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Hello, I have been a Sprint customer since 9/11/08, I had the "great" instinct, "awesome" hero and now the BEST "EVO"... The only reason I am with Sprint is the "Everything" package, which you still get screwed on, with your cell phone bill!!! I am typing this out to all those who have been let down, dissapointed and seriously have threw your "equipment" at the wall plus watch it broke to million pieces because is Sprint 4g a MYTH of REAL OR Sprint sucks royally!!.. I went to Cleve/Pitt in June 2011, the 4G worked like it should, like it was there and my EVO was working like an EVO should, I had the upgraded OS Gingerbread ( they can seriously work on that too, but it works simple, smooth and yea sweetly!! ) I have been herassed, hanged up and "call dropped" by customer services, care and those idiots they hire @ the sprint store on UPPER PEACH, but the kiosk in the Millcreek Mall is eh, but I swear they just hire "pretty" people to do the work!!! I want to know when is Sprint going to listen to me, Erie PA, Buffalo NY and a few MAJOR cities are, should have 4G, Verizon 4G just landed in Erie, PA!!! IPHONE rocks here, Verizon rules here, but I love Sprint, I am seriously at my wits end, I cant wait any longer, I have put up with alot of BS, alot of talk!!! I have bad memories with Sprint!!! When is Erie and some other MAJOR cities I know goin to be 4G and Why would Sprint release 4G to begin with, without a NATIONWIDE 4G coverage first, why are they playing games etc etc CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!! or am I they only nutcase!!

  • 1. ERIE PA 4G or 4G a MYTH
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    erie071211.jpgClick on Map to Enlarge


    I know it's of little consolation, but there is one 4G tower active in Erie.  See map above with coverage area in green.  It's woefully inadequate at this point.  Also, it has not been confirmed operational by independent sites like  So it may not be operating.


    When you get a chance, go to the center of the green area (like on Buffalo Road or E. 12th, east of PA-290), turn on your 4G antenna and scan for service.  If you connect, run the SpeedTest app and get the download and upload speeds and post your results.  If you have the Sensorly Android App, open it up too and add your results.


    Hopefully Erie will get some more Sprint 4G love in the near future!

  • 2. ERIE PA 4G or 4G a MYTH
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    I live in that area and it connects and has worked the past few days but today when I was connected to it I was unable to get any data traffic through.

    When the the data was working and I had full 4G bars I got max download of 3.8mb and upload 1.4mb . I will try the Sensorly app today.

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    As of right now, 4G is not available in Erie PA. If your phone or connection card is getting signal and able to connect/use 4G anywhere in the area you are free to use it; However, since it hasn't officially launched it's not guaranteed to be operational 100% of the time because it is in the testing phase.


    For more information and to sign up for updates on when 4G will be coming to your area please visit

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    I am currently getting 4G very well, it says "fair" but I am atleast getting 4G, im impressed by this.. I am praying to any god, dogma or anything above ERIE WILL GET THE SWITCH TO 4G ASAP!!!! I fixed my phone for the past 3 days, Its running so much smoother and well I am trying my best my very best to do the best and "right" thing!!! PLEASE 4G COME TO ERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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