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Sprint iPhone Confirmed!

zuelion Newbie
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To those on the edge of their seats waiting for the iPhone to appear on Sprint's network, your wait will be over! After constantly calling the highest of highest Sprint reps, I was able to recieve confidential information. Apple & Sprint both came together because the Sprint iPhone is definitely about to appear on the nation's most cost effective & amazing network ! It is positive that the iPhone will be coming to Sprint. This may be a gigantic sigh of relief for many but there is still one problem facing the Sprint iPhone; The opening day (aka the Release date of the phone). Although the Sprint iPhone is without a doubt in the works & coming to the network, The release date is very much unconfirmed yet. Some people may have believed that the Sprint iPhone will be coming out cohesive to the date of the iOS5 release (and possibly the iPhone 5) release date, but that may not be the case. The iPhone might be coming to Sprint's network as late as 2012!! Although, why would Apple wait to release the iPhone until later into 2012 if they were releasing the iPhone 5 on At&T + Verizon <Still no information yet> if they were going to add Sprint to their carriers as well? It is possible that they might wait until the 4G networks are extremely stable, but I doubt that is the case. Regardless of your opinion of this discussion (whether you may believe me or not) I really could not care at all. If you wish to believe me, then fine. If you hate & wish to disbelieve me, then go ahead. I will just be ready to purchase the Sprint iPhone as soon as it comes out. Keep in mind... I still do enjoy my Samsung Epic (which runs on android), so really im not an "Apple Fanboy," but I will admit I do prefer the iPhone over the Android platform, Although both platforms are really fun to use & it really is about personal preference!!


~ Thank you for reading this & if you have any questions/comments please respond whatever you need to say.

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    Geodude94 Newbie
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    Wow this is unbelievable news!!!  How did you get this info bro?  Will apple and sprint announce this soon?

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    murad17 Regular Visitor
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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay about the release date it. It will be released when the iPhone 5 Comes out. Sprint cannot afford to wait any longer for their iPhone. So expect it this FALL GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!

  • 4. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    rexcanis Bronze Expert
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    I have "confidential information" that says that my nextdoor neighbor's dog is going to win the next Presidential election. That doesn't mean that it's true.

  • 5. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    DONALIEN Silver Expert
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    While I wish that this rumor were true, at this point it is simply that; a rumor. No one that has this sort of proprietary information about our business plans actually even speaks to customers on the phone. Whomever you got this information from, it was either misrepresented, misunderstood or simply false.


    Vote rexcanis'-neighbor's-dog in 2012!

  • 6. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    zuelion Newbie
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    Hey Guys,

    I'm sorry to tell you that the iPhone for Sprint is pretty much confirmed now... I mean who would you listen to? These Sprint people on the website who want to keep everything confidential, or actual highly regarded representatives from the company. They didn't tell me a release date or anything ... so don't get toooo upset. I also can't stress enough how EXTREMELY unprofessional to side with a random stranger & basically make fun of this post by saying "HAHAHA ---> Let's go on the web & make fun of a random kid on the web saying

    "Vote rexcanis'-neighbor's-dog in 2012!" You people can believe these Sprint people, but I will have the last laugh when the iPhone comes out on Sprint's network. Most of these Sprint people know a lot less than us!!

  • 7. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    DNWKLIN Newbie
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    I hope the coming of iphone does not result in Sprint pull off unlimited data.

  • 8. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    goygacon Silver Expert
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    Dude, what's your neighbor's dogs' name...That's awesome!

  • 9. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    SA_Viper43 Bronze Expert
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    I have had the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4 and I gotta tell you, the build quality is excellent (especially the iPhone 4) and the os runs flawlessly and the battery life is awesome, however as far as any reall customization goes your stuck (unless you jailbreak, which voids the warranty). I loved the iPhone 4 but quickly got bored with it because I was stuck with whatever Apple deemed users would want there phone to do. And here's the biggy, everything has to be done through iTunes. If you are okay with that your gonna love the phone. I went from the iPhone 4 to the EVO and love what the phone can do but battery life sucks. I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make but just wanted to comment. Either way, Cheers!

