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Ring count before voice mail

carolinagirl38D Expert
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Is it really impossible to change the number the number of rings before the call rolls to voicemail with Epic? I've done it with my EVO and Hero plus many Virgin Mobile phones. What makes the Epic so different?   --  Sharon

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    BeaArthur Bronze Expert
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    This is not currently an option on any device on the Sprint network - only Nextel customers can extend ring times (adds an additional 15 seconds of ringing when receiving a call) by contacting customer care.

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    carolinagirl38D Expert
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    Unfortunately that's not really the case. I used Virgin Mobile for 5 years, changed my number at least once a year, changed to Sprint contract and had it extended all my Virgin numbers and both my Hero and my EVO. Why have they stopped allowing this simple change at the switch? Three rings just isn't long enough for me to even get it out of my purse, let alone answer it. I even got lied to and was told it was hard-coded into the OS - pure horse biscuits - it's done at the switch level, something Sprint has absolute control over.  --  Sharon

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    Honestly, there really is no way to increase ringtime on Sprint at all whatsoever.   If you have insufficient time to answer your device before it goes to voicemail, is it possible that the ringer you have selected has silence at the beginning? 


    However, if you are using android devices, you can sign into google voice and it might give you more time.  It waits 25 seconds before going to voicemail.

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    carolinagirl38D Expert
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    Maybe not today, but in the past, Virgin had no problems what so ever. It was taken care of by a Tier-1 tech and it didn't take too much more on my Hero and EVO. But, I guess things change.  Pity. Open source but not control.  --  Sharon

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    JPSquared Sprint Employee
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    As you have correctly identified, this is something set at the switch level, not on the device. As long as its Sprint phone, when someone calls it, it will ring on the callers end for about 21 seconds, or roughly 6 rings on the callers end. Included in that 21 seconds is that time needed to locate the phone on the network. From the callers end, two of those rings are normally used to locate the phone and connect it, leaving four additional rings on the callers end where your phone is actually ringing. Sometimes it can locate your phone quicker, sometimes slower, but what I have described is what I would consider normal.


    We have no setting to extend that 21 seconds of ringing. I honestly don't know if its adjustable or not in the switch, but unfortuately it's not a feature we offer on the Sprint side of the fence. Commonly the problem is actually that the network takes too long to locate the phone. Every ring that it uses to locate it, is one less ring on the device itself.


    A common trick to help the system locate your phone quicker is to remove the battery and leave the phone off for atleast 60 seconds. It is important to actually follow the 60 second rule on this one, as this relates to how the towers communicate with the phone. After about 60 seconds of the network not being able to find the phone, it clears out any of the previous info from the phone registering on the tower. Afterwards when you put the battery back in and power on the phone, it will do a fresh and new registration. This will usually clear up any delays in the network locating the phone. In other words, your phone will start ringing more quickly when someone is calling, allowing you more time to get to it.


    I hope this helps!

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