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Sprint Family Locator and iPhone

jtleake Newbie
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We just bought our son an iPhone but everytime we try to track him on Sprint Family Locator, it says he can't be found. Does anyone know if it works with the iPhone 4S?

  • 1. Sprint Family Locator and iPhone
    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    On the landing page of Sprint Family Locator

    it says:

    iPhone Users

    Locating your new Apple iPhone using Sprint Family Locator may result in larger possible locate areas than other phones.

    We are working on addressing the issue and will provide updates.


    Therefore I do think SFL does support the Sprint iPhone.


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    Levi4u Master
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    You can track/locate iPhones from the icloud page -

    Also there is an app I use called life360 available in the market, Which I like as it tracks their every move, And I also have Find Friends which will locate others with iphones that have the app installed.

  • 3. Sprint Family Locator and iPhone
    TenTonReverb Newbie
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    Mine is working but the map isnt readable- missing plug in?  I get the blue question mark

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    MontesMelbourne Newbie
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    We just got a new iPhone 4S from Sprint for our son and Sprint Family Locator is able to find a location but there is an accuracy of 1 mile, whereas on other devices it is much more accurate (in the order of less than 40 yards).  I think this is still a Sprint issue becausemy son can locate his phone with the icloud and the accuracy is very good (aboout 20 yards).  I hope the Sprint Family Locator teamis working on this.

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    Shane_M Silver Expert
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         You're correct. We are still experiencing this issue with iPhones and Sprint Family Locator. As Levi4u posted, those applications will currently provide more accurate locations.

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    BigDgambleR Regular Visitor
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    I am having the same problem.  Just wondering if Sprint has fixed this issue.   As Levi4u posted,  if you get a more accurate location with those other apps, what the point of paying the $5 monthly charge for Sprint Family Locator?  

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    nutsz Newbie
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    Theres several reasons this can happen. One and the biggest,

    1, They're  in a area where there isn't any service.

    2. Thy received the email from Sprint saying they can be located and they turn off their phone when they don't wish to be located.

        I can't for the life of me figure out why Sprint would do this. But they do. EVERY MONTH. each phone on the account gets a text message

       that says "This phone can be located from:"

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    SANNELLA3 Newbie
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    Are there any updates to this problem?  My daughters Iphone still is only accurate to within one mile most of the time.  I got lucky yesterday and it was 858 yards while I was on the phone with her. Sprint, can you give us all an update?

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    amyt8 Newbie
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    Has this issue been resolved yet? Both of my children have iPhones and I cannot locate either of them.

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    VOLTE2018 Silver Expert
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    You can stop the monthly text message of 'phone can be located'.

  • 11. Re: Sprint Family Locator and iPhone
    VOLTE2018 Silver Expert
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  • 12. Re: Sprint Family Locator and iPhone
    MPRIDAVKA Newbie
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    Hey Sprint, ever going to fix this app or should we just cancel it?

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    KATNMOE Newbie
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    How do I opt out of the monthly notifications? My daughter knows I have this service, but everytime she gets a notification about it, she complains!

    Also, since we got her an iPhone, we are having the some problem...either I'm told she can't be located, or I get a huge area that is of no help! We can both be sitting in our home, and if I track my phone, it shows the area of our home I am in. Then I check hers, and it shows an adress 1.2 miles away with a big circle around it!! She's a good girl, and is always where she says she'll be, but my motto is: "Trust, yet verify!"


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    KATNMOE Newbie
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    First of all, there is currently no statement on the Sprint Family Locator page stating that there may be a problem locating iPhones. When I got my daughter an iPhone, I received no notification that Family Locator might not work properly with it!


    Sprint should be notifying users of Family Locator that this is an issue. I can't imagine how many problems this has created between kids & their parents! I started thinking my daughter was turning off her phone's ability to be located! I also thought several times when it did locate her, that she wasn't where she said she was. Fortunately, she's a pretty good kid, so I kept it to myslef while I investigated. I eventually found that when we both were at home, I could locate myself (& my cheap, Sanyo, "un-smart phone") down to what side of the house I was sitting in. Then I would try to locate my daughter, and it would give an address more than a mile away, with a 1.2 mile circle around it. The weird thing is, she could be at home, or at a friend's house many blocks away, and it kept giving that same address! Before I realized it would give that same location while she was sitting in her bedroom, I thought she knew someone at that address that she wasn't telling me about - I even did a reverse lookup to see who lived there. Then, when I realized it was the locator lying & not my daughter, I was so glad I waited to say anything. However, I'm annoyed at how much time I spent feeling suspicious & investigating my teen's activities.


    I'm sure there are plenty of situations where trust in the family is more tenuous, and kids are being accused of being dishonest about their whereabouts unjustly! I plan to cancel my family locator soon if they don't figure this out. I think it is unconsionable that Sprint is taking customers' money for this service, when they put an iPhone on the account, without at least informing the customer of the glitches! It is difficult enough to be the parent of a teen without having a tool that is supposed to help the parent keep their child safe, instead create additional problems!


    Come on, Sprint - disclose this issue to parents of iPhone users before something tragic happens in a family as the result of your service causing unwarranted mistrust & unfair accusations between parents and their children.


    Kat Heatherley



    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,

    so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Romans 15:13

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