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LG Optimus S Will Not Restart Anymore

DWoodworth43 Newbie
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I have been having MAJOR problems with my LG Optimus and it is driving me crazy.  I was reading an email tonight and the phone just shut off, despite having at least half a full battery charge.  I then tried to turn the phone on, no luck. I pulled the battery out and put it back in after a few moments and now my phone won't totally restart at all.  It either gets stuck on the black screen that says LG or ANDROID. It managed to get to the normal home screen once but it said the date was December 31, 1960.  And then of course, it reset again and got stuck on the ANDROID page when attemping to restart.  Anyone else having similar problems or have any advice?  The phone just won't turn on completely anymore. I have never really dropped it nor do I have any water damage. I really don't want to have to drive to the repair center for something that would appear to be software related since I've never had any physical damage to the phone. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I am actually having the same exact problem.  It just keeps flashing LG and won't turn on.  I thought it was just my phone until I got home and realized my son's phone (It's a SAMSUNG) was doing the same exact thing.  VERY weird.  I am calling Sprint now as we have not been able to use our phones since Tuesday evening.  I'm hoping someone responds to your post and if I find anything out I will post back here.  Good Luck!!

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    Sorry for the problem you are  having  depending on how far you can go on powering up the phone we can try to do a reset on the phone.  This may be a software issue causing the problem.  A reset will wipe all data and apps from the device  if that does not resolve the issue a trip to the repair center will be needed

    • Optimus
      • Remove/Replace the battery.
      • Hold the Home, Volume Down, and Power buttons at the same time.
      • Use the Volume Keys to go down to Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Press the Menu button to select it.
      • Use the Volume Keys to go down to Yes – – Delete All User Data. Press the Menu button to select it.
      • It will return to the previous screen. Press in on the Menu button to select Reboot System Now.
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    KDWILLIAMS0032 Newbie
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    Tried that and my phone still won't go past the android screen. Any other suggestions?

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    ChristineMdO Newbie
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    This worked for me, but, of course, all my information was lost.  I'm really disappointed!  Since this happened to several people at the same time, it seems like it was caused by an update.  If so, Sprint should be ashamed that they caused me (and probably many others) to lose lots of personal information and go through the hassle of setting my phone up again!

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    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         If the above steps are not working then we may need to reflash it manually in the store. Enter your zip code here to find the nearest Sprint repair location.

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    DeltaOneThree Newbie
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    My phone (another Optimus S) is doing the same thing. Again, there has been no water damage, and the only drops have been a couple, weist height onto carpet. Since I've had this phone, within a week, the SD card would randomy quit reading and act like it had been removed. Then, it woulnd't hold the card. The service center wanted an ungodly amount of money to fix that, so I ignored it. Now, they want $100 to replace this phone? When it hasn't worked properly a day in it's life? Yeah, and I want full benefits when I retire at age 26. It's not my fault the product I purchased has manufacturer issues, if anyone should pay for any of this, it should be LG.

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