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Finding Evo 3d Movies

beany323 Regular Visitor
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Hello there! Loving the new phone. And am trying to locate 3d movies to upload to my phone. Unsure if movies like avatar and those would work.

I located the black eyed peas concert one, but.. all i got was 2 movies playing side by side.. lol.. i suppose i needed the red/green glasses?!?!


Thanks in advance.

  • 1. Finding Evo 3d Movies
    ccerose111 Expert
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    There are some short 3D movies on youtube that look great on the Evo.  To show off the 3D capabilities, here is one of my favorites:



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    SteveMcC0372 Newbie
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    I am really loving the 3D movie that came on the phone. I would like to know where to down load more 3D movies for the phone as well. I have tried to search for some through the WATCH program but there are not any listed.

    The 3D camera works pretty good. Some pictures are like the old school plastic pictures that you have to move a little and get action sceens but those tend to bu close pictures like 3 feet. I have taken scenery pictures with the 3D camera and they come out really well.

    The only other complaint that I have is the musci section doesnt give you an option to down load or search from the app its self. Other than that the music player is real nice. And I cant seem, to get my blue tooth head set to sync with the phone. I thought there was a compability list some where but I cant seem to find it. I would hate to have to buy another blue tooth just for this phone. Seems as though I have to buy one with each phone I get?????

    There is lots of rooms and 5 screens to add all of the widgets and apps that you can think of.

    I like the car screen for when I am driving. Big plus there

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    Unfortunately the stock app for music is player only, but there are many apps in the market that will let you play and purchase. Shazam is not a player but a good app to have. It finds songs that you hear in the radio and to buy them or search and buy.

    As far as your Btooth, just stop at a Sprint store and they will help tune the EVO with your headset. Make sure you have an active sync between them though.

    Good luck with those problems.

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    SteveMcC0372 Newbie
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    The closest Sprint store is 20 miles away. Kinda seems like a long drive just for the head set.

    I would like to sit down and try to figure out how to download music from my mp3 player into the phone. That would be nice. When I plugged in my head phones into the phone it was searching for a mic as well. So I am going to assume that it is really a head set not head phones.

    I looked into the blockbuster app last night and they had a few 3D movies but they were all from like the discover channel (scenery) instead of any regualr movies....

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    14KNIGHT Master
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    In reply to your questions

    I would like to download music from mp3 player to  phone.   The easiest way is to transfer the music to a computer then to the phone.  There is not direct transfer from mp3 to device.

    bluetooth to device.  you used the term sync which so I am not understanding exactly what you are doing.  The first step is to pair the bluetooth device to the phone.   To do this the Headset has to be put into pairing mode and then connect to the device.   you have found one of the problems with bluetooth   and that is  bluetooth is not always compatible with other blue tooth device.  And yes there is a diffrence between headset and headphones.  One has a  

  • 6. Finding Evo 3d Movies
    SteveMcC0372 Newbie
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    It wasnt a really a question as much as it is something that I am going to have to attempt. For Example: when I was first setting up the new phone it went through a wizzard to sync the contacts from my old phone to the new one via blue tooth. However in the wizard it did not support my old phone. But when I went through the the blue tooth seetings and made them both discoverable it did work. So I am going to have to see what I can do about the MP3 player..

    Excuse my for using the word sync instead of pairing. However the point from an earlier posting still remains. Is there a compatability list of bluetooth devices that will PAIR with the HTC 3D? Ok so I found an issue with blue tooth devices and the fact they can all sync with every phone.... So whats the solution besides going out and buying one every time we get a new phone?

    I know what the diffrence is between a headset and headphones.

    Still nothing about where to find 3D movies though?

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    MOPEY4288 Newbie
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    Seeing the screens side by side means it can be viewed on the EVO 3D (so that is a good thing).  Choose the Menu key and choose the option to play in 3D.  It will play in 3D. 

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    SteveMcC0372 Newbie
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    Any movies that you download from Watch?

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    also at the top of the main forum there is a link that tells you how to convert 3D movies for your phone.





    eh...figured i would unlazy myself and post it




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    erichamby Regular Visitor
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    [...]is a great place.


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    Ramsey646 Expert
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    search "YT3D" in youtube, its a tag that youtube introduced to develop a 3D content community.

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    underseer Expert
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    erichamby wrote:


    [...]is a great place.


    Is that place safe? We're not going to pick up a bunch of malware by visiting the site, are we?


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    erichamby Regular Visitor
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    Ii love the site never had any issues with them. The only file inside the downloads in the actual video... no other files. you have to agree that you have a legit copy of the movie and you understand your only paying for the conversions... but i can see thier point.

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    mapesy Sprint Admin
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    You are posting multiple messages in various threads. This is against Community Guidlines. In additon, unless we have a business relationship with a third party website, links are not allowed on the community due to possible viral risks / malware.



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