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wifi calling?

phoenix215476 Valued Member
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with sprint, are you able to make/receive calls while connected to wifi? does it cost anything extra? do you have to set something up?

  • 1. wifi calling?
    14KNIGHT Master
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    Yes you can make calls while connected to wifi.  It does not cost anything extra to do this.  the only thing you have to set up is the wifi connection  

  • 2. wifi calling?
    phoenix215476 Valued Member
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    thanks for the response. i'd never heard of "wifi calling" before, but on the tmobile board they're acting like it's something special that not all phones can do and it takes something special to set up even if your phone can do it... i've been using an iPhone 3G on at&t for the past three years and i've always been able to make/receive calls while connected to wifi and i never had to do anything special or set anything up

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    wifi calling is using wifi to make a call when in low to no coverage areas...  not exactly what you were thinking which was using wifi for internet access while calling on the GSM or CDMA or whichever cell network

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    that would be pretty useful for the people in the more "rural" areas/ on the border of roaming and not roaming. myself included.

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    I will be switching to Tmobile for that specific reason. I get no service in my house or at work, but there is wifi

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    jj14x Valued Member
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    Calling over wifi - As Feelthesweetbea explained, there are two different 'features'

    Can you make a call over the sprint network while you are connected to your wifi? Sure! Any phone will do that.

    Can you make a call over wifi (not using sprint minutes)m while you are connected to your wifi? Not by default. On T-mobile, there are some phones that will let you do that. But not all. On Sprint, they do not have such a feature (unless you get the airave and pay the monthly extra for making unlimited calls over that)

    You can instead get an app like GrooveIP that will let you make and receive calls over wifi (or even over 3g/4g if you have good data speeds). You'll need to get a (free) google voice # to use with GrooveIP though.


    @Feelthesweetbea, if you don't have any service at home or work, why did you even select Sprint as your carrier? (Unless you moved after getting service). If I didn't have service at home or work, I'd have dropped Sprint a long time ago.

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    ZX-10Rider Expert
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    This article explains it nicely...


    Republish Wireless,, and its $19 a month service, relies on it heavily.  However, their phones (made specifically for them) do not have the same issue as T-Mobile where a call gets dropped once outside of the Wi-Fi hotspot range.  They use Sprints network.

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    @ jj14x,  Recent change of residence and work... selection of sprint occured 7 years ago. Ill check into GrooveIP because id rather not switch.

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    watsonrich Newbie
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    Apparently, other services are offering VOIP calling that is seamless with your regular phone service.  We live in a house where sprint service is terrible, but have long contracts.  If WIFI is available, our Internet is very fast and it would help immensely.

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    RDK927 Expert
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    I have a Moto X and i get WIFI Calling. Do not ask Sprint for this feature cause they will tell you that it only works with Samsung Galaxy phones. this is not the case. I downloaded Google voice from Google Play. In the set up there is a link to set up Sprint WIFI. This works. I have almost no coverage in my area and I can make and receive calls. however there are a COUPLE OF PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE. 1. make sure that no one is surfing the net when you make a call. You will lose bandwidth and the call will be broken up. 2. You can receive wifi calls but the caller will have to wait for at lease 5 rings before your phone will ring but. I am currently looking into how to correct this. The incoming call will be clear and at a good volume. Some times the call will have to normalize first. By that I mean a little broken up but will get better. you need WIFI in your home to make this work. Mine works great!

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    GKBULS1 Regular Visitor
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    How did you get this setup on Moto X?  I have it with Gvoice installed and I don't see that option.

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    RDK927 Expert
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    When I purchased my Moto X In MArch I found that I had poor coverage in my area so I looked into Sprint Wifi. Sprint says that only the Samsung galaxy phones can use the wifi option. Do not talk to Sprint. I found that Sprint wifi uses Google Voice. So I went to the Google Play Store and downloaded Google voice. I didn't know that there was a link to to Sprint wifi until I started to do the set up. I chose to use MY cell phone number instead of the google voice number. after that I saw a link for Sprint wifi. I tapped on it and it set up the wifi calling. If you have had Google voice on you phone for a long time then you may not have the link. I suggest that you uninstall it and download it again and use your phones number instead of the google number. My phone is clear and loud as long as no one is surfing. this is a great option for areas of poor reception! I hope that this helps.

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    AIONMaeling Newbie
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    Okay, it seems that we can make outgoing calls using WiFi which is great. What I haven't seen yet is, when overseas in a qualifying country, can I get a call while using WiFi as long as I'm connected to a WiFi network?

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