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accuracy of family locator???

CRYSTAL1976 Newbie
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How accurate is the family locator? My husband and I use it. I'm embarrassed to say but he thinks, I'm trying to cheat and is always checking calls and locator. I work from home on the phone all day. But the family locator has located my phone 2 times about 3 miles from our home and it is showing the same area. Both of these days I'm been at work (at my home desk). The first time I had to ask my supervisor if she remembered what time I signed into my computer to prove to him I was at work during that time. This second time the time that it reported was during my 30 min lunch. There are multiple reasons why I could not and would not have left the home. But that doesn't matter to him. Even his phone has been located 2 times in an area within a mile from work. But his reply is that his home is within a mile from his work. But my location is about 3miles away from where I should be.


I can't describe the fight this locator has caused.......... to the talk of divorced

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    So the problem is really trust issues in the marriage, and not the family locator.... But sometimes people accuse people of doin something ......Cause there doin it.....

    As far as the locator. ive used it many times.. it is off centered on pin point accuracy, but not by miles when i check it..Maybe 10 blocks or so but it depends ........... so anyway.. good luck...

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    The locator can only locate the cell tower that is near you, it DOES NOT pin point where YOU and your phone are EXACTLY.  If it could, it would give you the EXACT address, not a range.  This changes frequently, depending on what is going on near the tower that is locating you like the weather, trees or buildings, time of day (high usage may cause it to bounce off or borrow from another cell tower that is not so jammed).etc. Even the weather could make it be off by 2-3 miles.  I have been using this service for six years and it is accurate to 1-3 miles 99 per-cent of the time!  I use it for business and it tells me the area, not the address most of the time.

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    The locator, as with any GPS, and its accuracy is based on many factors. Including clowd cover, if the diveice is inside/ outside, and if the GPS is turned on. The first two affect the visibility to GPS satalites, wich is why all GPS with give you a +/- accuracy. Also if the phone has the GPS turned off it will only show a range bassed on the last cell tower accessed.

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    You didn't state what type of phone you have.  If you have an Android there are tons of free apps that are more precise and offer web access to logs etc to show where you are and where you have been.  One that I have tried is InstaMapper and it works great.  I use it for safety when I ride my bike for exercise.  Just in case there was ever a problem my wife could locate me precisely and quickly. So, If you have an android try some of the free apps in the market.


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    CRYSTAL1976 Newbie
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    Thanks for the info on Instamapper.  I will try that one. I have the Epic

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    I had this same problem my husband and he were having problems. I didn't suspect him of cheating. Money has been tight since he got himself fired and what we were spending wasn't matching what we had started with versus what we had left and his attitude had changed. I started checking in on him through the day and when he would go to the store for a quick trip and be gone for hrs (the stores is 4 blocks away). It was showing him miles away on the other side of the river. Before I flipped out on him for lying I looked it up and since he has his gps turned off it locates him by the tower his phone is connected to which isn't neccessarily the closest. Which is why I can check the location 3 times in 10 mins and it will give me 2 locations 3 miles apart and he is sitting right next to me. I would suggest having your husband use the locator when you to are together and he will then see how off it can be and also start checking on him through the day.

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    I use the locator and it is accurate beyond my expoectations.  When confirming my daughter has arrived at her destination and she doesnt call, I locate her.  We even played a game where she waled around a property and each and every time I was able to tell her what corner of the yard she was in, if she was in the house, or if she was across the street.  so, apparently some pople have trust issues combined with lies to keep their lies and secrets just that.....secrets covered by lies.  f someone was attempting to locate me to catch me with another man, they are way to insecure for me or else they are cheating or hiding something themselves.  I LOVE THE LOCATOR AND I FEEL IT IS 200% CORRECT.  Maybe the truth hurts, but the locator works up to 5 feet in accuracy.  try it and do your own test! 


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    CRYSTAL1976 Newbie
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    See this is what I'm experiencing one moment it has my phone at home then is shows it 3 mi aways.....

