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5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping

MissJae1908 Newbie
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When exactly is Sprint implementing this data capping? And why weren't we informed ahead of time? Also, how are we suppose to track or monitor this usage if it has already started capping? When I look at my data usage on my account manager, it lumps all of my data usage together. (surfing the web on my Evo and using my Evo as a hotspot for my laptop) How are we suppose to tell the difference?



Not a Happy Customer

  • 1. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    SprintCares Sprint Employee
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    Our 3G/4G Mobile  Broadband plans and Mobile Hotspot add-on for phones are  changing:


    ·         3G/4G Mobile Broadband  plans will no longer include unlimited 4G data use. 3G/4G use will be combined  and limited to the amount included in the customer’s plan, effective 11/1 for  new and existing customers.


    ·         Mobile Hotspot add-on  for phones will no longer include unlimited data use. 3G/4G use will be limited  to 5 GB per month, effective 10/2 for new customers and 11/1 for existing  customers.


    All customers with the Mobile Hotspot add-on on a phone plan that was activated prior to 10/02 will be migrated to the new Sprint Mobile Hotspot 5GB add-on. These customers will receive 30 day notification in October and November via a bill message or postcard. The effective date of the migration will be the customer’s next month’s bill following notification.


    Currently, Mobile Hotspot usage is combined with your phone data usage and you can track your combined data usage via Customers will have the ability to track Mobile Hotspot on-network data usage separately in the near future.

    • Sprint will notify the customer prior to billing any overages associated with Mobile Hotspot usage that exceeds the 5GB on-network limitation.
    • Sprint Reps will continue to gather contact information upfront from customers to allow Sprint to send data notifications.



  • 2. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    ThomasNAnya Newbie
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    Hi I am wondering if Sprint will offer customers the option to OPT OUT WITHOUT PENALTY. The only reason I signed up for sprint Mobile Hot Spot was the unlimited 4G. Although I appreciate receiving a notice prior to exceeding 5GB, this is clearly a change in the terms of my contract and most certainly not what I was agreeing to purchase. Any other service people are provided ample notice and the option to terminate the contract without penalty.  I DID NOT receive any sort of notification beit email, postcard or on my bill regarding this change.

    I had been considering switching from ATT cellphone service to Sprint, I will not longer be doing so. 

  • 3. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
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    Could we please get a response from one of the Sprint Reps on here?

    If what you've stated is correct, and these changes are effective Nov 1st, then why is Sprint still selling these unlimited plans Today?

    I would also like someone from Sprint to answer ThomasNAnya's question. Will existing customers be allowed to terminate their service without paying an Early Termination Fee?


  • 4. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    MARINE9903 Regular Visitor
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    wow thats crazy that Sprint is capping the hot spot add on feature on the phone itself.

    what was the charge $30 a month plus the charge for whatever plan you are on, and now they are going to cap it. talk about robbery.

    Sprint should defently let people out of their contracts as the whole point for most people to switch to Sprint was this unlimited data option we had, Bait and Switch!!!!

    wonder if Sprint is just pushing the button with customers to see how much **** they can actually get away with, before they get a massice classaction lawsuit against them for their Bait and Switch tactics.  I though Metro PCS was bad with their schemes of charging u for just giving u a number although the phone couldnt had been activated.

    so whats next capping the actual usage of data on the phone itself, and be like the rest of the other providers.

  • 5. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    PatrishFlowers Regular Visitor
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    5G is nothing when you constantly use your hotspot. I am not paying $30 for 5G that is entirely to much. Sprint is starting to be like the other companies with limits. They are taking away the things that kept us with them from the beginning. IF they contiune this I am going to switch were I know the calling service is alot better.

  • 6. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    michellehughes Newbie
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    Just last week I upgraded one of my lines and told them to leave the hotspot on my same line as I use it for work so why did they not tell me this when I did this.  I could have considered not getting it and just getting the separate wifi.  I am not happy with this!  Yes 5G is not much at all!

  • 7. Re: 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    loitz Newbie
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    total netflix move. again without the option to pay a little more for unlimited. Had the overdrivepro device for 2 months and the whole reason I bought it was for the unlimited 4G plan. now I must choose to pay $89.00 for the 10Gb a month and $51.27 for 1gb over. Its cheaper to pay them $200.00 to early terminate the contract than to get gouged every month for overages... Verizon charges $10.00 for the overage and their network is better. I will laugh when they smash sprint with an unlimited mobile broadband plan and people jump ship. short term gains means short term customers. we dont forget!!!! Netflix this week and from last quater dove in the market so bad..(loving it) hope you choose to "REALLY CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS" than to ***** them and dress it up with you marketing ******** slogans!!!!!!Hope a Lawsuit insues as well them I can ***** you back!!!!!

