outside of my building.

    And, I can also confirm 4G service in Venice, which I specifically tested when I was shopping at Smart & Final on Lincoln Bl.  This is with a Nexus S 4G. 

    I also feel your pain regarding FIOS, by the way.  I don't know whether Verizon doesn't provide it in my neighborhood, or whether they just don't provide it to apartment buildings.  Any idea which City of Santa Monica agency regulates cable/telecom providers?

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    santamonica070411.jpgClick on Map to Enlarge


    Even in early July, Santa Monica is largely a big 4G dead zone.  You can only get a signal on it's perimeter.

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    I cannot get any 4G in Santa Monica at all.  Even 3G speeds have been weak downloads around  500kbps which is far less than my old provider.  In Venice & Mar Vista I can get great 4G with 5 to 7mbps.  In WLA not far from SM borderline I can get 4G from 1 - 3mbps.  I work all over Santa Monica and can't understand why 3G is so bad.

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    Sprint has both capacity and backhaul problems with it's 3G in heavy use areas.  Especially where there is no 4G to help remove some of the traffic off 3G. 


    The capacity issue is that there are just too many users on the towers for the amount of spectrum available.  Sprint has half the 3G spectrum that Verizon utilizes, so it can only handle about half the usage.  And unlimited isn't helping matters.  If Sprint would install more towers (create more cells), even macro cells and femtocells, this would help tremendously.  Also, getting more 4G coverage would help a lot too as it would pull a lot of heavy users off the 3G.


    The backhaul issue is that Sprint has a lot of copper connections (specifically T1) to a lot of it's towers.  This bogs down with moderate and heavy usage.  They need to upgrade to fiber connections (or bridge with direct microwave to fiber in remote places).  This would allow a 100 times the users without bogging down.


    Fortunately in the long run, Sprint's Network Vision plan will take care of the backhaul problem, as they will bring more bandwidth to their towers.  They also claim that their capacity issues will get better too.  But I'm not sold on that part, because the Network Vision plan is supposed to reduce the number of cell sites, not add more.  And in many places, they need a lot more!


    Sprint's Network Visions plan is supposed to start in Q3 of 2011, and take 3 to 5 years to complete.  Hopefully, they will start with Santa Monica!  And some 4G love would be nice too...

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