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Signal issues

Sofedup2 Newbie
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Is anyone else having signal/network issues since the iPhone has been added to Sprint. I have never has so many dropped calls, network not available and roaming issues for the past 10 years that I have been with Sprint. I am so frustrated with this non-sense. There is no reason I don't have access to the tools/applications this phone and network is suppose to offer!

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    dakar125 Newbie
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    I Have had the same problem as well. I purchased an evo 3d on the 10th of the month and have been having problems with the phones service jumping from full to one bar to roaming to no roaming to no service all in the same spot within the course of 10min. I filed for a ticket to get the phone replaced thinking it was the phone being broke and got a replacement to find it doing the same things. I immediately said something to the technician to get a response " well right now its not going to roaming or no service so there's nothing we can do" and them basically pushing me out the door.My girlfriends sprint phone was doing the same thing which made me aware that it wasn't the phone but the service instead.I find it very disappointing paying 88 bucks a month for a plan with a phone that isn't up to its potential because the signal going to it is broken/ inconsistent; not to mention having a 4g capable phone that i was told wont be able to access 4g fully  for about another 1-2 years in my area...If I had more money I would have definitely went with verizon because they rarely have issues and i find where my sprint phone doesn't have service my verizon pay as you go phone has atleast two bars.

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    3020fjr2 Bronze Expert
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    If you already have not done so please call technical support and tell them you are experiencing network problem and that you would like to open a network ticket. Also post the zip codes of location where your are experiencing the problem so that Sprint employee can give you any information faster if a network ticket has been opened in your area.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    im having the same dropped calls that i usually do lol. nothing has really changed for me good or bad since the iphone came out. what i have noticed though is alot of my texts arent being recieved and vise versa. i have to resend alot of my texts even though it shows that they went through. the second time they always get it. and this is with full bars for the most part.





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    phankhiem Newbie
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    I have the same problem with my HTC EVO 4G. In the last couple of days. My phone does not have any signal in my home. What is going on with the Sprint network

    since they add the I phone to their net work????? I have been with Sprint for more than 12 years....

    My zipcode is 75104 

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    Carocksme Regular Visitor
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    I am a new Sprint customer for  2 months and have had nothing but problems!!

    Same problem here in Westminster/Huntington Beach,CA (92683/92647) with the HTC Evo 4G

      Only 1 bar at best, calls dropped, No calls, no Voicemail notification, 8-24 hrs for notification to come through HELP! Oh I have called Sprint, First the rep in Malaysia, Phillipines somewhere other than the US, told me there was a network problem for the past 2-3 weeks and there was nothing Sprint could do, and I quote " She knows nothing about my phone" Maybe because she doesn't understand or speak English.. I was switched to Tech support who told me the exact same thing...Really   And yes, I am frustrated and angry?

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    Joannelan Regular Visitor
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    Yes. I have had Sprint 10 years and have had service in my house as has my son. The past few weeks my touch pro 2 has been in roam in my hiuse. Its dropping calls, won't go onto the internet and I am not getting some text nor are mine sending at times. Some do some don’t but its been this week that its been happening. Its also slow to open screens, go to text etc. Also when I put it on it keeps trying to connect to hands free when I don’t want it to and it can't connect to it anyway and keeps trying.  It keeps saying data connection problems, keeps asking me to send report. keeps making the tink tinke noise and right now keeps shutting off and trying to restart over and over and won't stay on so I can't even use it or get to my address book for phone numbers. I do not know if this is a problem related to the sudden poor service this week in my house? If my sons phone wasn't also having a problem with service today with his Evo on my sprint plan I probably would have blamed my phone however, his Evo is also in roam in the house now when it never was before. He is having data problems too now.   He blames the Iphone addition to sprint because of the problems it caused at&t. However, I would imagine now that Iphones are on a few network providers those problems of them bogging down a network should not be happen anymore? Though something is very wrong this week! We have never had these connection issues in our house all these years. I hope we all haven't been screwed again by Sprints changes and now the change to carrying Iphones will degrade the service of many long time Sprint uses then they will say they have to take away our unlimited data because they added the Iphone that would be unfair to those of us who have been loyal to Sprint and are NOT Iphone uses.   My zip is 02190 Fix our service Sprint please and don’t say we are in a poor service area we have not had these problems in the 10 years or so years at this house and with Sprint. Just this week and its at its worse today.  Thanks

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    Phart1980 Newbie
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    I have been experiencing the same problems. Seems to be nothing new with Sprint. I checked my coverage area and the signal strength is supposed to be the "best". However, since I have had Sprint my service has been mediocre at best. I NEVER have service inside my house, nor do I have service whenever the weather is not perfectly clear. I am living in Pennsylvania and we experienced a snow storm. Far be it for me to have service any time a storm hits the area. Seems like Sprint needs to focus on keeping their customers more satisfied. I am tired of paying for a service that I do not receive.

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    MSCARP1969 Newbie
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    Yes, I've been experiencing a LOT of dropped calls and faded signals since the Iphone has been added.  What's up with that?

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    JHsueh Newbie
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    I have the same problem too!!!!! Since I add two iphone 4s about two weeks ago, my phone HTC EVO 4G has been experiencing the dropped calls and faded signal!!! Especiall at my home!!!!! I am in Oakland, CA94606. Everything all good until I added two iphone to my line T_T

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    datatechnician Valued Member
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    Problems still exist in my area as well. I am in the 44820 zip code in ohio and my wife had two calls drop on her today.

    I asked where she was, when they dropped ,and looking at the coverage map for our area both spots were in a best


    Not looking good at me continuing with Sprint. If ythe problem persists, I will have no  choice in porting our numbers

    to a differnt provider. Had great service up to the point Sprint did a voice upgrade on the tower, but since then it's terrible.

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    iBlkOut Newbie
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    Here's the problem, If i were you Guys..get out of sprint! i got my new line with sprint since August this year and still roaming! talk to Customer care told them i was roaming since i got my phone. Store repair Lady even told me that if i keep roaming i would get terminated from Sprint...and guess what!? She was right! Today i receive a letter from Sprint ask that i need to make adjustments to how i'm using my phone in roaming services. or might be Terminated from Sprint!



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    pqpqpq Newbie
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    Same problem in 73072.  Funny, here's the first thing my husband said when I told him Sprint was going to start carrying the iPhone:  "Great. That means the network and service is going to go to $&!%."

    Better remedy soon or we're moving on.

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