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HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread

ALynch40 Expert
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There are several threads floating around on the HTC Sense crashing\force close issue and it will serve the community better to have as much information in one place as possible.

So I am making this thread in hopes of it getting noticed by both Sprint and HTC to may be get a speedy fix on this issue. So far the Sense crashing\force close has affected the EVO 4G, EVO Shift and the EVO 3D (as of today).

This means 3 different phones running 3 different versions of HTC Sense with the edited Gingerbread build put out. So if everyone would abandon the other threads and put all your information into this single thread to make it an easier read for those who will be hopefully doing the fixing.


My issues are on the EVO 4G and EVO Shift with them both crashing\force close when backing out of an app or using the home button to get out of an app. It doesn't matter the app as it does it at random on several apps so far.

Another issue I can having is HTC Sense will reset my wallpaper back to the stock HTC Sense one with the out of focus rainbow bubbles. This happens on boot and randomly on Sense crash.


I would also like to add the HTC Contact Us email and suggest everyone fire off an email to help get the ball rolling.


If other threads can be merged here with this post being top that would be great or to have this one stickied would be good too.


NOTE: This is a fact finding thread for help and NOT a bash Sprint or HTC thread. Stick to the facts and issues at hand related to the topic of the thread please.

  • 1. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    THEBURKERTS612 Newbie
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    Having same issue after preforming the HTC Software upgrade.  Phone just cycles and HTC Sense crashing\force can not access any features on phone other then shutdown.

  • 2. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    DANMART1981 Newbie
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    I am having similar issues with my Evo 4G. Ever since the recent update to Android 2.3.3 everytime I back out of an app I am met with the green HTC logo and a white background.  It appears that Sense is either crashing, or is being shutdown.  If I am in an app for only a short while it does not cause any problems, but when I spend time in any app I get problems, even the stock apps that came preinstalled like the web browser.  I am unsure wether this is happening while the app is running, or immidately after I exit the app.  The phone does seem to slow down after a minute or so into using an app.  My phone is still useable, too.  So far this is the only problem I have encountered with the update.  My battery life is much better now, so there's that.

  • 3. Re: HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    DACBETH Valued Member
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    HTC Sense Restarts And Changes Wallpaper

    EVO 4G

    HTC  Sense restarting randomly and changing the wallpaper to one that I  never used on my phone, began after the first GB update.  It has gotten  worse after the recent update.  HTC Sense restarts when leaving  the  market and other apps Dolphin HD Browser and others, but not in every  instance. 


    When  the phone is booting up, just before showing the lockscreenit it will  show the wallpaper that is the first one in the wallpaper section the  colorful one with bubbles.  I have never used any of the wallpapers  because I have always used the originale scene installed on the phone.   Now on several occasions when the phone started it put the Wallpaper on  my home screens, but did not change the apps and widgets I had on the  Home Pages.  Luckily I had saved my scene and was able to get it back.


    My phone has been reset to factory twice, initially be me and two days ago by a Sprint tech and a service center.


    Sprint  something continues to be wrong with these updates that is affecting  HTC Sense, it is broke.  Please, everyone else sith HTC Sense restarting  randomly or changing you wallpaper, post and describe your exact  problem.  Possibly we will get Sprints attention.


    PS,  Not running any antivirus programs like Lookout


  • 4. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    derika_2012 Newbie
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    Same issues.  Soooo frustrating!  Crashing, Force Closing, constantly reloading, screen delay.  Any idea when this will be fixed?  I should never have updated my phone last week.  It was ok at first, then has been going downhill since the weekend.  Help!

  • 5. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    ALynch40 Expert
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    This is a great start lets keep it going !!!

  • 6. Re: HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    had all the above with an addition. screen randomly becomes unresponsive..yet i can hit the phone button on the screen and make a call..but cant chose anything above that or even swipe the screen from side to side...then it will up and start working again. sense as well?

  • 7. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    toothpicktrevor Regular Visitor
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    Same...sad that such a awesome phone has to crash like a *****

  • 8. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    jwbbccp2 Newbie
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    Ditto above posts. Updated this morning, tried uninstalling all task manager apps, didn't help. Sense crashes whenever coming back from other app...

  • 9. Re: HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    ALynch40 Expert
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    I have been talking with HTC in email and explaining the situation and this is the last response from them after going over it all again that this is not just my device but all 3 EVO models.


    Dear Arthur Lynch,


    Thank you for the response. Due to this issue  effecting all Evo devices, I will forward this to our research and  development department for upcoming updates. Thank you for taking the  time to contact us. If you have any future comments or concerns about  our devices please feel free to contact us.

  • 10. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    collinhead Newbie
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    Exact same problem for me. I'm sending a message to HTC right now. I hope they get this fixed soon, because it's pretty unacceptable. I would downgrade if I could.

  • 11. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    wildcougar17 Newbie
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    I have a Hero and have been having the same issues.  It also changed setting on me and I'm totally disgusted with the whole thing.  We pay a lot of money for phone service....most of which I haven't been able to use the last few days.  I sent an email via the link you provided.  thanks for this thread!

  • 12. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    sfurt Newbie
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    OMG me to everyone's complaints. I have the EVO Shift it was working fine till the HTC upgrade I should have left it alone. I like some of the new features but is it worth it? NOPE! Same issues. Very frustrating! Crashing, Force Closing, constantly reloading, screen delay, my widgets wont post, Any idea when this will be fixed? I should never have updated my phone last week. It was ok at first. I to did a reset on it. Hoping for change. NOTHING! Is there a time frame from HTC when this problem with be fixed? Up till recently I loved my EVO please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    Andrew586 Regular Visitor
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    thank god this is here man, i swear i thought i was the only one. so, same issue here with me, press home button from any app, i see the dreaded white screen. no matter how long im in it. one second. ten, thirty seconds. i have not had any issues with the wallpaper changing. but another thing ive realized.. the music player. i have four custom playlists, ill start a playlist with any song and itll play, when switching to the next song, it immediately jumps to shuffling all music. not just the ones in my playlist. i did do the gingerbread update as well. so i took it to sprint store today, explained the issues. the tech guy looks at it and says hes just ordering me a new phone. its that bad to deal with. maybe others can be as lucky and take it up there and get a replacement.

  • 14. HTC Sense Issue Consolidation Thread
    wildcougar17 Newbie
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    I just got home from Best Buy with a new phone as well....needless to say...this one is not an HTC.    Good luck with this issue, everyone!!!

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