  • 8. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    JoseMcGrath Newbie
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    This is another outrageous example of SprintNOTCares.

    In any event, I have an unlimited Data Plan on my EVOs and my daughter just added HotSpot on hers with the 5G cap.

    What you are saying is that we will have no way to determine how much she is using for Hotspot. Therefore, what if she goes over 5G?


  • 9. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    GeekCatLady Newbie
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    After  only two months with Sprint they changed my unlimited 4G contract on  the mobile broadband hotspot to 3GB for $45 a month. However, I was able to break  my contract with Sprint without penalty (although I was unable to get back the $150 I paid for the device). Based on Sprint's in contract change of terms, don't  count on keeping your unlimited data plan on smartphones for long;  or at least don't expect Sprint to keep up their end of its contracts.  Sprint should have at least honored their current contracts with customers and this was a bad move on their part.

    This weekend I used the last days of my Sprint 4G mobile hotspot (after canceling my contract immediately after finding out what they had done) and  compared it to Verizon 4G LTE MiFi (which I ordered a couple of days ago as a  replacement). Verizon 4G LTE speed is twice as fast and Sprint 4G and while Sprint was unable to  connect throughout yesterday's snowstorm in NYC, Verizon 4G LTE connected  without interruption. Also, when I tested the Verizon 4G LTE MiFi on the go today, I was able to connect everywhere I went without any problems--which is not what I had experienced with the Sprint MiFi.

    It turns out out that I benefited from the switch after all!

  • 10. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    cpehle Newbie
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    I just found out about this change from a friend who also has the mobile hotspot on the EVO. The unlimited usage was what sold me to jump ship from T Mobile and get an EVO Shift in March. Why is Sprint not sending notification prior to this plan being unlimited? I like the option of being able to terminate my contract early without paying a penalty so I can find a better cell phone company. really disappointed in this change!

  • 11. Re: 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    mightymo2 Regular Visitor
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    Why is it Nov 1st and Sprint is still showing unlimited 4G in their rate plans for Mobile Broadband, Laptops, Tablets & more plans, ?????

  • 12. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    LVWolfman21 Regular Visitor
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    Sprint is not letting us out of the early termination fee.

    I have a Dell 11z notebook I got from Sprint 4 months ago.  It has a built-in 3G/4G card.  The software supplied makes it extremely difficult to switch from the Sprint network to WiFi.  I've done it, and it required using three different programs.  Then on the next boot of Windows, it's back to 4G.

    My 4G usage so far this month is 13.5GB with six days to go.  This is my main computer.  At the new rates, my bill would jump by about $500 a month!

    So  I called, explained and got escalated, explained and got escalated and explained yet again.  I was rather politely told by Shaun to basically go have carnal knowledge with myself, that nowhere in my contract does it say I get 4G coverage, much less unlimited 4G. Thus eliminating unlimited 4G is not a adverse material change to my contract so they're going to add a $350 early termination charge to my bill.

    Yes, I cancelled my service on this device.  I'll have to pay the ETF but I guarantee that I'm going to cause Sprint more than $350 in bad publicity.  The fee is certainly cheaper than $10,000 in extra fees over the remaining life of the contract.

  • 13. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    Regular Visitor
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    I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over 11 years.

    I stuck with them for years when they were to pathetic to offer a iPhone.

    In August I bought a $200 Overdrive Hotspot device and signed a 2 year contract based on unlimited 4g bandwidth.  I pay $59 a month.

    Now Sprint has decided to violate my contract leaving me with an unusable option that even if I'm allowed to cancel, I'm still stuck with a $200 paper-weight.

    I understand if changing business pressures make it impossible to continue to offer this contract to new customers.

    I understand if when my 2 year contract is up, if it is no longer an option for renewal.

    But to pull my existing 2 year contract out from under a long time customer....its just beyond incompetent.  It borders on criminal.

    I'm sure in some cubicle a Sprint accountant calculated the number of customers they would lose versus the dollars they would save.

    I intend to make their decision much more expensive to them than just losing my business.

    I intend to file complaints with the BBB.

    I intend to file complaints with the FCC.

    I intend to file complaints with my state Attorney General.

    I intend to fume on every message board, blog, soapbox I can find about how Sprint does NOT honor its business agreements with long time customers.

    I intend to cost them many more tens of thousands of dollars more in lost potential customers and decreased market goodwill than they will ever have saved by breaking their contract with me.

  • 14. 5GB Mobile Hotspot Capping
    Joseph122578 Newbie
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    I wasn't happy to hear about this. I used almost 7.5G last month. Whats my bill going to change to? I feel cheated like several of you. I've been so happy with Sprint until I saw this post.

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