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text messaging problem

DREESE16 Newbie
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A few days ago my phone started recieving texts and dividing them up into multiple texts. I know thats normal but it now says 0001/0002 and the second message is never more than about 20 characters, even if there is more in the message, I got a text yesterday that was divided into 10 different texts, most of which were under 20 characters long, its very annoying and difficult to read. I tried googling the problem and found multiple forums on palm, blackberry and android websites, all with the same problem, all starting on the 19th of this month and several mentioned they were sprint phones. I was just hoping there was a reason for this and that it could be fixed because it is very annoying.

(I have an evo 4g)

  • 1. text messaging problem
    dklowrey Newbie
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    Same here, annoying and ridiculous. I hope they fix this ASAP.

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    barlescharkley1 Newbie
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    I am also having the same exact problem. I have been posting on some of the blackberry forums and everyone is just as confused. Is there a way to contact Sprint about the problem?

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    oloruin Newbie
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    I have a Sanyo Innuendo. It's not a smart phone. Same issue.

    Seems like maybe text message segments are getting sub-divided by the system. It's not happening on the receiving end, because I have lost a few "0001/0002 (x of n)" messages, but received the remainders in "0002/0002" messages, and vice-versa.

    Why the messages are getting sub-divided is beyond me, though maybe the sending device doesn't add the "(1 of n)" text -- like it's part of a sms data structure maybe? And that text makes the message segment more than 160 characters, so sprint is chopping it into two messages less than 160 characters??

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    katherinecarr85 Newbie
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    i am kind of having this issue, but once it starts to do this i can no longer receive txt messages for the rest of the day. This has been going on for a week. I am going to sprint tomarow, becuase i can no longer receive txt messages at all. everything else works. i have called them 3 times. they have tried but i need to take it in

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    dklowrey Newbie
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    If you find out anything, please let us know!

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    kyleshaver Newbie
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    I called Sprint because I also am experiencing this issue on my HTC EVO 4G.  I noticed it happened right after I updated Google Voice and performed the Sprint Integration.  I don't know if the issue is related, but they still said that they could not help me over the phone and that I could either do a complete factory reset (and have to reprogram the phone) or take it into a Sprint store.  Needless to say I will be going to a store tomorrow.

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    Blackops751 Newbie
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    Im experiencing this same problem and is usually at the start of a text conversation with friends and only does it twice per friend within the same day. looks like this 0001/0001 & 0002/0002 and never goes further than that even though the texting goes on for 30mins. I wish some sprint rep on here will explain this oddity or system application. Lets see what thay say.

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    3148358364 Newbie
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    This is driving me INSANE (Samsung Transform). It is happening mainly from my friends on AT&T. It's not even using the full 160characters before it splits, it is like 15-20characters perline. I get 7-10 texts for one message sent tome. It was also putting pierods in their own text message. Factory Reset, DID NOT WORK.

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    oloruin Newbie
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    • Factory reset is not going to help anyone.
    • Do not be fooled by idiots reading from a script.
    • The messages are split in transit, before they hit your phone.
    • It has nothing to do with your phone.
    • It has everything to do with your phone company.

    I wonder if people on the prepaid services that use the sprint network are also getting hit by this?

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    trangers77 Expert
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    I would suggest taking your device into the store.

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    Shane_M Silver Expert
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    Hello all,


         We don't currently have any outages as of now regarding this, if it's occurring on multiple operating systems (blackberry, android, and palm) I would probably agree it might be a network issue, we're going to need go through full troubleshooting and not just doing a hard reset, there's other troubleshooting we can run through on our network for each line. I'm just curious has anyone tried using a different messaging application and gotten any different results?


    Edit: - Actually jellybean91 found a recent issue related to this that it appears might be the problem, there's no ETR yet but I will find out more information and post an update probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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    barlescharkley1 Newbie
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    Hi there, just wondering if there's been any updates on this situation?

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    Same thing is happening to me. It's driving me insane and I haven't been able to receive any messages aside from the repetitive 0001/0002 & 0002/0002 one since around 4:00pm June 28th. PLEASE let me know if anyone figures anything out. I went it and got a new phone & everything but it surely is a service problem they said after I returned to the Sprint repair center for the third time last week.

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    WORSHIPKING14 Newbie
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    I am experiencing the same issue.  It is very annoying!  I agree that it must be a network issue.  Hopefully they get this resolved soon.

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