    OMG the locator is inaccurate. I have set another tracker up on my phone.. instamapper. It tracks the phone every 5sec. It shows my movements thoughout the house. Well surprisely the sprint locator showed my phone again at 12:56 in the location abt 2mi away (funny this happens fews min of me talking to my husband, which also was the same thing last time). During this same time the instamapper tracker has my phone in the house.

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    This might help:


    Inaccurate Location

    You have indicated that your Family Member(s) using Sprint device(s) are not being accurately located.

    What Causes This?

    Over time, the GPS chip within many devices needs to be reset. Think of this as similar to how a computer needs to be restarted or it begins running slowly.


    If the inaccuracy is not due to poor geographic conditions and/or handset limitations, performing the following steps on the Family Member handset usually helps:

    1. Press "Menu/OK".
    2. Select "Settings". (This may be listed under "Other".)
    3. Select "Location".
    4. Select/Press OK to continue.
      • If Location is "Off", select "On".
      • If Location is "On", select "Off".
    5. Power the phone off. Remove the battery. Wait 60 seconds. Power the phone back on. Make an outbound call. Switch Location back "On."
    6. Place the phone outside or near a window for 60 seconds. Attempt to locate the phone.

    In addition to GPS triangulation, Sprint Family Locator uses several techniques (Advanced Forward Link Trilateration, Assisted GPS, and Cell/Sector centroid) to provide you with the most accurate locations possible based on geographic conditions and handset capabilities. However, given all of these techniques, poor geographic conditions and handset limitations can still result in inaccurate locations.

    Many geographic conditions can contribute to an inaccurate location. Common poor geographic conditions include:

    • The handset that you are trying to locate is inside a building or car.
    • The handset is surrounded by tall buildings, hills, or trees.

    We are working constantly with Sprint to improve overall accuracy. We encourage our subscribers to click here to submit accuracy complaints so that we will have more information with which to make improvements.

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    CRYSTAL1976 Newbie
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    The sprint family locator is not always accurate. This has bothered me because I don't want to be accused of cheater if I'm not. If I was cheating so be it... I would have been caught. But I already know the tracker is on my phone and his so way give yourself up (world's dumbiest cheater???)

    Per a suggestion, I installed the instamapper locator which is WAY better than sprint locator. This one tracks every 5sec and keeps it logged for a least a month.

    Sprint's schld locator at 12:56pm showed the phone located 3mi from my house at the same exact location that it did on Wednesday (keep in mind it is schld to track at this time) now both times I had recently called my husband's phone. (He accused me last time of making sure he wasn't coming home early.. well he didnt answer his phone. So he could have been on his was home, right).

    The instamapper shows the phone at home at 12:56pm and every 5sec before that time and after that time. So I could the phone be in 2 places at the same time

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    Larry what is a app for message log?


    4. Aug 25, 2011 7:27 AM                             (in response to CWARD1994)


    Helpful AnswerRe: accuracy of family locator???

    You didn't  state what type of phone you have.  If you have an Android there are  tons of free apps that are more precise and offer web access to logs etc  to show

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    Right now they recommend Android solutions (as already mentioned below) available in the Marketplace that a person can use to obtain all their texts, voice logs, etc.  Some of them work quite well especially for parental monitoring.  I found Phone Control (free), Phone Sheriff (free), Parental Control for Mobile (free), Text tracker ($5.99).


    • Users with Android phones:  Android apps are already built and enable reading and viewing messages online today via a client-based solution.  Check out CiiAll (it's free) among many others.  Why is this legal and not a Sprint-offered solution?  Because the handset-based solutions don’t require IT provisioning, which is what Sprint's network would need to do to start capturing and storing messages.  The client intercepts and copies messages as they flow through the device and makes them visible to the user on a Web page.


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    i am not asking for copy of messages just the phone numbers that text are send from and send too

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    LyssaWhiteFox Newbie
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    Didn't work very well for me. First attempt to steal my daughter's phone gave us an exact address after almost 5 hours of search in intervals. It sent us to several general locations. With the second incident, it gave us a 1 mile radius and would not give us an exact address even sitting right at that location. Long story short, the phone is now classified as stolen. The replacement is out of stock so she may not have a phone until next week.

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