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iPhone 4S and mobile hotspot

djstapes92 Newbie
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I just purchased the iPhone4S from sprint, and i'm confused.... I have unlimited data, but for the iphone, you are constantly using Wi-Fi. If I do not have the "Sprint Mobile Hotspot" feature, does that mean whenever I use Wi-Fi i get charged extra? I called customer service, but she seemed aggitated and did not fully understand my question. And if the Wi-Fi does cost extra, how do I get my phone to just run off of the Sprint 3G network?

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    clumzyklutz323 Valued Member
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    The Wi-Fi does not cost extra.  (Basically, you're just using the data that you've paid for through another company..or if you're in a public place offering free wi-fi, you're using their data that they're providing. So it's already being paid for.  No need for it to be paid for twice.)  And if you want to just run w/o wi-fi on, just turn it off. 

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    RyooGa Regular Visitor
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    Do you mean you are trying to use your Iphone 4S as a Wi-Fi hot spot so multiples devices can connect from your Iphone's internet service?

         If this is the question, The personal hotspot feature for the Iphone is antoher service that at least in other carriers is charged at around $20.00 (Sprint does this too to the EVO 4G and other hotspot capable phones so most likely you'll have to ask before you use this feature if you want to avoid unwanted bill charges)

    Or you are just trying to connect to any available Wi-Fi hot spot?

         If you are referring to this, this shouldn't be a problem at all, this only means you have to turn on the Wi-Fi function and instead of using Sprint's phone network to connect to the internet, you can use a wireless router from your cable or dsl provider to surf at usually faster speeds.





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    adotjdot Regular Visitor
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    I think you are confused.  WiFi is free, Sprint doesn't charge you for using it.  Unlimited data refers to using Sprint's Network (i.e. when you are not in range of WiFi).


    Sprint Mobile Hotspot is a totally different beast.  It reverses the WiFi on your phone and uses Sprint's Network and turn your phone into a wireless router for a laptop or iPad to connect to.

    Its confusing, I know.

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    clarevoss Newbie
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    I'm going to cancel the mobile hotspot it sucks I do not get service at all at my boyfriends place and while at home I can't get my android tablet to connect it doesn't even pick up the signal because it's far too weak of a signal I go however connect with iPad but the speed is so slow it's terrible and yesterday it too moly device a good 12 hours just download 185 songs via iCloud this is the worst mess ever now I hated that stupid evo it had no battery power but it had wonderful speed and hotspot worked like a charm so  surprised spoke is having this issue or it could be sprints network I'm not sure but it makes apple look bad and I luv apple

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    I believe its the network.  Other iphones are very quick.  Good luck



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    I believe in the contract you signed that you signed the right away to be able to sue Sprint.  I might be mistaken and Im sure people try to for their reasons. 


    But yea, the mobile hotspot is an additonal charge.  The thread you responded to would make me think you have iphones.  But this also might not be the situation. 


    If you want free hotspots and dont have an iphone, you should google about how to root and tether your phone.  Maybe go into the Android forums.  This way you will be able to get unlimited data through the hotspot free of charge.


    This is what alot of people do.  This is why Sprint has to charge everyone additional fees on smartphones and why the network can be very slow depending on your area  There are a good number of Sprint customers who suck down some serious data every month.  They root and tether and hook up there other devices to free internet. 


    Sprint is finding it difficult to continue to keep the unlimited data when customers are abusing it.  But I guess thats just how it is.  Im sure eventually Sprint will have to cap the unlimited data because of reasons like this.  Such a shame.  But seruously, google about it and do it if you like.  Might as well get yours while you still can


    tonyaguas wrote:


    I have another piece to add...why am I paying for unlimited data on all my (6) phones, but I also have to pay to use the hotspot feature too? This truly seems to be an unfair practice. This is double-dipping at its best. Can you say, "Class Action" law suit...waiting to happen?

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    taguas Newbie
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    I didn't say I was going to sue them. Federal and State Attorney Generals sue on behalf of consumers all the time. I can see how possible abuse has caused the bulk of us to incur additional fees and I hate it. I am just making a statement about the level of insanity we face in this modern business era. It is obvious to the most casual observer that a person is being charged twice when they buy into the hotspot plan.

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    sprintiphones4 Newbie
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    I believe the iPhone 4 hotspot has major bugs. It will take full 3G signal and kick it off-network.  I have also had issues with it restarting my phone on its own. Hotspot worked fine in the same location with my Evo, and won't with the iPhone 4.

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    spaceyhost Newbie
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    Sprint hotspot on 3g is very very slow.  I called tech support and then pushed out an update for the phone, and it did help, but still slower than att

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