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Not receiving text messages on time

C.Guile Newbie
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Ever since I got the Photon about 2-3 weeks ago, I haven't been getting ANY text messages within a decent amount of time. My friends have said that I've replied to their texts about 3 days late sometimes. Which means that I'm receiving said texts about 3 days late. What could be wrong? Any suggestions?

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    Shane_M Silver Expert
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         I would suggest pulling the battery, then putting it back in and performing a profile update by going to menu > settings > system updates/about phone > update profile. Test it out by sending yourself a text message from yourself to yourself, if you receive it right away, that would normally indicate our messaging system is working fine and it may be on the other end. However if you don't receive it right away, it could mean we may need to further troubleshoot on our end with the network. I will send you a private message to gather some more information.

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    sedmiller Newbie
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    I am having the same issue.  Sprint so far doesn't seem to know what is going on.  Shane your response works on occasion but why would I need to keep doing this on a regular basis?  Any idea if this is a phone issue or a network issue?


    Just curious...this is the third time in 2 weeks that I have had this issue...love Sprint but now not as much.

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    slmgt Newbie
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    Unfortunately this is not an isolated problem. I have been experiencing this regularly every couple days [at best] for over a month now. The best 'solution' so far has involved nothing more than a battery pull and reboot. Updating PRL and Profile have made no difference.

    Data (EvDO and WiMax) work fine, but the 1x network or the phone itself has problems, because often I do not get calls on the first attempt and texts don't come through until the aforementioned battery pull process is completed.

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    Larryt1971 Expert
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    I just power cycled my phone and received 39 texts that were sent 3-9 hours ago.  Plus several  people said they called my phone and it went straight to voicemail.    It's like the phone fell asleep and wasn't connected to the network for  hours until I power cycled the phone.  In addition many of the delayed  texts came in out of order.  This is the second time this has happened  and I am beginning to think it's either a Photon bug that pops up  occassionally or that my phone might be defective.  I don't think it's a  network issue as nobody else that I know in this area had this problem  with other phones. 

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    do you happen to have voice to text activated on your phone? i have seen that cause alot of issues here and there.  ditto with calls messages. same culprit usually. it will get stuck in there and not get released until you either reboot your phone with the battery pull or sometimes just a simple restart of your phone.

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    Larryt1971 Expert
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    I don't have voice to text enabled.  Never used it.

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    MASTERMATT77 Newbie
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    I just noticed that I am having the same issue. I had my friend text me just the see whether or not I would receive his message, I did, and not 2min later did I receive all the responses to my text messages that I had sent out last night. Just to see if I would receive any other messages I pulled out the battery waited 30sec, turned the phone back on, and update the PRL and Profile. I have not received any new text messages. Oh and I texted myself and I did receive the message within seconds.

    The weird part about it is that when I finaly received the text messages the timestamp on each one was for this morning. It was not stamped with last nights date and time.

    Is there a cure for this yet? I have only had this phone for a couple of days and I am happy with it except for this messaging nonsense. I cannot have this happen again, I missed a meeting thinking that it had been canceled because I did not receive a text message response.

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    Larryt1971 Expert
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    This has been an ongoing issue for me too.  Happened again this past Sunday and Monday.  Do you use an Airave/Airvana device by any chance?  I have a thread on it over on Motorola's forum too so please post your story there as well:


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    ChrisV-Tampa Newbie
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    Having this same issue here in Tampa with my new Photon as well. This is a HUGE problem for me as my son is in the Marines and this is how we keep in touch. Sometimes the texts will come through fine. Then spotty, they all of a sudden a huge wave of texts will come pouring in some days old. Have updated, rebooted, had them reset me in sprints system, same story.


    This is sad, just sad. I used to have excellent service with sprint, so much in fact that I moved all my family and friends over.

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    bryansexton Newbie
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    I have been having the same issue as everyone mentioned above. The other day I had not received a text message for about 2 hours. I rebooted my phone and I received 24 text messages all at one time. This issue is starting to get annoying. I do know that if you just power off and on the phone it will fix it. You do not in fact have to pull the battery, well for my phone anyway I don't have to. I wish Sprint could come up with a solution that would fix this problem because it is getting annoying and has been detrimental to my work by not receiving text updates on time. I have noticed at times that the phones signal bar will go out of 3G completely when the phone has been inactive for a long period of time. Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue or not.

    Come on Sprint fix this asap.

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    sprintskeptik Newbie
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    I just experienced this too.  I wish Sprint and Motorola had finished developing this phone before selling it to everybody.  (When I first bought the phone, PHONE CALLS didn't work -- there was no audio. How can you ship a phone that can't handle phone calls?)  This problem is even worse, because other than rebooting my phone every 5 minutes, how would I ever know there are text messages waiting for me in the ether?  Not sure whether the problem is Sprint or Motorola or both, but they need to get it together.  I'm all for alternatives to the iPhone, but not if it's going to be a constant stream of glitches.

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    Larryt1971 Expert
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    Yep that's how it is.  You never know when the phone has lost contact with the network and either have to reboot often, call *18 (not sure if that really works), or keep sending yourself 'test' texts to your own number and see if they come in.  Wonderful.

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    JRob_in_SAN Newbie
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    I seem to be experiencing much the same problem w/my Photon: periodically not receiving incoming calls or timely notifications (including voicemail, text messages, or emails).  I have 4G disabled, but periodically do use wifi to connect to my home network.  The way I've been describing it is that it's like the phone goes into a "deep sleep/hiberate" when in period of inactivity.  Once I manually start interacting with it again (e.g. check Gmail, etc), I'll get a backlog of notifications.  To-date, I haven't encountered a scenario where I needed to cycle power to the phone.  I do, however, notice that sometimes when press the power button to wake the phone, it's displays "gray bars w/out the 3G indicator" but then immediately cycles into displaying standard "blue bars w/the 3G indicator" - and I'm unsure what this really means.


    I specifically chose the Photon because it was reported to have good reception - and I know that I do live in an "interesting" coverage area.  (Per the Sprint coverage map, my house is on the cusp of a Best/Good area transition.  It gave my old Samsung Instinct S30 all kinds of grief in terms of dropped calls, but I've only experience 2 dropped calls since buying my Photon a few months ago.)


    EDIT:  I should mention that I'm not using Airave/Airvana. 

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    CHRONOGN Newbie
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    Having the same problem here too. I've called sprint when it first started happening like 2 weeks after I got my phone. They had me turn off the phone, take the battery out, and do a PRL update. Then it stopped doing it for a while but recently the problem came back again and it seems like I have to restart the phone every couple of days. Its very annoying. Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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