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Phonebook contacts gone!!!

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I made multiple changes to my phone throughout the day today and just noticed that all of my Phonebook contacts are GONE!!!  I figure the most likely culprit (the last change I made) was to import my Hotmail contacts into Gmail.  Now all my Gmail contacts appear under People but the rest of my 300+ contacts are completely gone.  I even went under Menu and selected View and checked Phone, which shows only 4 contacts (those that I added since buying the phone).  The other actions I performed today were downloading ringtones and apps and plugging it into my computer to delete downloaded songs.  I have only had the phone 1 week and apparently didn't ever back up my Phonebook contacts to Gmail (or the importing erased them) because they're not there.  Is there any other way to recover my numbers???

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    After reading other posts on the matter, it appears that importing into Gmail is indeed the problem.  However, I do not still have my old phone and the numbers were not saved on my SD card.  However, there is a contact in Gmail called Wireless Backup, but when I try to open it in Outlook it was only a password.  Can I use that to restore my numbers?

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    So you have tried importing and nothing imports?  Have you searched sd card files for the file? It sounds like the hotmail import didn't merge but rather replaced your contacts. Unfortunately with what you have described it does sound like one of your actions overwrote the contacts you are missing. You have logged into a pc to look at contacts in Gmail, correct?

    If you have follow up questions post to this thread and i will monitor.


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    Yes, when I imported my contacts from Hotmail, it replaced all my  previous contacts.  Apparently a common problem based on some of the  threads that i read.  After a lot of research and just exploring the  site, I found a "restore" option in Gmail that brought all of my  contacts back.  So now my questions are:

    1) How do I save my current contacts to my SD card?

    2) Can I set it up so that it routinely saves to my SD card?

    3) How do I safely import my Hotmail contacts ( as a .csv) into Gmail without it wiping everything out again?

    4) How can I prevent my Gmail contacts from being synced with my Phone contacts (don't want them on my phone)?


    My device: HTC Evo 4g.  Any help you could provide to prevent this tragedy from happening again would be VERY appreciated.

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    To save your current contacts to the SD Card, Open the "People" app>Menu>Export>Export to SD card.

    Purchase and download the app in the market called "My BackUp Pro" it's the best app for providing back up. You can schedule it to routinely back up your contacts, Apps, Data, SMS etc...

    If your importing your Hotmail to gmail it will combine the two, If you don't want the gmail contacts, Menu>Settings>Accounts & Sync>Google>Sync Contacts(UNCHECK)

    But again if you only want the Hotmail ones, Export the gmail ones to your pc, Delete all gmail contacts out of gmail and the phone, Import the HotMail ones to Gmail, Re-enable the Google Contacts sync, Now only your Hotmail ones will be on the phone.

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