  • 10. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    OLORCAIN3 Valued Member
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    Sorry, but until I see somethng in print from Sprint and Apple guess I will still be a skeptic.  A lot of rumors though and on Facebook the reps who used to just ignore questions about the Iphone are replying to posts saying the stock "we can't answer...blah, blah, blah".  So it could certainly happen for all you folks waiting.   However, after experiencing the white screen of death on my Ipod Touch (for no apparent reason) and reading about a lot of this happening to the Iphone not sure I will be running out and getting one.  But I never say never so we will wait and see.

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    LiLBit555 Expert
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    I am hoping for the iphone 5 to come to Sprint, but I will wait to hear what Apple has to say and for what Sprint has to say. No one from Sprint or Apple are saying anything right now so it is best to just wait. No assuming!!

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    YvonneMQuinn Newbie
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    I was actually in the a Sprint store last week and overhead the manager of the store tell another customer that Sprint IS getting the iPhone in October however he was not sure what the cost would be.  This manager has always been up front and honest with me in the past so I have to believe what he said.  As long as it's not outrageously expensive...I'm in!!  

  • 13. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    GWMAC Regular Visitor
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    Do I believe the iPhone is coming to Sprint later this year or early in 2012? Yes


    Do I believe the original poster's story about talking to Sprint officials and confirming that? Absolutely not.



    Dan Hesse is not an idiot. The most recent financial report proves Sprint is still bleeding postpaid customers and losing money. 93% of current iPhone customers plan to stick with the iPhone for their next phone. iPhone has a "a very satisfied" rating of over 72% vs only 49% on Android. The iPhone is the best selling phone on AT&T and Verizon by a wide margin, even with big selection of  high end Android phones. In fact, about 74% of current Verizon Android customers are waiting on the iPhone 5 to make the switch.  If anyone doesn't think the iPhone would immediately be the best selling phone in Sprint's history they are delusional. Getting an iPhone on Sprint is the ONLY way to stop bleeding postpaid customers and even start gaining some back they have lost. The EVO 3D, Photon, and no not even the Galaxy SII will not bring back any customers because the other carriers will all offer similar phones and also offer the iPhone.


    Sprint will get the iPhone because if they don't they will become completely irrelevant and continue shrinking in size. Thanks to Sprint's unlimited and cheaper plans, an iPhone on Sprint might bring millions of new customers back to Sprint. Sprint definitely needs to fix the atrocious 3G speeds all across the country lately though.  You will hear a lot of ruors and people pretending to know "the inside scoop". Don't believe any of it. Apple are too good at keeping secrets. But what you can believe in is logic. Apple wants to sell more iPhones, they already have a CDMA version, looks very likely that China Mobile with 600 million CDMA subscribers will also get the iPhone, Apple's new policy seems to be to sell on as many carriers in a country as possible, Sprint can use the T-Mo buyout from AT&T as leverage to get the iPhone since they could argue that why would only the largest two carriers be entitled to get the best selling smartphone in the world as that puts an unfair disadvantage to a smaller carrier like Sprint (which it most certainly does). Finally, I think Sprint realizes that a lot of us very loyal Sprint customers that have been waiting for so very long are running out of patience. If Sprint does not get an iPhone or at least have an announcement by the end of the year, I am gone and I am sure a lot more will follow.

  • 14. Sprint iPhone Confirmed!
    GWMAC Regular Visitor
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    Forgot to add one more idea. If Sprint really wanted to stir things up and get a lot of attention, in addition to offering the iPhone on Sprint they could also sell an unsubsidized and unlocked version for Boost and Virgin Mobile. They are obviously making money off of those plans and companies, and if the customer paid the full price of an iPhone there would be no money to recoup. I could see that being huge. I would probably even switch to Boost myself since the savings would pay for the phone in a pretty short while.

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