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Radio Interface Resource Shortage

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I have 2 phones doing this on me. An original Evo 4g (non rooted) and a newer Evo Shift (non rooted). This just started today. It was working fine yesterday on both phones.

Data seems to be working fine but I cannot text and I cannot make a call. It just beeps once and then disconnects.

When you send a text it constantly says Radio Interface Resource Shortage Cause code: 64 Error class: 2.

I have taken my battery out and have tried a profile update as others have said. Is there anything that fixes this? I did not pay this much money for a phone that doesn't work properly.

Android Version 2.3.3




Build Number 4.24.651.1


Software same as above


PRI Version 2.15_003

  • 1. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         I apologize you're having issues with texting, I've seen this issue before and some times this can be resolved by just pulling the battery out and putting back in. However, since you're experiencing this on two different phones, it may be something related to a block or restriction on the account on our end, I am going to send you a private message and so I can collect some contact information for further assistance.

  • 2. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    EVO_Chris Newbie
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    I have been experiencing this issue ever since I updated to the latest Android software.  I never used to have issues with signal but that is a problem also.  Texts don't send and apps get disconnectd from the network all the time now.  I have done the PRL update and tried updating everything that was possible to update.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • 3. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    rgj84 Newbie
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    I am having the same issue with two phones purchased this weekend.

  • 4. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    mjimenez1984 Newbie
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    I purchased the HTC Evo Shift about 3 weeks ago and while downloading a software update it crashed. I was not able to send or receive text messages or make calls; and while checking the Sprint Zone I wasn't getting voice or data signal, when I tried to make calls to any number I would get a machine saying: Welcome to Verizon Wireless... I went to the store and thinking it was the phone, I had it replaced. Now, everytime I try to send a text message it is giving me the error "Radio Interface Resource Shortage" it is driving me crazy and I don't know what else to do. I spent about an hr with a customer service representative today thinking I had a lock in the messaging center because I read this is what has happened to other clients but apparently that is not the case, they say everything is good on my account. I have taken the battery out several times and nothing seems to be working.

  • 5. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    fireguy_6364 Master
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    do you happen to know anyone else with sprint and are they having the same issue as you are? if they dont then youre most likely going to have to do a factory reset of the phone.

  • 6. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    wogert Regular Visitor
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    I also have the Evo 4G Shift, and get constant Radio Interface Shortage errors, no texts, no calls, no 3G data.

    (Error Code 67.  Unable to establish wireless data connection) also comes up repeatedly.

    I have pulled the battery.  I have performed factory reset.  These do not help, so save yourself the misery.

    I have exchanged the phone twice @ Sprint store due to malfunctioning touch screens, and all 3 phones have suffered this network issue, so it isn't the phone.

    It has to be Gingerbread, HTC software, or the actual wireless network.

  • 7. Re: Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         I'm sorry you're having issues with your EVO Shift. That error 67 is usually caused when the device is failing to authenticate on our network, normally a simple updating of the profile (Menu>Settings>System Updates>Update Profile) can usually resolve this issue. However normally when you do a hard reset it causes a hands free activation or update profile automatically, so in your situation I'm going to send you a private message to gather more information and see if a refresh from our end will resolve that issue for you.


    To anyone else experiencing a Radio Interface Resource Shortage this error can be caused by many things, normally I would suggest trying to pull the battery with the device on and after that update your profile by going from the main home screen to Menu > Settings > System Updates > Update profile if that doesn't work, we may need to refresh a couple of network elements from our end, you can either call in to 888-211-4727 or you can send me a private message by clicking on my Calvin & Hobbes avatar then on the right side click on Send Private Message, in the subject line put Radio Interface Resource Shortage and in the private message include your mobile phone number of the device you're experiencing the issue with. Please be sure to not post your personal information here in this thread.

  • 8. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    KIMRAN429 Newbie
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    I had the same issue. Sometimes it happens because your having billing issues. Make sure your cool on that end.

  • 9. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    wogert Regular Visitor
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    @ Shane_M...


    I have had 3 different phones through the Sprint Refurb Exchange program (for different phone issue than this... original phone died and EVERY exchange phone I have been given has had some other malfunction issue), and all 4 phones suffered the Radio Interface Shortage error.  I have deduced that the error seems to occur only when roaming (?) and potentially only when roaming on Verizon towers (?).  On days that the phone is acting up, if I drive a few minutes down the road into Sprint Network, I get connection and get inundated with all my missed alerts (texts, voicemails, emails, etc.).  Turn around and drive back, and again lose network connection.


    Maybe something Sprint can look into??

  • 10. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    mjimenez1984 Newbie
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    I don't know anybody else who has this problem. I've done the factory reset and still not working...

  • 11. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    newgrl Newbie
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    I'm having this same issue. It just started yesterday. I've powered down, removed battery and updated PRL and profile, all to no avail.

  • 12. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    DakT2 Newbie
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    I, too, am having the same issue. I only get the "Radio Interface Resource Shortage" error when not at home.

  • 13. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    Teebabii8 Newbie
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    I have the same problem with my EVO 4G. I originally bought the phone in January and had a problem with the charging port last month. I took it to the Sprint store and they said they couldn't fix it and I would have to go through Asurion. I paid $100 deductible and got my replacement phone in the mail three days later. That was three weeks ago. Starting yesterday morning the phone no longer works in my house. I drove a block away and it works.



    Radio Interface Resource Shortage - cause code: 64 error class: 2

    call orginations attempt fails due to an immediate signal loss (signal fade or no service available)


    When I go into the Sprint Zone app and run the 3G test that fails. I've tried updating profile, firmware, prl and software and it doesnt help.I did a hard reset and a complete reactivation with the help of online chat rep. That also didn't work.


    I made two trips with to the Sprint store where the phone magically gets full coverage (good thing i took pics of the error messages). On the second trip they offered to order a replacement phone for me which I won't get until tomorrow. They didn't have any in stock because, according to him, "they are so popular."

    At this point I have little hope that this replacement phone will be any different. I am so frustrated with Sprint.

  • 14. Radio Interface Resource Shortage
    theflex Newbie
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    Having the same issue. Just started this week. Only happens when I'm at home. Texts go through fine but i still get the Radio Interface Resource Shortage message. Casue code 64 error class 2. Still can't make calls at all. Did the updates and still not working. Hssssssss!!!

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